Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 686: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 45)

Wang Zi Hang had been in a bad mood in the past few days, so he brought Gu Ya Ru to go gambling, but he never thought that he would lose all his money in a single night and even own thirty million.

He didn’t dare tell his father about this and he suddenly thought of his fool fiancee.

He made a small summary, thinking that everything that Luo Qing Chen said that day at the Venice Hotel banquet must all be pretend.

That was because at all the small and large banquets he had gone to, he hadn’t seen Luo Qing Chen.

There was only one reason for not going out, she was stupid!

It would have been easily seen through if she went out regularly.  He went home to think and thought that idiot must be causing trouble with him, waiting for him to go apologize.

When he thought of this, he immediately rushed to the Luo Family!

“Big brother must be joking.”  Wang Zi Hang awkwardly looked at Luo Chi Mo and said, “I came here because I saw the letters Qing Chen wrote me before and I missed her…..”

“Peng.”  There was the sound of the door being opened,

What followed was the sound of a maid, “Young miss, welcome back.”

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen went into the living room with a nod.

Lu Xi Feng was following her with his hands in his pocket, bringing a strong imposing aura.

Actually Wang Zi Hang was kneeling in front of Luo Lin and there were ‘past love letters’ all over the table.

When Wang Zi Hang saw Luo Qing Chen come in, his eyes were filled with joy.

But when he saw Lu Xi Feng behind her, his eyes dimmed.

He thought that the richest man in A City had casually said he was engaged to Luo Qing Chen, but now it seemed like they really were engaged.

“Director Lu.”  Luo Lin quickly stood up and said with a polite bow, “Director Lu, why didn’t you tell me you were coming.”

“Uncle, don’t be like this.”  Lu Xi Feng quickly helped Luo Lin sit down as he said, “If uncle acts like this, Qing Chen will make me kneel on the washboard tonight…..”

Luo Lin was stunned, clearly not believing that these words came from Lu Xi Feng’s mouth.

He said with a smile, “She wouldn’t dare, she wouldn’t dare.”

In Luo Lin’s eyes, Luo Qing Chen had been timid since she was young, it was impossible for her to be this kind of person.

Even if she was no longer a fool, she wouldn’t dare make Lu Xi Feng kneel on a washboard!

At this time, Wang Zi Hang stood there, deeply feeling that he was being ignored.

He quickly wanted to make his presence known, as he looked at Luo Qing Chen with a gaze of deep emotion, “Xiao Qing Qing, I’m truly sorry about what happened that day…..”

Wang Zi Hang thought that by suddenly coming to the Luo Family and talking to her.

She definitely wouldn’t have prepared anything and would be seen through!  As long as he can see through her, the defenses in her heart would collapse.

At that time, his soft words would make her return to his side.

That way, he could take care of his thirty million debt.

“He, he.”  She narrowed her cold eyes and looked at him as she said in a voice without any warmth, “Does young master Wang not understand human words?”

“Ah?”  Wang Zi Hang was stunned, being shocked by her sudden cold voice.  He stuttered out, “I…...I came here to apologize to you, don’t be this fierce!”

Luo Qing Chen looked at the maid and said a few words to her before the maid went upstairs.

She crossed her arms and said, “It seems I didn’t make myself clear that day, then I’ll make it a bit clearer to you, Wang Zi Hang today.  Otherwise you and your weak mind will keep coming here to waste my time.”

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