Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 68 - Fully recovered [OW]

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Hearing that, Su Ling immediately turned to the bed. Then he saw Gu Liheng’s affectionate and calm gaze fell on him, but his expression is still in a daze. Su Ling leaned close and asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Gu Liheng blinked his eyes and his eyes became clear. His gaze was on Su Ling all the time as he replied, “No.”

Su Ling smiled and said, “That’s good. You really frightened me to death, collapsed into a coma like that.”

Sitting up, Gu Liheng reached out to hug Su Ling, “Sorry, I won’t be like that anymore.”

He let go and lightly held Su Ling’s right wrist. Turning to look at Su Ling’s elbow, he saw the area has turned blue and purple, dotted with white scratched skin. Gu Liheng’s eyebrows furrowed deeply, and he moved sideways to get out of bed, “I will take you to treat the wound.”

Su Ling put his hand on Gu Liheng’s shoulder to stop his movement, “Wait,” he smiled and said, “It’s just skin trauma, it is not serious. Wait here, I’ll call a doctor. You will only be allowed to get out of bed after they checked you.”

Gu Liheng: “I’m fine.”

Su Ling: “This is the hospital. You are okay when the doctor said you are okay.” Then he paused and his voice lowered, “I think your previous situation was not quite right, so I contacted Mill.”

“Your mother knows about your situation now.”

Gu Liheng was silent for a moment, “Alright then.”

Su Ling smiled when their eyes met, “I’ll call a doctor.”

Mill and the doctor in-charge quickly arrived to check Gu Liheng. Mill asked a lot of questions, but Gu Liheng had a calm expression and answered in an orderly manner. Even when he talked about the scenes he feared during childhood that forced him to fall into a coma, his state was very stable. Mill was a little surprised, and soon smiled with relief, “Your tolerance is stronger than I expected. I am too conservative in your treatment.”

“You are very suitable to use the straightforward treatment and face the obstacles; fighting poison with poison.”

Su Ling’s eyes shone slightly, “Doctor Mill, what do you mean?”

Mill: “If he can maintain the current stable state, I can basically conclude that his mental disorder has healed.”

Su Ling: “But there are also chances that he hasn’t fully recovered?”

Mill nodded, “In the current situation, it is possible that after being stimulated, he would instinctively want to protect himself. Then his illness will go back and forth with its progress, but this kind of situation would usually be exposed quickly.”

Su Ling smiled and looked at Gu Liheng, “I think you are already well, you will not deceive yourself with self-protection.”

Hearing that, Gu Liheng’s expression turned soft, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, “En.”

Mill asked, “Can you tell me the reason for your sudden change?”

Gu Liheng’s gaze fell on Su Ling’s face before he said, “Ling Ling is injured... He is right in front of me, but my thoughts were occupied by panic and fear. It was as if I am in another space and he is far away from me.”

“He is my Omega, and I want to protect him. At that moment, I realized very clearly that I am no longer the younger me. I don’t need protection, instead I have to protect Ling Ling.”

He tilted his head slightly, “It is difficult to express in words. After I realized that I am an adult and I am the Alpha of my Omega, the things I fear subconsciously no longer make me afraid.”

“I can look at those things rationally from the eyes of an onlooker. I know very well that they will not cause harm to me now, and there is no danger.”

Mill laughed, “Listening to your words, I’m almost certain that you are cured. You are very strong. This time, you faced the stimulus, which is equivalent to high-intensity exposure therapy. Generally speaking, very few people could act like you. To be able to realize so soon that the stimulus is no longer harmful to you and then recovered your composure.”

Gu Liheng shook his head, “It’s too slow.” He has made the young man wait long enough.

Mill shook his head, but he didn’t refute Gu Liheng’s with the statistic numbers, “Congratulations for your recovery. I’m leaving first. Do contact me if you need anything.”

With a sincere tone, Gu Liheng thanked Doctor Mill, “Thank you.”

When Mill came out of the ward, he saw Mother Gu standing in the hallway on the right talking with someone. He hesitated for a while and stopped.

Mother Gu tidied up her hair subconsciously and smiled a bit before greeting Xiào Rui’s mother. In her heart, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief that she has taken care of her appearance before this.

Mother Xiào asked with concern, “Jia Yun, what are you doing in the hospital? Are you feeling well?”

