Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 69: Survival on Snake Island (14) Part 1

"Retribution? Retribution! Hahahahahahaha!"

Xu Yan looked sad and desperate.

"I have already suffered. I have already suffered retribution! But why? Why did it have to fall on my son? O, merciless God! If you have any grievances, come to me! Please let my son go!"

Zhang Ming was startled by Xu Yan's sudden outburst and released her collar. Xu Yan lost her support and fell heavily to the ground.

The hard gravel on the ground cut her face.

Her hand was also punctured and began to bleed.

Yet, as if she could not feel the pain, she was crying out in despair on the ground.

She kept slapping the ground, venting her anger, as she curled up with extreme sadness.

"Why! Why! What is the point of everything I have done! What's the point?"

She had blood all over her hands, and it was hard to tell whether her face was of tears or blood.

The scent of blood attracted venomous snakes, but they dared not come near because of Ah Jin's death aura.

They could only hide in the shadows.

Zhang Ming looked at the collapsed Xu Yan and sighed, "Pathetic people must have a detestable situation. Today I think I understand."

Zhang Ming stood next to Ah Jin and asked, "What now?"

"Just wait. It will be fine in a while."

Ah Jin said with no concern.

Turned her head, looked around, and found a suitable stone to sit down and rested.

He also sat down and watched Xu Yan roll on the ground and cry.

Besides Ah Jin and Zhang Ming, the audience at the scene was also a group of snakes surrounding in the dark.

The snakes also looked at each other.

What the hell are these humans up to?

Xu Yan had been bawling for about ten minutes without the slightest intention of stopping.

Zhang Ming was annoyed and forked his hair.

Showing impatience, he pointed at Xu Yan and asked, "What is wrong with your son?"

Hearing him ask about her son, Xu Yan slowly calmed down and began to tell her story.

She had a happy family.

Although she and her husband often quarreled, life was never smooth.

Life went on as long as Xu Yan endured.

It was not until her eight-year-old son was found to be terminally ill that the family, which was already in turmoil, was finally shattered.

Her husband wanted to divorce her and ran away with his mistress after taking the last bit of money from the family.

All the medical expenses of her son were put on Xu Yan's shoulders.

When she was at her wit's end, she saw this challenge on the Internet.

If she could win the challenge, her son's medical bills would not be a concern.

So she registered for this contest.

However, she didn't win the contest the first time.

To be precise, no one won the contest.

Ah Jin glanced at her and asked, "How did you survive it the first time?"

Xu Yan did not conceal the truth, "I betrayed others to survive. I pushed others to die to survive. I did it for my son! That’s why I was seen by Zhou Yi. She promised me that as long as I pulled people into the island for her, I would get 100,000 for each head!"

Zhang Ming angrily looked at her.

"You are simply not human. How could you send other people's children into the mouth of the snakes for the sake of your own son! Your son's life is life, but someone else's life is not life!"

Zhang Ming's eyes were red with anger.

He could not believe what his ears had heard was the truth.

He was so angry he wanted to strangle Xu Yan, but reason told him he could not, neither did he dare physically.

Ah Jin pulled Zhang Ming aside.

"Do you know why Zhou Yi brought people to the island?"

Xu Yan shook her head.

"No idea. She always took me to that safest path every time, then made me wait for her to come back halfway."

When she said that, Xu Yan paused for a moment and looked at Ah Jin with an unfathomable light in her eyes.

"This path you chose is the most dangerous."

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