Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 68: Survival on Snake Island (13) Part 1

Anyhow, having salt was better than adding nothing at all.

Ah Jin finally ate the first flavor of this World's "meal."

Everyone took turns on duty at night.

Other than a few venomous snakes slipped in in the middle of the night and were slaughtered, they passed peacefully.

At the first light in the morning, everyone wolfed breakfast and wanted to enter the cave.

Xu Yan was still weak.

The venomous snake that bit her should have been a neurotoxic snake, with high toxicity and fast onset.

The probability of death was great even if the antidote was immediately administered.

Zhou Yi looked at her pale face and said unwillingly, "Or leave a person to protect you. You don't have to go."

Xu Yan, who heard this, did not appear happy.

On the contrary, she looked terrified.

She grabbed Zhou Yi's arm tightly.

"Don't leave me behind. I can do it!"

Zhou Yi felt that Xu Yan's nails were ready to cut into her flesh.

She gently rubbed Xu Yan's arm and said soothingly, "I’m not leaving you behind. I said I would find someone to protect you! You are injured. It is better not to try to be strong."

"No, no, I want to be with you!"

Xu Yan insisted.

She must follow, or they would all get into the cave, and she would be abandoned.

Ah Jin interrupted them, "If she wants to go, she can go. Her life is her own. She has the right to choose."

Xu Yan showed a grateful look at Ah Jin.

There was no reason for Zhou Yi to leave her behind, so she agreed to take her with her.

She smiled at Xu Yan, "Then take care of yourself on the way. We don't have time to take care of you."

Xu Yan hurriedly nodded, "I won't be a burden."

One by one, the people began to enter the cave.

Zhou Yi turned her back at Xu Yan and followed the people ahead into the cave.

Her eyes were downcast with a flash of reluctance.

Again, it was the original recipe with a familiar taste.

Along the way was a lot smoother because of the previous experience.

After the thrill of crossing the viper area, they arrived at a branch crossing in front of a total of three intersections, leading to different directions.

Zhou Yi recommended that they should still act in groups by following the people of their respective teams.

The motion was rejected by Zhang Ming.

"I disagree. I do not have the strength, and Xu Yan is a patient. Both of us are going to have nothing to return to ah!"

Zhou Yi thought about it.

"If so, how about rock-paper-scissors? Those who have the same score will be grouped together."

Finally, no one objected this time.

So Ah Jin was with Zhang Ming and Xu Yan as one group.

Zhou Yi teamed up with two big men, and Thirteen teamed up with the last big man.

Looking at the three intersections, Ah Jin said, "Now comes the question, which way to choose among the intersections?"

Zhou Yi was highly confident, "I don't know where it leads to anyway, just go anywhere."

After saying that, she took the lead to enter an intersection.

Ah Jin looked at Thirteen.

"The safest was already picked. Watch where you go!"

Xu Yan and Zhang Ming were shocked and looked at her.

Xu Yan stammered and asked, "You, how did you know that?"

Zhang Ming stepped forward, "You mean it?"

Ah Jin didn't answer but just walked into a passage closest to her.

Xu Yan looked at that passageway.

There was a flash of struggle in her eyes, and she finally seemed to have decided something and followed resolutely.

Zhang Ming blankly watched the two go and hurriedly also followed.

They left the big man and Thirteen at the same place.

The big man asked, "What were they talking about?"

"Miss Qiao said that Miss Zhou had chosen the safest path."

For a moment, a look of surprise appeared on the big man's face, which quickly became confusion afterward.

"How does Miss Qiao know that it was the safest?"

Thirteen shook his head, "Let's go."

Saying that, he walked into the last intersection.

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