Mother Gu shook her head, “It’s nothing,” she hung up her usual gentle smile and added, “I just came for a checkup, the doctor said I’m healthy.”

Lin Meng held Xiào Rui’s hand with a bright smile, “Aunt Gu has recovered nicely, so grandfather will definitely be fine.”

Mother Xiào smiled when she heard the words, and took Mother Gu’s hand, “Jia Yun, we both are lucky. Your Ling Ling and my Meng Meng are good children.”

Hearing that, Lin Meng’s face turned red, and he glanced at Xiào Rui with a shy grin. Xiào Rui fondly pinched his chin in return.

Then Mother Xiào continued, “When my father recovers, I must thank Ling Ling. Our Xiào family owed him a big favor.”

Mother Gu smiled slightly, but her fingers were tightly pinched together.

At this moment, a nurse came over to inform, “Mrs. Xiào, you can go in.”

Mother Xiào: “I’ll go to see the results of my father’s examination. Let’s make an appointment for tea together when I have time.”

Mother Gu nodded, “Okay.”

After the 3 people left, Mother Gu dropped her facade. Her shoulders were drooping, and she stood in place with complicated expressions.

“Madam Gu.”

Mother Gu turned her head and smiled subconsciously, “Doctor Mill,” she glanced at the ward before asking, “How is Ah Heng?”

“President Gu is okay,” Mill replied, hesitated for a moment and said, “Madam Gu, it may be a bit abrupt, but as a doctor, it is difficult for me to turn a blind eye. Your psychological condition is not very good.”

Mother Gu’s smile narrowed, “I have completely recovered.”

Mill: “During rejection period, you will miss your partner abnormally. You will be completely trapped in the memories of your partner, and all your eyes and attention will be on your partner.”

“Staying in this state for a long time will form a habit. Your thinking will be imprisoned in your memories or even turned rigid, even if your rejection illness is cured.”

Mill’s words were mild, and he finished speaking unhurriedly. Then he said, “If you need help, you can contact me at any time.”

Mother Gu turned away and left.

Mill sighed slightly and walked to the elevator.

Many AO who suffer from rejection illness will have this symptom. Falling into the memories of their partner, they are unable to get away, making the situation worse. Based on the current life expectancy in Planet Belle, most of the patients are still very young and can start a new life. If it was an AO pair from a normal divorce, it is easy for them to start a new life. Everyone is quite open-minded, so they can get together and split peacefully, without being affected by their emotions. However, for AO suffering from rejection, it’s hard because they only have each other in their world. It is easy to revolve their life around their partner. Hence, even if their rejection illness is cured, it is difficult to start a new life unless they are willing to receive treatment.


In the ward

The doctor wrote down the data from Gu Liheng’s various results and said, “You can go through the discharge procedures now.”

Gu Liheng: “Thank you.”

He got out of bed and lightly pressed his hand on Su Ling’s shoulder, “Wait for a while.”

Su Ling smiled and nodded.

Gu Liheng entered the bathroom and came out soon. His hair and clothes that were originally slightly messed up were neatly arranged.

When Su Ling looked at Gu Liheng, he has the feeling that he(GLH) has become slightly different. Though he(GLH) is still expressionless as usual, he made one feel more relaxed now. His posture is still straight, but with a more unrestrained feeling, not as serious and tight as before. This realization made Su Ling smiled deeper. Gu Liheng approached and held his left hand, and they walked out of the ward together.

Gu Liheng stood still at the door and looked around. After a moment of silence, he tapped his bracelet and sent a message to Mother Gu, “I’m fine now, where are you?”

Mother Gu stared at the message with a trance. She realized that this was the first time Ah Heng took the initiative to contact her. She glanced out of the car window. The sun was shining and her vision was clear, but she was wrapped in confusion, as if she was in chaos.

Ah Heng has a mental disorder because of her, and Su Ling has a life-saving grace for her. But Su Ling’s grandfather killed her partner, and Ah Heng wants to be with Su Ling… She frowned as she thought about it. Rubbing her forehead with her hand, she replied the message after a while, “Went home.”

Gu Liheng: “Take a good rest.”

After sending the message, Gu Liheng sent another message to the family driver and asked the driver to inform him when they returned at Gu Mansion. He closed his bracelet and looked at Su Ling, “She is my mother and you are my lover. I can’t control her thoughts, but I will not change my thoughts. I want to be with you.”

