Chapter 67 — Lin Han’s Outbreak

Today was Saturday, the original plan was to go back to the Mu house for dinner, but because the final exam was approaching, Mu’s parents were so busy that they can’t even leave their desk, so the plan was temporarily canceled.

Mu Xiaoya also had no additional plan, so the two chose to simply not go anywhere and just watch TV at home. While watching happily, Mu Xiaoya’s phone suddenly rang, and when she picked it up, she found out that it was her cousin, Lin Han.

“Cousin.” Mu Xiaoya hurriedly answered the phone.

“Xiaoya, today is the weekend, so you wouldn’t have work, right?” Lin Han asked.

“Yeah, I don’t have work, I also said that I’ll see you and Leilei at afternoon.” Mu Xiaoya would visit Lin Han and her daughter every afternoon to ensure that Lin Han was in good health. Moreover, Leilei has improved a lot recently, and because she has a nurse to take care of her at night, Lin Han was relieved and her complexion became better. She went to see her yesterday, Lin Han even put on a light makeup.

She had the time to put on make up, so she shouldn’t be too tired.

“Then, come here ah, bring your husband along.” Lin Han invited, “Leilei’s father came yesterday night, he wants to treat you guys to a dinner.”

“Cousin ah, you’re too polite. We’re not in a hurry for dinner, just wait until Leilei is cured before we talk about it again.”

“Leilei’s fever has subsided a lot, the doctor said that she can be discharged two days later.” Lin Han’s tone was filled with unconcealed happiness.

“Really? That’s really good.”

“Xiaoya, come here ah, Leilei has been lethargic these past few days, she even didn’t call her auntie, but this morning she has been nagging to see you.” Lin Han continued to invite her.

“Okay then… I’ll be coming over.” Mu Xiaoya didn’t postpone as after she hung up the phone she said to Bai Chuan, “My cousin invited us to dinner.”

Bai Chuan nodded indifferently.

The two changed clothes and drove to the hospital. On the way, thinking that the child was almost all cured, Mu Xiaoya didn’t bring a fruit basket as usual, but bought a cute rag doll instead from the gift shop and let Bai Chuan hug it.

“You looked so harmonious holding the doll like that, how about we buy one when we go back home?” Inside the hospital, Mu Xiaoya teasingly said to Bai Chuan who was hugging the doll.

“No.” Bai Chuan refused without thinking twice, he didn’t want to hold the rag doll, obviously Xiaoya’s feel was better.

While joking, the two arrived at the children’s ward. Lin Han, who had received Xiaoya’s message, had been waiting outside the door. When she watched Mu Xiaoya coming from afar, she greeted them with a happy face, “Xiaoya, this is… your husband?”

Lin Han sized up Bai Chuan up and down.

“That’s right, this is my husband, Bai Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya introduced, “Xiao Chuan, this is my cousin.”

“Cousin.” Bai Chuan nodded.

“Hello, quickly, come in.” Entering the ward, Lin Han shouted to the man who was sitting on the bed with his back facing them, “Zhao Qi, Xiaoya and her husband is here.”

Lin Han’s husband was tall, with dark skin and a beard on his face, his rough appearance and the delicate Lin Han seemed really out of sorts. His appearance was much more crude than what Mu Xiaoya imagined, she thought that Lin Han’s husband would have a similar temperament with her, a gentle and scholarly man.

But if she looked closely, Leilei’s eyes were very similar to his, but it was just the eyes ah, besides those eyes, everything else all looked like Lin Han.

“Hello, my name’s Zhao Qi.” The man extended his hand and introduced himself with a serious expression.

“Don’t you have to smile when you see someone?” Lin Han punched the man’s back suddenly.

Zhao Qi reluctantly straightened his back and grudgingly smiled at Mu Xiaoya. The smile was really stiff, like an old machine that hadn’t been oiled for hundreds of years.

“Hello, brother-in-law, my name’s Mu Xiaoya, this is my husband, Bai Chuan.” Mu Xiaoya pinched out a smile and continued to introduce, “Bai Chuan, he doesn’t like speaking.”

“Oh, it’s okay, I also don’t like speaking.” Zhao Qi replied.

“...” How should I answer this remark? So, because you guys don’t like talking, then later we just don’t talk?

“Auntie.” Fortunately, Leilei resolved the embarrassment in a timely manner. Although the young girl in a patient uniform had lost a lot of weight because of illness, her white and tender cheeks were still delicate and lovely.

“Leilei, you woke up, have you been feeling better?” Mu Xiaoya naturally likes children, so when she heard Leilei calling her, she casually sat down on her bedside.

“Much better, Leilei’s head is no longer dizzy, and uncle doctor said that I can go home in two days.” The little girl replied cleverly.

“Then, after this, Leilei has to pay attention to your body so you don’t get sick again.”

