Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 675: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 34)

The next series of auctions weren’t that satisfying, it was either no one bidding or it went between ten thousand to a hundred thousand.

There were a few sets that were more eye catching that went for between three hundred to five hundred thousand, creating a climax in the crowd.

As for the championship team, it would be the finale for the auction.

Luo Qing Chen was nervous sitting in the VIP seats, after all, this was the first time her designs were entering the market.

If no one bid on them, it would be very embarrassing!  If she really had Lu Xi Feng bid, it would be very strange…...

No, she had to think of a way out!

System, system!  Can you lend me some money?

[The host can exchange for it, why do you need it for free!]

Because I’m poor!  Look at how long I’ve gone and I only have that bit of exchange points, I can’t even afford an Exquisite Ring!

[It’s a matter of principles, the system won’t lend!]  The system coldly rejected her proposal!

After all, it wasn’t hard to borrow money in this world!

Trash system!

Luo Qing Chen silently rolled her eyes at the system before taking out her phone and sending a text to Luo Chi Mo.

(Big brother, lend me some money!  ——Luo Qing Chen.)

“Ding dong.”  Luo Chi Mo instantly replied.

(Right!  You never had a bank card before!  I’ll have the driver send it over, where are you now?  ——Luo Chi Mo.)

Ze, ze, ze, she liked this kind of big brother who had money the most!

(Have him bring it to East Imperial Road’s parking lot for me!  ——Luo Qing Chen.)

She had prepared the money, now to wait for the auction!

She didn’t know that when she texted Luo Chi Mo, Lu Xi Feng had taken a peek.  His eyes narrowed as they seemed to glow.

“Alright!  Now we’re reaching the finale of our show!”  The host brought the Dream Team’s five sets to the stage and said, “These clothes from the two dimensional world, how much will they be able to receive!  After the lights dim for ten seconds, the bidding will begin!”

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!

“The time is here, please make your bids!”

“A hundred thousand!”  The owner who had bid ten thousand before raised his plate and the crowd fell into an uproar.

Xu Nai’s eyes opened wide in disbelief, even Bai Shi Shi beside her was speechless.

The one that was called a miser by Xu Nai just now had given such a decisive price for Dream Team’s clothes, it simply opened up one’s eyes.

He took the microphone beside him and said, “I’m someone who is obsessed with the two dimensional world, I think the two dimensional world is where my dreams begin.  So I gave this price and I hope that everyone can give up!”

“Ha, ha!”  The owner beside him said, “This won’t do, I must have it!”

“Then, let’s wait and see!”  He put down the microphone and had a calm look.

After all, his company’s brand was a top brand in A City and the entire world.  Being able to spend several hundred thousand or even a million to get these clothes wasn’t hard!

“Aiya, it really is the winning set.  This is just the beginning and I can smell the gunpowder!”  The host said with a laugh, “I wonder who these clothes from the two dimensional world will end up with!  One hundred thousand going once!”

“One hundred and fifty thousand!”  The owner behind casually raised it by fifty thousand.

The female director to the far right raised her sign and said, “Three hundred thousand!”

“Si.”  There was another uproar.

Xu Nai’s face turned white in rage as she said with trembling lips, “How…..How is this possible!”

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