Su Ling pursed his lower lip. In fact, he had been wondering how to ask male god about them, and he was a little worried. After all, his maternal grandfather killed male god’s father. It is a completely different concept from his maternal grandfather being a criminal. He didn’t expect that male god would suddenly speak about it, directly dispelling his worries. He stood on tiptoe and kissed male god’s lips, “Be with me? Is this a marriage proposal?”

Gu Liheng held Su Ling’s waist and his eyes turned deep. Restraining the thoughts rising in his heart, he said in a deep voice, “No, it isn’t.” How could a good young man like him deserve such a casual proposal?

Su Ling’s eyes narrowed, “Liar, didn’t you say we will get married after you got better?”

A smile flashed in Gu Liheng’s eyes, and his hand held his left hand, “I won’t lie to you.” He took Su Ling to another department to treat his elbow injury. After the doctor treated the wound, he opened a bottle of medicated oil and said, “Apply it before going to bed and then massage hard. The trace will disappear within 2 days.”

Gu Liheng took the medicine oil, thanked the doctor politely, and walked out of the ward.

At the elevator, Su Ling remembered something and said, “We came by ambulance,” he smiled,

“have you ever taken a taxi before?”

Gu Liheng uttered an En and said, “We shall take a taxi today. I will ask the driver to pick us up at the gate of the villa area.”

When they got out of the elevator and walked outside the hospital, many people recognized them. Su Ling was calm and smiled at the people who said hello while Gu Liheng protected him and kept others away. Fortunately, the people in the hospital were either patients or relative of the patient. There were no media staff, so they managed to go out smoothly and took a taxi. The taxi driver recognized the two in the rearview mirror and was stunned, “Are you Gu company’s President Gu and Xian Mo Yu’s owner Su Ling?”

Su Ling smiled and said, “Hello, mister. You managed to recognize me at a glance, I’m flattered.”

The driver laughed, “You are famous after all. When I return home today, I’m so going to brag about it to my friends. Unfortunately, this car is small, otherwise I can see Xian Mo Yu with my own eyes.”

The driver was very talkative and Su Ling is in a good mood. Hence the two talked all the way until they reached their destination. When Su Ling was about to get out of the car, the driver turned to look at him and said, “You have a very good personality. It doesn’t matter what your grandfather does. Ignore those people talking trash on the Internet. Don’t be stressed out by them.”

Su Ling’s eyes curved up with a smile, “I know. Thank you, mister.”

Back at the villa, Su Ling was immediately caught into a tight hug. His back hit a firm chest and his left shoulder sank slightly. Tilting his head to a side, Su Ling saw male god resting his chin on his shoulder.

Gu Liheng has a complicated tone as he said, “You are so likable.”

Su Ling laughed, “Could it be you even feel jealous of the taxi driver? And...” He turned around, circling Gu Liheng’s neck with his hands and continued, “If I’m not likable, how can I make you like me?”

Gu Liheng’s eyes darkened, and his breathing gradually quickened.

“Master, time for lunch.” At this moment, Domi walked over to inform them.

Upon hearing that, Gu Liheng’s complexion became slightly stiff. He turned his head to the side and exhaled slightly. Then he held Su Ling’s wrist, and move them down from his neck, “Eat lunch.”

Su Ling followed behind Gu Liheng and poked his shoulder with a smile, “Do you know what should be your standard action just now?”

Puzzled, Gu Liheng turned to look at him.

Su Ling leaned closer, “You should hold me, kiss me,” he pointed to Domi behind him before adding, “Tell it that you are eating.”

Stunned, Gu Liheng quickly understood what it means. His breathing hitched, and he raised Su Ling’s hand to bite at his fingertips lightly, “You are not allowed to read those nonsense things in the future.”

Su Ling flexed his fingers and teased Gu Liheng’s lips.

Gu Liheng froze and let go of Su Ling’s hand. He stood still and pressed his lower lip.

“You...” Gu Liheng took a deep breath and bent over Su Ling’s ear before saying in a deep voice, “Don’t tease me. Your hand hurts right now, and your body can’t stand it. If you do it again...” He lowered his voice, “I won’t stop even if you cried and begged me.”

Su Ling’s heart beats wildly, and he pondered for a while, “Let’s go eat first.”

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