“En.” the little girl who had suffered from a terrible illness, hummed a big ‘en’. After that, her pair of big eyes stared at Bai Chuan who was behind Mu Xiaoya, and also the rag doll in his arms.

“Xiao Chuan, give the present to Leilei.” Mu Xiaoya looked at him and smiled, motioning to Bai Chuan to bring the gift over.

Bai Chuan walked over and handed the rag doll in front of the little girl, saying softly, “For you.”

Perhaps it was because the little girl had a little blood relationship with Mu Xiaoya, the little girl looked a little like Mu Xiaoya when she was a child. When Bai Chuan got closer, he went into a trance for an instant, and instinctively revealed a smile.

The little girl didn’t expect that this otherworldly-pretty uncle would suddenly smile at her, she suddenly felt shy and buried her head in the rag doll.

“Leilei, why are you not thanking Uncle?” Lin Han reminded her child to be polite.

“Thank you, Uncle.” the little girl finally raised her head and said thanks with a small voice.

“Zhao Qi, take care of Leilei here, I’ll take them to eat.” Lin Han said to her husband.

“Okay.” They planned to go together, but half an hour ago, the nurse gave the child another iv drip, so it wasn’t good if both of them leave the child alone, and thus, they decided to let Lin Han go by herself.

“Leilei be good, Auntie want to eat first and will bring back something delicious for you.” After saying this, Mu Xiaoya stood up and wanted to leave, but the corner of her clothes was gently pulled by the little girl. Mu Xiaoya turned back in puzzle, knowing the child might have something to say to herself, so she leaned closer to her.

“Auntie, Uncle is so handsome oh.” Leilei whispered, and after saying this, she secretly peeked at Bai Chuan.

“Auntie also thinks so.” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help but smiled in agreement, after all, didn’t she get hoodwinked by Bai Chuan’s beauty when she was a child?

The three went out from the hospital and went to the hotel that Lin Han had booked in advance.

“Originally, we also wanted to wait for Leilei to be discharged before inviting you, but Zhao Qi is only available for two days, he has to go back tomorrow night.” Lin Han explained.

“Tomorrow? Isn’t Leilei gonna be discharged two days later? Why doesn’t he go back together?” Mu Xiaoya was a bit curious.

“He’s busy with work.”

“What work is so busy?” Mu Xiaoya couldn’t help frowning, he didn’t come when his child went to the hospital, and now he can’t go back together when the child was discharged.

“Policeman.” Lin Han said, “He’s the captain of our city’s criminal department, he was chasing a murderer who had fled sometime ago before he can come over from city H.”

“It turns out that my brother-in-law is a police ah.” Mu Xiaoya was a little surprised, she thought that with Zhao Qi’s rough appearance, he would be more convincing as a triad boss.

“You don’t think that he looks like a policeman?” As if knowing what Mu Xiaoya was thinking, Lin Han said, “I was scared of him first, but after being with him for a long time, I finally knew that he’s actually a very gentle person.”

“How do you know him?” Mu Xiaoya can’t help but want to gossip.

“When I just graduated from university, I went to the bank to do some business and encountered a robbery. He was the one who saved me.” Lin Han’s words were very gentle, and there was always a faint smile on the corner of her mouth. Mu Xiaoya knew the feeling between the two was very deep with just a glance.

“A real 'hero saves the beauty' ah.” Mu Xiaoya was pleasantly surprised.

“How about you? How did you start with Bai Chuan?” Lin Han laughed, and asked in turn to Mu Xiaoya.

“We were…” Mu Xiaoya glanced at Bai Chuan and replied, “a childhood sweetheart, I was five when I knew him.”

“I was seven.” Bai Chuan added.

“Are you guys trying to make people envious?” Lin Han sighed, it’s not easy to find someone that you like in a lifetime, but there are some who already knew each other from childhood.

The two talked and laughed, after an hour had passed and the meal was more or less all eaten clean, Lin Han got up and walked to the front desk to settle the bill.

Mu Xiaoya and Bai Chuan was sitting at the table, waiting for the takeaway food they ordered for Zhao Qi and Leilei. When they were waiting, a sudden loud noise came from the door, and a waiter hurried over while shouting, “Miss, your friend fainted!”


Mu Xiaoya rushed out and squeezed through the crowd quickly. She then saw Lin Han, who was talking to her just now, fainted on the floor.

This is…

Realizing the possible reason, Mu Xiaoya only felt that she couldn’t even breathe, her knees became soft and her whole person collapsed. Fortunately, Bai Chuan chased over in time and hugged Mu Xiaoya from behind.

“Xiaoya.” Bai Chuan was very worried.

“Quick, call 120.” someone from the crowd shouted. [T/N: emergency number]

“What’s the use of calling 120? There’s a hospital right across the road, just quickly find someone to carry her on the back and go there.” another person suggested.

