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Chapter 69: The Mirror's Idea

They directly returned to Xing Ye’s little warehouse. After the door was closed, Guan Ling couldn’t help but ask, “How did you know the real little young master was among those puppets and why did you listen to Coco’s lies? What exactly is a wish like ‘Mommy, don’t cry’? And why did you want to help Linda? Could it be that her charm ability is also applicable to players? Boss, are you secretly in love with her?”

Xing Ye ignored Guan Ling’s nonsensical last sentence and sat down before explaining, “After I found out the puppet she initially gave us was fake, she said the real puppet was with the mine owner’s son. This means she and the public security chief’s captain aren’t on the same side as the owner of the mine. She wanted to use us as a borrowed knife against him. We can’t say for sure if the mine’s owner is good or bad, but their contradictory stances could be a hidden danger we need to stay aware of.

“As for what her wish means, it’s very simple. Coco doesn’t want Benedict dead, nor does she want Puppet City to disappear. She hopes the little puppet can get his heart, then live happily in Puppet City. Only then, will she stop crying.”

“Isn’t that wish a bit excessive? All of Coco’s requests are conflicting. She’s too greedy, that’s asking for too much!” Guan Ling said, collapsing.

But Xing Ye was very calm. He noticed the little mirror’s finger moved and asked, “Do you have an idea?”

Although Coco’s wish was a bit of a thorny problem, since the system dared to set it as a mission, it meant there had to be a way to achieve it. If there wasn’t a way, it just meant they didn’t have enough information. After all, they haven’t even met Benedict and the city lord yet. They didn’t know what kind of people they were and if there was a possibility they reconciled after Benedict left.

Right now, Xing Ye thought the little mirror’s opinion could be useful.

He and the little mirror were different. The little mirror was a very perceptive person. While Xing Ye’s reasoning completely relies on logic, the little mirror uses his intuition to break through problems. Many times, intuition could make up for flaws in logic

After getting Xing Ye’s OK, the mirror excitedly said, “I don’t think Coco’s thinking is contradictory at all. She only has one request: to be happy. She wants everybody to be happy. This is the same as Benedict’s initial wish.

“Benedict wanted to live a happy life with his son in Puppet City. All the puppets with consciousness in the city also want to be happy. Everyone’s core wants are the same.

“Right now, the most important thing is let Benedict personally see that it’s not all evil and cheating behind the lying. There’s also goodwill and kindness.

“Old Nect deceived us at the start because he cared about Benedict. Coco lied in order to protect the little puppet. The public security chief and the city lord joined hands to deceive Benedict because they wanted to protect Puppet City. Are lies like these wrong?

“Furthermore, Benedict is prejudiced towards human nature. Why does he think that after the little puppet has emotions, he would feel happy living with a group of mechanical robots who wouldn’t deceive him? Everybody around him would be emotionless puppets- I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Is there any point being the only person in the city? Does he want him to get a mental illness?

“Also, the city lord- his original intentions were good, but have you guys seen what he had done? Benedict was already disappointed in the puppets’ human nature when he left the city for stealing what he cherished most, but then the city lord sent puppets to kill him! He never once thought about sitting down and talking things over civilly. Like that, how could Benedict ever lay down his hostility against the city?

“In short, both sides are wrong! After brawling it out, they need to have a good talk and discuss until they decide on a solution!”

It was rare for the little mirror to speak so much. He said it all in one breath and at the end, the true situation really started to make him angry.

Xing Ye couldn’t help but smile. Even after so many years, Lu Mingze hadn’t changed at all. He was still kind hearted with a little trace of pride, it was adorable.

Cao Qian felt the mirror’s words were very reasonable, but this made her suspect the mirror’s identity even more. This time, she couldn’t help but ignore Xing Ye’s words and fall for her own curiosity, asking, “What kind of person are you? A player or NPC? If you’re a player, it wouldn’t fit the player count, but Xing Ye couldn’t have told an NPC about the system.”

The mirror who had just been giving a grand speech suddenly withered. He moved his butt and walked behind Xing Ye, trying to use his one meter tall body to hide his two meter tall copper mirror frame.

Cao Qian and Guan Ling stared at Xing Ye anxiously, hoping for an answer.

If he didn’t know about what happened to following fate players, Xing Ye might’ve been able to tell his two teammates. However, for Guan Ling’s mental and physical safety, he couldn’t.

Seeing the mirror’s pitiful appearance, Xing Ye suddenly thought of an idea and told the two, “I’m restricted from telling you guys his true identity. All I can say is the mirror’s a reverse image of my heart, another part of my body. If you say I’m the logical part, he’s the emotional part of me. We’re like two halves of the same coin, the strongest partners. One cannot be without the other.”

The mirror’s mouth fell open at Xing Ye’s praise. If he still had a heart, his heartbeat would’ve definitely reached more than 140 beats per minute. If he still had a body, his face definitely would’ve turned into a blushing red tomato!

Guan Ling and Cao Qian analyzed what Xing Ye meant by that for a long time but ultimately couldn’t draw out any conclusion.

However, Xing Ye’s answer made their hearts feel much more comfortable. Although it was still a vague answer, they understood Xing Ye wasn’t trying to hide it on purpose and that he couldn’t say it, not because he didn’t trust them. That was enough.

“Then what do we do next?” Guan Ling asked.

Xing Ye said, “We’ll listen to the mirror puppet: beat both sides up and after they calm down, let both sides discuss everything civilly. It should be fine once they talk things out. Since both sides are wrong and neither can understand the other’s way of thinking, what we need to do is create an opportunity for them to talk.”

Cao Qian felt like such a simple strategy matched her well. Her only worry was the two following fate players and Randy. Should they tell them everything and cooperate to finish the mission together, or hide it from them and view them as enemies?

When she mentioned Randy, Xing Ye turned serious. “I refuse to cooperate with Randy. We need to get rid of him before we solve Puppet City’s problem. We can persuade the two following fate players, appeal to their logic and emotions to convince them not to work with Randy. However, if they don’t agree, we’ll eliminate them with Randy. It’s better for us to die and lose the game than to be absorbed as extra time for Randy.”

It was very rare for Xing Ye to truly be angry at a player. Even when he faced that natural traitor, Mr. Ding, he still gave the other a feasible way to truly blend into a team.

After experiencing the lowest point of his life, he understood that sometimes, people could make the wrong choice. If somebody showed them a little tolerance and understanding during their low, they might be able to walk back out. After all, nobody was truly good or evil.

But Xing Ye would never forgive players who had lost their bottom line and no longer saw other people as people.

“Alright!” Cao Qian strongly agreed with Xing Ye’s words. She suggested, “Before we kill him, we should ask if the city lord’s son really died or not. I’m really concerned about it. I’ve always thought you could never die in this game, but if a player can really kill another player, we have to be much more cautious in the future!”

“When the moment comes, let me ask.” Xing Ye said.

He had to think of a way to avoid Cao Qian and Guan Ling. That way, he can avoid certain questions such as the mirror’s identity and the ending of following fate players.

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