Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 67: Survival on Snake Island (12) Part 2

Unlike when the people were attacked, Ah Jin strolled up the mountain where the venomous snakes were extremely afraid of her.

The snakes, however, instinctively wanted to protect what was on the mountain but did not dare to attack.

So they had to slowly follow Ah Jin.

As Ah Jin was getting closer to the top of the mountain, the more restless the snakes began to get.

Several hot-tempered ones wanted to attack Ah Jin as a test.

Ah Jin only looked at them, and they immediately retracted their necks and obediently followed behind Ah Jin.

If other people saw this scene, they would probably think that Ah Jin was the master of that island.

There was one person who led the way, and behind her was the army of snakes.

Ah Jin effortlessly reached the top of the mountain.

She stood at the top of the mountain to look at the surrounding area, and only then did she see the entire island’s landscape.

The island was not big.

It was surrounded by sea on all sides, with three sides of the island being sandy beaches and the other side being cliffs.

The trees were mainly tropical, where snakes could occasionally be seen hiding among the leaves feeding on seabirds on the island.

Ah Jin looked at the center of the mountain once again.

As Ah Jin walked toward the center, the snakes became more agitated and tried to come forward to stop Ah Jin.


Ah Jin's death energy became thicker around her.

Not daring to go forward, the venomous snakes could only wander in place.

At the center of the peak was a small crater, which should be left by a long-ago dead volcano.

After prolonged exposure to the wind and sun, the collapsed rocks had almost sealed the hole.

Ah Jin stood at the edge and looked down.

Where the sun could shine, she saw only a lot of snakes and their eggs inside.

Farther down could not be seen, which should lead to an underground.

It was no surprise that this was the snake's lair.

Ah Jin looked back at the snakes, whether they could hear or not, "It's such a shitty place. Do you need to guard it desperately?"

The snakes made a "hissing" sound as if in opposition to Ah Jin's words.

"This is our home. What do you know? There are a lot of good things inside."

Ah Jin did not care about them.

"I am bored. I am leaving."

After saying that, she began to go down the mountain.

The snakes saw Ah Jin going down the mountain and had to give way to both sides.

It was impossible to fight her, but now that she was leaving, the snakes put their minds at ease and began to go back to their own homes and find their own mothers.

Ah Jin naturally knew that there couldn't be only snakes and snake eggs.

Still, she wasn't interested in the goodies inside.

She wasn't a thief who liked to stare at people's homes when she had nothing better to do.

However, it was uncertain for others.

Ah Jin was sad looking at the coconut tree in front of her.

There was no good food in the last world.

This one had nothing but snakes and coconuts.

The animals that could be eaten on the snake island had long been eaten by snakes.

They now relied on hunting seabirds for a living.

Occasionally, there were humans sent to their door to snack on.

Could it be that she should go down to the sea to catch fish?

Ah Jin touched her dry clothes.

Perhaps not.

She was not a person with a heavy appetite.

So she picked a few more coconuts and found some wild fruits on the way.

By the time she returned to the cave, it was already dark.

Inside the cave were people still roasting snake meat.

Ah Jin was surprised to find that the three hunks had a pot full of snake meat soup.

They really did come to deliver the tools.

Ever since they arrived, the quality of life had improved dramatically!

Ah Jin asked one of them with a burning gaze, "Did you bring the seasonings?"

The man showed a big smile, "We are professionals. We brought salt!"

Ah Jin was a bit disappointed.

A mercenary who didn't even bring the hot pot base was not a professional mercenary.

The three men looked a little confused at Ah Jin, who was full of disappointment.

Did they do something wrong?

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