“I’ll carry her.” Suddenly, a warm-hearted elder brother went over and wanted to pick Lin Han up from the floor.

“Don’t move her, call an ambulance.” Mu Xiaoya returned to her senses and stood up from Bai Chuan’s arms. She walked and squatted beside Lin Han, carefully raised her hand and stroked Lin Han’s forehead.

“With this disease, once you have the onset, the organs will rapidly decline, the body will show abnormally high temperature, if she can’t be sent to the hospital in time, she might lose her life within one or two hours.”

Such a troublesome illness!

Mu Xiaoya’s fingertips were trembling slightly, she looked at Lin Han whose cheeks were turning red because of the high temperature, and she can only felt a chill creeping up all over her.

Is it really because of the genetic disease? Mu Xiaoya closed her eyes in despair.

“The doctor has come, quick, make way!” Didn’t know who shouted from the crowd, soon, the medical personnel carrying a stretcher came in and put the person on the stretcher.

Back at the hospital, after notifying Zhao Qi, Mu Xiaoya sat in a daze outside the emergency room. She watched doctors and nurses go in and out, watched Zhao Qi renewed the terminally ill form three times, watched him ask the doctor what’s going on again and again, and watched the doctor shake his head again and again.

In the past… did my parents experienced these things too?

Mu Xiaoya only felt that she was like a wisp of spirit at this time, drifting back to her previous life when it was herself who was treated in the surgery room, and her elderly parents were standing outside with despair in their whole body.

“Xiaoya, Xiao Chuan, what’s going on? How come Lin Han suddenly fall ill?” In the evening, the Mu family parents who got the news hurried over.

“Dad… mom…” The moment she saw her parents, Mu Xiaoya’s reality blurred in an instant, she thought about her past life, and then thought about the near future, as long as she thought that her parents would go through such a picture again, the emotions that she had been enduring all along could no longer be controlled. She threw herself into her mother’s arms, weeping until her entire person twitched.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

“Don’t cry ah, what’s the matter? What are you sorry for?” Shen Qingyi looked at her daughter who suddenly cried bitterly in her arms incessantly, she then looked at Bai Chuan at the side with a puzzle.

Bai Chuan also didn’t know what happened, he only knew that Mu Xiaoya was very sad at this time, and it was useless no matter what he tried to comfort her. He really had no choice, so he called his parents-in-law.

“Mom, cousin… cousin, she…”

“It’s okay, the doctor is treating her, she will definitely be fine.” Shen Qingyi knew that Mu Xiaoya was getting along well with Lin Han during this time, but she didn’t expect that their relationship would be this good.

After Mu Xiaoya cried for a while, her emotions gradually calmed down. Even if she knew the final result, she still insisted to wait until the surgery ended, and then wait until Lin Han was transferred to the intensive care unit before leaving the hospital.

Back home, Mu Xiaoya’s mood was still low, Bai Chuan poured a glass of water and handed it to her, but she didn’t even move.

“Xiaoya, what’s wrong?” Bai Chuan couldn’t bear it any longer, he squatted in front of Mu Xiaoya and held her face inside his palms, forcing her to look at himself.

He could feel the despair in Mu Xiaoya, but he really didn’t know what to do.

“Just tell me, what should I do to help you? I don’t know what to do right now, so tell me, okay?” Bai Chuan’s tone was full of earnest hope, a fearful expression passed through his eyes.

“Xiao Chuan…” Mu Xiaoya gazed at Bai Chuan, and then said what she didn’t dare to say to anyone, “Cousin… can’t be cured.”

“No, the doctor said that her situation has stabilized temporarily.” Bai Chuan comforted.

“She’s not cured, the doctors there, they can’t cure her.” The doctor who treated her in her past life was a leading expert in genetic diseases, but he still can’t help her. Temporarily stable, exactly, isn’t it just temporarily stable? After that, cousin will have repeated episodes many times over until at last, she will have a momentary recovery just before death. At least, she will go through the whole process in coma, so it won’t be very painful.

“Then… we’ll change the doctor in charge of cousin.” As long as cousin is cured, will Xiaoya not be so sad?

Bai Chuan was in a daze for a while, then he grabbed his phone and called Bai Zheng.

“I want to find the best doctor.”

Bai Zheng, “…”

Author’s NOTE:

When Bai Zheng was eight years old, Professor Feng told the Bai family that now Bai Chuan would listen selectively to some family members. The Bai family was so happy and they each decided to say a sentence to Bai Chuan.

Father Bai: “Dad loves you.”

Mother Bai: “Mom loves you.”

Bai Zheng, who thought that his parents were too cheesy: “If you have any problem in the future, tell Brother, Brother will help you solve it.”


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