Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 67 - Coma [OW]

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Seeing that Mother Gu’s ugly expression, Su Ling knew that his smile at the moment is inappropriate so he immediately corrected his expression, “I’m sorry.”

Mother Gu snorted. She didn’t bother to talk to Su Ling and looked at Gu Liheng, “Break up with him, I don’t agree with you being together.”

Gu Liheng’s tone was firm, “Impossible.”

“Why not?!” Mother Gu’s voice raised, “You didn’t mark him permanently.”

With a solemn expression, Gu Liheng said, “I like him.”

Hearing that gave Mother Gu a choke. She watched Gu Liheng for a while, and became calmer when she spoke again, “Even if you and the Gu company were maliciously slandered because of him?”

“Yes,” Gu Liheng said, “I will deal with the rumors on the Internet. Giant Bear’s behavior has nothing to do with Ling Ling, and he should not be blamed inexplicably.” As he said that, he lightly shook Su Ling’s hand. Then he opened his bracelet and contacted his personal assistant and the company’s public relations department.

Mother Gu saw Gu Liheng’s small movements clearly, and the corners of her mouth sank. She looked at him and did not speak for a while. Unknowingly, her son has grown to this age, unlike the times he followed her around when he was young. She felt depressed, a little sad, and even a little confused. She rejected her parents’ advice to remarry and forced her son to take charge of the Gu family. Just to end up with this current situation?

The living room quieted down for a while, and Su Ling saw that Mother Gu is not going to speak, so he looked down at his bracelet to browse the news. The news about his life experience was blown up online. He has been placed under spotlight due to Xian Mo Yu in the past 2 days, so he is very famous to start with. This time, the topic involves the Gu company and criminals from the dark web, so rumors about his life are still growing. There are people who questioned his character, but there were also people who pitied him for his life experience.

On the other hand, Su Ling also saw the statement issued by Father Su, indicating that he did not know about Qin Min’s family background. He only thought that she was an orphan and followed the orders of his elders to marry Qin Min. As for the popular spiritual plants, they have also become hotly debated. Many enthusiastic people even called out whether anyone has lost any high-level spiritual plants previously.

After a quick scan on the topics, Su Ling wrote a post on his page.

“My mother died when I was 2 years old. She has never mentioned my grandfather, so I only know the identity of my grandfather today. If the spiritual plants were really obtained illegally, I will return them to their original owner after investigation. Don’t try to make a false claim, I will hand whoever with ill intentions over to the police.”

Just after he posted that post, Su Ling received a call from Nalu. He looked at the pair of mother and son and got up, “Sorry, I will go out to take a call.”

Gu Liheng looked up at him, and he(SL) smiled while pointing at the door. He walked out of the living room and connected the call by the garden, “Uncle Nalu.”

Nalu’s tone was anxious, “Xiao Ling, how are you? I just saw the news.”

Su Ling: “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Hearing Su Ling’s calm voice, Nalu breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good,” he hesitated for a moment before continuing, “What people said online about your background is probably true.”

Su Ling was not surprised. The information that Mother Gu investigated are unlikely to be wrong.

“But,” Nalu paused for a while, and then quickly said, “Your grandfather’s matter has nothing to do with your mother. She has not talked about her background before, but there was once she cried after drinking...”

“Only then I knew then that she was not an orphan. She ran to Planet Belle to avoid her father. Don’t blame her.”

Qin Min’s gentle appearance appeared in Su Ling’s mind, and he felt a little heavy in his heart.

“I won’t blame her, no matter what my mother’s background is, I respect her,” he said and asked, “Do you know how did my mother get the 3 Grade A spiritual plants?”

Nalu: “I know about this. It was given to your mother by someone else, but she wanted to return it. Your grandfather didn’t want her to do so and planned to snatch it. So she ran away with the spiritual plants.”

Nalu sighed before adding, “That time, your mother cried very sadly. I can see that she probably like the person who gifted her the spiritual plant very much, but she said they won’t be happy together. At that time, I could not understand what she means because your mother is a very good Omega. But now I understand why she said that.”

Su Ling pursed his lower lip, “Why does she want to marry into Su’s family?”

Nalu: “She helped your grandfather and grandmother (Su Family side) before, and she was very popular with them. The two elders are good people, and they want to repay your mother. They pity her for being alone and had the thought to match her with your father. Later, when your mother was in estrus, your father permanently marked her and they have you.”

Nalu’s tone was low, “This is really a mess. Your father and your stepmother were still in love at the time. There was a lot of trouble going on and your mother was in a difficult situation.”

Su Ling: “Why are there always people who hurt other people with the slogan ‘I’m thinking for your own good’?!” Su Ling couldn’t help but exploded, “My Su grandfather and grandmother, are you trying to harm my mother to death?!”

Nalu: “They thought it would be better if your mother has someone to care of her, and it would be really good for your mother. Just that they are too arbitrary and didn’t ask for your mother’s opinion.”

Su Ling asked, “Isn’t the permanent marking washable?”

Nalu sighed again, “The two elders held your father responsible, and within 2 days it was discovered that your mother was pregnant. Washing the mark will damage her body. During an O’s pregnancy, in order to protect the weak O, the law prohibits both AO pair from washing off the mark."

“So Xiao Ling, unless you are sure you will be together with President Gu, you can’t just...” Nalu coughed, “You can’t just casually do the permanent marking.”

Su Ling thought to himself, even if he wanted to, President Gu is not willing to do it. He replied, “En, I know.”

Nalu thought of the news that he saw today, and couldn’t help but worry, “They are rich people, and they value fame and family background most. Did President Gu’s mother embarrass you?”

Su Ling subconsciously glanced at the door before answering, “No.”

