Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 682: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 41)

Xu Nai’s face changed as the veins on her neck popped out.  She continued enduring as she said, “Alright!  Even if you are a genius!  The bid from the winter show is split half with the designer.  Now that you have over twenty million, why are you still working at the Lu Group as a designer?”

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Everyone gave sighs at once.

Xu Nai’s words were very persuasive, every word was filled with power.

The sentences seemed to have been arranged already, so the effect was much better compared to before.

She confidently curled her lips and said, “What, you can’t say anything?”

“Big sister Xu Nai, you’ve already said her thoughts and she’s panicking.”  Xiao Mei said with a smile of contempt, “Big sister Nai Nai, you should say the answer and let us hear it, there should be a terrible plot, right!”

“Alright!  Then I’ll just say it!”  Xu Nai licked her red lips before saying, “She’s clearly here to rise in ranks!”

“What nonsense are you saying.”  Bai Shi Shi pushed her and said, “You think that everyone’s minds are as lacking as yours!”

“Everyone knows who’s lacking!”  Xu Nai looked at Luo Qing Chen in disdain, “There are only a few people who you want to hook in the Lu Group, but I think that with your strong efforts, the one you want to hook the most should be director Lu!”

“Si.”  The surrounding whispers came again, but this time it sounded even worse.

“At first I thought it might be an understanding, but with Xu Nai’s analysis, why do I feel like it’s true!”

“Everything is unknown!  After all, there isn’t just a single person in the company who admires director Lu……”

“But her methods are good, this is a classic case of the poor designer climbing up the ranks!”

“Ha, ha, that’s right!”


Luo Qing Chen naturally knew that normal gossipers wouldn’t say this, there would only be Xu Nai’s friends who followed with this show!

She looked at Xu Nai with narrowed eyes and said, “So what?”

Her voice was very soft like water, there wasn’t a single bit of panic at all.

This made Xu Nai’s inner volcano burst even further.  She couldn’t help exploding, “See, see, see, all of you look and see, she’s admitting it!”

“So what if I admit it?”  She narrowed her eyes and said with a soft smile, “It’s the same as before, how is it related to you?”

“Let me tell you!  A trashy and poor designer, how can you dream of marrying a wealthy man!”  Xu Nai shook her head in disdain, “You don’t know since you weren’t there yesterday!  The reason why your design could be sold for over fifty million isn’t because it looks good, but because director Lu’s fiancee likes it.  Do you understand?”

A team that relied on selling their bodies to reach first place, how could they compare to an excellent team!

It really made one laugh themselves to death…...

Xu Nai’s face was completely red at that moment, it was like she finished that sentence in a single breath without stopping to breathe.

Luo Qing Chen heard this and revealed a faint smile.  When she was about to say something, there was a commotion at the door of the cafeteria.

Lu Xi Feng was wearing a dark blue suit and had the look of a domineering president as he walked towards her step by step.

His magnetic voice slowly rang out, “Didn’t we say that we would get the certificate at one?  The Department of Civic Affairs is already off for lunch, it can’t be that you’re planning to escape, right…..young miss Luo Qing Chen!”

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