Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 684: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 43)

Lu Xi Feng’s voice was a bit cold.  Although it wasn’t loud, it made people tremble.

“Director Lu…..”  Xiao Mei suddenly said through gritted teeth, “Although we love to gossip a bit, there’s no ill will.”

“Right, right, right.”  Xu Nai followed and said, “Director Lu…..isn’t this a bit unfair!”

After all, she had been in the Lu Group for all these years, how could it end like this!

This business was unlike others, models who were dismissed had a 90% chance of being blocked by the circle.

Lu Xi Feng’s casual decision made her unable to stay in this line of business.

“So what if it’s unfair?  So what if they went through the back door?”  Lu Xi Feng gave a cold laugh as his voice turned even colder, “As long as my fiancee is happy, anything is fine.”

“Si.”  There was a gasp from the crowd.

Everyone had heard that director Lu had a habit of breaking relations and not liking girls.  Now it seemed like he was just waiting for the right girl!

“So jealous!”

“If I had this kind of fiance, I would give up ten years of my life!”

“It’s impossible even if you gave up three hundred years, alright?”

“A Cinderella story……”


“Ke, ke.”  Lu Xi Feng cleared his throat, “That Cinderella story, I want to correct it!”

The gossipers lowered their heads as their faces turned red in embarrassment.

Xu Nai’s face was red in anger, but when someone mentioned Cinderella, there was a piece of her heart that was still filled with pride.

Her family wasn’t considered bad, so she had a sense of superiority and became the boss of her group.

This fiancee standing with Lu Xi Feng, even if director Lu liked her, she was still a Cinderella.

Things like status always changed in this world, Cinderella’s success was an inspirational story.

But everyone will remember that she was a Cinderella in the beginning!

“If the only daughter of the Luo Family of A City’s four great families was a Cinderella, there would be no princesses in this world.”  Lu Xi Feng looked at her with a pampering look as he continued, “Even though she has always been a princess in my eyes.”


Director Lu slapped their faces and didn’t forget to feed them dog food!

The gossipers didn’t want to eat, alright?

“Luo Family……”

“My god, the tycoon family!”

“Ze, ze, Xu Nai is normally so arrogant, but this time she’s finally hit a wall and she can’t get past it at all!”


The gossiper’s voices filled the sky and everyone’s opinions fell onto one side.

After all, the marriage between giants was beyond the reach of many people.

“Dong.”  Xu Nai’s legs gave out under her.

Luo Family…...

How could she not know the Luo Family of A City.  It’s said that the Luo Family’s young miss was a fool and never came out, but there were many handsome guys who kept trying to chase her because that family was very strong…...

Even if she didn’t offend Lu Xi Feng’s fiance, just offending the Luo Family’s Luo Qing Chen.

She could no longer stay in A City…...

Lu Xi Feng narrowed his cold eyes and as he looked at his watch, “The Department of Civil Affairs should be open.  Miss fiancee, can we go get our certification now?”

Luo Qing Chen felt like he was glowing at that moment.

Moreover…..it was a dazzling light!

She revealed a faint smile and said, “I already stole my family registration, so let’s go, mister fiance!”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

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