Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 678: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 37)

Xu Nai standing to the side saw this number and her eyes rolled back as she fainted.

Bai Shi Shi couldn’t stand firmly, as she narrowed her eyes and counted the zeros on screen.

It was indeed fifty two million…...

“Five…...fifty two…...two million……”  The host looked at the screen in disbelief as he said, “This…...Is there an…..error with the system…..”

The backstage crew talked to him through his earpiece and told the host that everyone was correct.  They told him who the bidder was and to continue.

“Ke, ke.”  The host cleared his throat and said, “Everyone doesn’t need to doubt this, there is someone who indeed made a bid for fifty two million.  Everyone must be very curious as to who this person is.”

Everyone in the bidding area looked at each other in shock, just looking at each other like that.

Every person was shaking their heads and looking stunned.

A sky high price of fifty two million wouldn’t even appear at the Milan Fashion Week, this price was so high that it pierced the sky.

From a business perspective, using this price to buy these five sets was definitely a loss!

“Alright!  The person who used this sky high price to buy these clothes is our Lu Group’s president, mister Lu Xi Feng!”  The host turned to the VIP room on the second floor and the lights fell down onto Lu Xi Feng.

His eyes lit up as he looked at Luo Qing Chen beside him.

She bit her lip as she looked dazed.  Her heart was like a turbulent sea, with wave after wave hitting her heart.

He…...He had actually made a bid for these clothes!  And it was this kind of sky high price…..

Why…...Could it be he knew…...

Luo Qing Chen’s 150 IQ brain quickly turned.

His tone, his eyes, his actions, his indifference, and every word he said.

If all her previous doubts were put together, this fifty two million could be considered a key.

Lu Xi Feng knew she joined the Lu Group and he knew that she designed these clothes…..

Damn!  The black bellied president’s heart, you could never guess it!

“It seems like director Lu wants to use these as a gift!”  The host said with a teasing smile, bringing up the atmosphere of the scene.

“Un, my fiancee likes them.”  He softly said into the microphone, creating a stir in the crowd.

Luo Qing Chen quickly fixed her sunglasses and wrapped her scarf a bit tighter, burying her face in her clothes!

The crowd’s gossip penetrated her defenses and entered her ears!

“My god, whenWant more chapters now? Check out my patreon for up to 40 chapters in advance! did director Lu get a girlfriend!”

“No, you didn’t hear right!  It’s not a girlfriend, it’s a fiancee, alright?”

“I don’t believe, I don’t believe, I don’t believe!  Rumours said that he was an ascetic male god!  Even his secretary is a man, he has almost no contact with females!”

“Ah, I want to cry!  Director Lu is the number one male god that everyone wants to marry!  That was the reason why I joined the Lu Group!”


Some people felt they were just stating a fact, but it was like sultry words of love in another person’s eyes.

Lu Xi Feng didn’t know just how overbearing his actions were right now.

He used a sky high price to buy these outfits because he didn’t want her designs to fall into anyone else’s hands.

There only needed to be a single set in this world and it just needed to belong to him!

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