Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 689: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 48)

“Ze, ze, ze, my good girl!”  Luo Lin excitedly stood up and said, “You actually easily got the richest man in A City and even received a marriage certificate!”

“Ah?”  Luo Qing Chen had crows flying over her.  What did her father mean, who could explain to her?!

Luo Lin excitedly picked up his phone and walked around twice, as if he was thinking about who to tell this ‘exciting’ news to first!

Three seconds later, he contacted a certain director!

“Brother Xu!”  Luo Lin said into the phone, “Do you know?  My daughter actually married director Lu!  What?  It’s not my delusion, it’s true!  Aiya, it’s true, it’s true!  I’ll tell you at the next feast!”

As soon as his voice fell, he hung up and called another person right after that.

“Dad……That……”  Luo Qing Chen thought that she would seriously talk to her dad and finally get him to realize that the rice was cooked.

But now it seemed like Luo Lin was filled with joy and excitement.

“Aiya, good daughter, you should go rest if you’re tired.  Dad still has many more calls to make!”

“What!  It’s not…...

“Hey, director Zhang!  Right, right, right, it’s me, it’s me…...My daughter has married into the Lu Family!  No, it’s not an engagement, it’s married, they’re already married!  What?  I didn’t drink too much!  They really are married!”

“Hey, brother He!  Have you been good recently?  I’ve been very good lately, my daughter got married!  No, no, no, it isn’t that trash Wang Zi Hang!  It’s director Lu…..Right, the rich man, ha, ha, ha……”

When Luo Qing Chen heard the third call, she couldn’t keep listening any longer!

Her dad was strong.

It gave her an unprecedented shock and she was completely terrified!


The next morning, Luo Qing Chen returned to the company.

Her work had changed from the designer of the F Team to Lu Xi Feng’s secretary.

This kind of change just required a single order from the president!

“Although we can’t stand Qing Chen leaving, no one can go against director Lu!”  Bai Shi Shi held a plant as she said, “I heard that the secretary’s work is rather troublesome, so I got some plants to help you relax!”

“Qing Chen will be working on the thirtieth floor from now on!”  Momo said in a jealous voice, “Bring us to the thirtieth floor next time!  I really want to see what it looks like!”

“Ok!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a chuckle, “I’ll arrange for the Dream Team to check out the president’s office on the thirtieth floor in a few days, alright?”

“Alright, alright!”  Bai Shi Shi began gossiping, “It’s said that director Lu really is fast and ruthless.  Rumours say that Xu Nai’s group has been dismissed from the Lu Group and has been blocked by director Lu!”

“Ze, ze, ze, this really is satisfying!”  Momo said with a soft snort, “They bullied us so much in the beginning, finally they’re getting what they deserve!”

“In the entire modeling circle, no one dares to take Xu Nai’s group!  They are people fired by director Lu.”  Bai Shi Shi pursed her lips and said, “I heard that the reason why they were fired was bad character!”

“It’s like this!”  Luo Qing Chen held her cheek and said, “It really is like Lu Xi Feng!”

Although her time with Lu Xi Feng wasn’t short, Lu Xi Feng was someone who hid his emotions like a little devil.  There was a feeling that it could explode at any moment!

The days following showed her that her thoughts were very accurate.

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