Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 674: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 33)

“Alright, let’s proceed to the designs from the Hundred Charm Team.  Just now our model gave this series of clothes a rather dreamy name, called the Dream Wedding Dress.”  The host rolled his eyes and said in an unhappy voice, “Please dim the lights.”

The exciting music played again…...

“The time is here.”  The host raised his hand and said, “Please bid.”

Xu Nai had a confident smile as she looked at Bai Shi Shi beside her in disdain, “I’ll let you see what is called clothing and what is called having a market?  He, he, are your clothes just for your club activities?”

A certain brand owner raised his plate and said, “Ten thousand.”

Xu Nai’s face changed at the words ten thousand, there was a trace of disdain in her eyes.

“Alright, now it’s ten thousand!”  The host kept promoting it, seeing if there were any higher prices!

“Eleven thousand.”  Another brand owner called out their price.

Xu Nai’s face under the stage turned black as she said through gritted teeth, “I thought that brand owners were rich, so why are they so stingy!”

Bai Shi Shi had a very happy appearance, so Xu Nai retorted, “What are you happy for, can you even get ten dollars?”

“So what if I don’t?”  Bai Shi Shi waved the cup and said, “This bonus is enough for us to splurge on!”

She wasn’t born to bully Xu Nai, but now that she had won first place, why should she let her say anything.

“You……”  Xu Nai pointed her finger and angrily said, “Just you wait!”

“Is there anything higher than eleven thousand?”  The host said with a smile, “There’s still three seconds.”

The stage was silent, there was no one calling a price.

The director who bid first had a relaxed look as if he was saying: It’s a good thing there’s an idiot who also bid.

“It’s a deal for eleven thousand!”  The host said, “Congratulations to our W Brand for receiving the designs of the Hundred Charm Team’s Dream Wedding Dress!  Congratulations, congratulations!”

“Next is our Marilyn Team’s design, the bold and fashionable clothes!”  After a while, the host raised his hand and said, “Please bid.”

Di, da, di, da, di, da, di, da——

Time passed and Wang Ze stood behind the curtain as he watched this awkward scene, tightly clenching his fists.

The design he was most proud of in his life was being insulted like this.

Why was he the only one who was insulted, why could a newcomer step over him?

He wasn’t willing, he truly wasn’t willing.

Ten seconds later, the time was up, but there were no bids at all.  It proved that this dress would never appear on the street or in front of people.

“Although it is a pity, I still have to say it.”  The host said in a comforting voice, “The Marilyn Team’s design truly was bold, but it is impossible to suit the public’s tastes.  After all, everyone likes wearing clothes and not putting it in the window.”

Luna angrily stomped her foot and muttered, “Although I like Wang Ze very much, I have to admit that this really is a trash design!”

Their Marilyn Team had always been the leader on the fifteenth floor, but now that they had lost their lead, it had to be the designer’s fault.

Wang Ze really was a hot potato, whoever touched him would become unlucky!

“You’re saying like you’re that good……”  Bai Shi Shi bit her lip and muttered in a small voice.

Luna was clearly immersed in her own world, she didn’t hear what Bai Shi Shi said at all.

But in Bai Shi Shi’s eyes, even if Wang Ze wasn’t her designer, he was still quite good.

She didn’t like others talking about him…...

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