Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 673: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 32)

The miss presenter handed the cup over to Bai Shi Shi.  She looked around, but she couldn’t see Luo Qing Chen.

“Congratulations to the Dream Team on winning our winter show.”  The announcer handed the microphone over to Bai Shi Shi, “Next we ask this model to give an acceptance speech!”

Bai Shi Shi shyly took the microphone.  She took a deep breath and controlled her emotions as much as possible as she said, “I always felt…..that I wouldn’t be able to receive this award.  But if I said that I never expected it, it would be impossible……”

Wang Ze standing behind the curtains looked at Bai Shi Shi with narrowed eyes.  His right fist was clenched as his eyes were filled with unwillingness.

Just a bit, just a bit and this honour would have belonged to him.

He spent all that time, but he was beaten by this person who had mysteriously appeared.


“Finally I want to thank my designer.  Although she didn’t show up at this show…..”  Bai Shi Shi slowly raised the cup as tears came out of the corner of her eyes.  She said in a strong voice, “Thank you for giving me…..giving…..me this transformation!”

“Pa, pa, pa.”  Claps filled the stage as Bai Shi Shi broke into tears and a happy smile.

“It really is moving.  I’ve also received news that our championship team’s designer is a young and very beautiful miss.  It truly is the new generation rising above the old!”

“Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa.”  There was another round of applause.

The host continued, “Next we’ll enter our most exciting auction.  There are a total of thirty representatives that came to our winter show today.  Speaking of winners, the groups that are auctioned off are the real winners!”

“Humph.”  Xu Nai gave a cold snort from the side, “This host’s words are more pleasant compared to before.”

Luo Qing Chen looked at the big logos on the seats, they really were large distributors.

If they weren’t people of power, they wouldn’t be able to sit here…...

Luo Qing Chen turned to see Lu Xi Feng holding her cheek while tightly clenching her hand.  There was a smile on his lip that no one could understand.

“Miss fiancee…..”  His dark eyes sparkled as he said, “If you look at me like this, I will become embarrassed!”

“Pu.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a faint smile, “This…..I really can’t see any embarrassment from you at all!”

“There is!”  His right hand slowly used force as he tightly clenched her hand, “Back on the cruise ship!”

Luo Qing Chen’s face turned red and she quickly looked away, “Look, the auction is starting!”

“This set from the Distant Team will now be up for auction.”  The host raised his hand and said, “Dim the lights.”

The Distant Team had a rather bold style, so they were ranked quite high up.

There was a faint excitement that slowly spread and with the light at the venue dimmed, the entire atmosphere became tense.

“The time is here.”  The host raised his hand and said, “Please start bidding.”


The long silence made the stage very awkward and no one yelled a bid for the first ten seconds.

“It seems like our Distant Team’s design isn’t suited for practicality…..”  The host who had seen many battles knew that he had to say something to explain when it became awkward.

One of the managers of the brand took the microphone and said, “There is denying that whether it is the design or the colours, this set is quite bold.  But practicality is very important for our brands.  People think that a show is all about models and the catwalk, but I feel that is wrong.  No matter how beautiful the design is, if it can’t be worn on the street, it will forever stay in our windows.”

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