Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 672: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 31)

Luo Qing Chen suddenly turned around and seeing Lu Xi Feng with his faint smile, she asked in a voice of disbelief, “Your secretary gave all thirty votes to the Dream Team?”

Why did it seem so strange, she felt like she couldn’t read through this man with a smile at this moment.

“Then his eyes seem quite good.”  Lu Xi Feng nodded, telling her to look at the stage.

Xu Nai on stage said with an unconvinced voice, “I don’t believe that Dream Team has thirty two votes!  Release the ballots if you have the skills, don’t be anonymous!”

Her voice was very sharp, like she couldn’t keep it flat.  Her fingers kept trembling.

She was arrogant backstage, so how could she lose now.

“There has been no shows that reveal the owners of the ballots, so…..”  The host gave an awkward smile, trying to fix the awkward atmosphere.

“He, he.”  Xu Nai said with a cold snort, “That means that Bai Shi Shi can get first place by committing fraud!  Is this fair?  Which one of us didn’t move as well as her, her clothes alone can take first place?”

Xu Nai’s voice was very loud and it penetrated through her ears.

With her remarks, several models who were unconvinced began muttering.

“I heard that Bai Shi Shi’s designer is a probationary designer that just joined the Lu Group!”

“Ah, does that mean there were some tricks!”

“Who knows!  Perhaps it’s related to a certain sleazy judge!”

“Huh!  Then she must have relations with many people, truly disgusting!”


Everyone’s whispers made Bai Shi Shi unable to continue listening!

She bit her lips as she said, “Xu Nai, you can’t afford to lose?”

“I can’t afford to lose?”  Xu Nai said with a cold smile, “Your designer can’t even hold my designer’s shoes, how are you qualified to win?”

This scene was very awkward and the host wanted to say something, but Bai Shi Shi charged forward and gave Xu Nai a slap, “You can shame me, but you’re not qualified to shame my designer!”

“You…..You actually dare hit me!”  Xu Nai’s face turned red and she raised her hand to fight back.

Lu Xi Feng’s voice slowly rang out and his magnetic voice entered the microphone, “Release the ballots.”

The reason he said this was because his miss fiancee was about to charge down.

“What are you grabbing me for?”  Luo Qing Chen felt his hand around her waist tightening, completely stopping her.

“With me here, you don’t need to take care of these things.”  Lu Xi Feng revealed a faint smile.

The votes on the screen were released.

Of the thirty two points for the Dream Team, thirty came from Lu Xi Feng, one came from Lin Xing, and one came from Wan You Cai.

“Ze, ze, ze.”  The crowd was filled with an uproar.

At that moment, Xu Nai was stunned.  Lu Xi Feng’s thirty points had all been given to the Dream Team, no wonder they won!

As for the points for the Hundred Charm Team, there wasn’t even team leader Wang who she had contacted.

“It seems like the Dream Team has received the favour of our director Lu this show!”  the host immediately adjusted the atmosphere before announcing, “Then we should congratulate the Dream Team on winning this winter show.  Next, we’ll hand the stage over to them!”

Xu Nai’s follower beside her said with a snort, “Big sister Nai Nai, don’t be angry.  I’ve already contacted two representatives for the auction later, you’ll definitely get some face back!”

“That’s right, what use is first place!  Trash that no one wants!”  Xu Nai gave a loud cold snort as her eyes filled with rage!

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