Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 676: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 35)

Bai Shi Shi was very surprised, three hundred thousand…...According to the design team’s share, they were simply making a fortune!

No, it was Qing Chen who became rich…...

“I don’t know why, I felt a kind of emotion when I saw these clothes for the first time……”  The female director took the microphone and simply commented, “It was a kind of ignorant love.”

As soon as her voice fell, Luo Qing Chen felt her face unknowingly turning red.

She took advantage of the sunglasses to look at Lu Xi Feng.  He was the same as before, the same faint smile and the same bottomless eyes.

She quickly looked away as she thought: She definitely couldn’t let him know that she designed this, otherwise he would be able to see the meaning with a single glance.

Ya!  It was a bit embarrassing.

“Three hundred thousand, three hundred thousand!  This number even makes me as the host a bit excited!”  The host looked at the bidders and said, “Three hundred thousand going once.”

“Three hundred and fifty thousand.”

“Four hundred thousand.”

“Five hundred thousand.”

“Wa.”  Everyone had looks of disbelief as they looked at the five outfits on stage.

There was a lot of discussion, both positive and negative.

“What is this situation, Dream Team is a dark horse!”

“I don’t like this kind of clothes from the two dimensional world.  I feel that it is too virtual and isn’t real!”

“Ze, ze, I thought at the beginning that their win was through some backdoor, but once director Lu’s thirty votes came out, I knew that wasn’t the case!”

“Right!  If one could walk through director Lu’s back door, is there a need to participate in this show?”

“But what is going on with the auction, the price really is high!”


Luo Qing Chen naturally couldn’t hear the whispers, but Xu Nai and Bai Shi Shi’s group of models heard everything clearly.

“Did you hear, there are some people who don’t like your design.  Too fake, too fake, too fake, don’t you know?”  It was like Xu Nai found a life saving straw as she desperately repeated those two words.

Bai Shi Shi gave a cold laugh and rolled her eyes at her, “Can’t you see the difference between ten thousand and five hundred thousand?”

Without knowing why, Bai Shi Shi has suddenly recovered her aura from this single show.

Although she looked fragile, her heart definitely wasn’t fragile.  She wanted to be strong to overcome herself.  Just like Luo Qing Chen had said, she was a model and a model was a walking hanger!

Without confidence, there was nothing!”

“You…..”  Xu Nai wanted to make a move, but she held back in front of everyone.  She said in a dark voice, “It’s like no one had reached five hundred thousand before, my, Xu Nai’s highest record was a million!  Trash, you’re this happy with a small five hundred thousand, how trash you must have been before!”

Bai Shi Shi heard this and was a bit angry!  She pursed her lips and didn’t respond.

After all, this was indeed her first time participating in this kind of auction!

No one knew that someone’s voice would sound from the bidders.

“One million!”

It was like the air froze and Bai Shi Shi said with two laughs, “How does it feel to be slapped in the face?”

The person who bid a million was the female director.  She confidently raised the sign, having a taste of not wanting to give up.

Luo Qing Chen sitting in the VIP seat heard the words on million and quickly sent a text to Luo Chi Mo.

(Big brother, I don’t need the card anymore!  I have money, I have money, I have money!  ——Luo Qing Chen.)

“Ding dong.”  The sound of a text message.

(???  ——Luo Chi Mo.)

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