There was a faint arguing noise coming from the living room. Su Ling frowned and covered the speaker part of his bracelet, “Uncle Nalu, you don’t have to worry about me. Be careful in the store.”

Nalu: “En, En, remember to contact me if anything happens.”

Su Ling breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Nalu didn’t hear the noise, otherwise he would get his face slapped on the spot.

“Goodbye, Uncle Nalu.”

After hanging up the call, Su Ling quickly entered the living room. The pair of mother and son who had been sitting together were standing confronting each other. The atmosphere was very tense, and neither of them even noticed him.

“If you still dare to be with him, I won’t recognise you as my son!” Mother Gu’s voice was particularly sharp, as if she was on the verge of collapse.

Su Ling was stunned and didn’t understand why Mother Gu’s attitude was so hard. He looked at Gu Liheng and soon realized that something is wrong, that male god is in a bad condition. His expression was as solemn as usual, but stiffer, and with an imperceptible panic.

Gu Liheng did not give any response to Mother Gu.

Mother Gu took a step forward and asked, “Say it, are you still reluctant to separate from him, HUH?!” Her voice broke at the last exclamation, with a sad expression. Then she raised her right hand and slapped Gu Liheng hard.

A ‘PA’ sound reverberated in the living room.

Gu Liheng stood straight on the spot, his face slightly turned sideways, and his pupils contracted rapidly. There was confusion in his mind, and the screaming and crying surrounded him with fear.

“Ah Heng! Why are you not obedient?” the young mother asked sharply, and choked up, “If you are not obedient, mother will leave and I don’t want you anymore.”

No! Please don’t ignore me. Father is already gone. What can I do by myself?

Gu Liheng seemed to have returned to that time when he was young, the younger him was very panicked. Then a wave of panic attacked him, submerged him, and wrapped around him tightly.

Su Ling didn’t expect Mother Gu to make a move so suddenly. His heart jerked up, and he ran to Gu Liheng quickly, “Li Heng.”

Mother Gu’s palm was red, and it felt numb. She stared at her palm blankly and looked over with cold eyes when she heard Su Ling’s shout. Mother Gu was standing slightly on the outside, and Su Ling had to pass her first to reach Gu Liheng. Just as Su Ling was about to pass her, she violently stretched out her hand to push him, “It’s all because of you,” her eyes were red, “Get out of here!”

At that time, Su Ling was anxious for Gu Liheng and ran very fast. Being pushed abruptly, his foot caught the leg of a furniture and he fell heavily to the ground. “Urgh...” His right arm landed first and then took the weight of his whole body. The hard bones at the elbow hit the ground, which hurt so much. Su Ling clutched his arm and gro-an-ed[1] in pain.

Gu Liheng raised his eyes quickly, and his eyes fell on Su Ling. His thoughts were still caught in his memory, but his feet unconsciously brought him to run over. Squatting down, he reached out to hold the person in his arms.

Su Ling immediately found that male god’s body is shaking. Just as he is about to speak, the sound of high heels clacking on the ground could be heard quickly approaching.

Gu Liheng’s shoulder was grabbed by Mother Gu and pulled back, “Gu Liheng! He is the grandson of the killer who killed your father. And you still dare to hold him?! Have you ever thought about your father? Have you thought about me?”

Veins were popping on the hand Gu Liheng placed on Su Ling’s shoulder, and his fingertips trembled fiercely.

Su Ling’s eyes widened, and he looked at Mother Gu abruptly, “What did you say?”

Mother Gu looked at Su Ling like an enemy, “Your grandfather created the accident and killed Ah Heng’s father!”

Two big words ‘Dog Blood’ appeared in Su Ling’s mind. After a moment of loss, he asked Gu Liheng in a low voice, “Really?”

Gu Liheng didn’t answer, but held him tighter and his breathing gradually became faster. Su Ling knew in his heart that it is true. He guessed that Mother Gu gave out the detailed information when he went out to pick up the call.

“I have the evidence, so don’t even think to deny it.” Mother Gu said angrily, using her hands to force Gu Liheng to let Su Ling go.

Gu Liheng stood still with his jaw tightened, and a thin layer of sweat covered his forehead.

Unable to make Gu Liheng loosen his grip, and couldn’t get the answer she wanted, a deep helplessly swept over Mother Gu. She let go and grasped her fist, changing from pull to punch. She beat Gu Liheng on the shoulder, crying as she hit him, and her voice choked, “Why do I have a son like you? Have you forgotten how good your father is to you?”

“Even if I die, I won’t let you be together!” She suddenly raised her voice, “Otherwise, how can I have the face to face your father? How can you dare to say that you are his son?”

The sweat from Gu Liheng’s forehead dripped onto Su Ling’s cheeks. Su Ling stretched out his hand and wiped it, then tilted his head back a bit, waiting to see Gu Liheng’s face. However, his body suddenly became heavy. Su Ling supported the ground with his hand and hurriedly stabilized his body. He shouted, “Li Heng!”

The other party did not respond and collapsed into a coma.

Mother Gu was stunned, “Ah Heng?” She pushed at Gu Liheng’s shoulder, “Ah Heng, wake up.”

Su Ling quickly calmed down and immediately contacted the ambulance. Thinking of the peculiarities Gu Liheng displayed previously, he notified Mill as well. The ambulance arrived very quickly, and on the way to the hospital, the accompanying doctor gave Gu Liheng a full-body examination. He gave the result, “There is no problem with his body.”

“How can someone suddenly fall into a coma without a problem?” Mother Gu asked with a calm face.

Doctor: “There may be many reasons. We will need to give him a more detailed and comprehensive examination.”

Su Ling looked at Gu Liheng’s face and pinched the bridge of his nose. Isn’t this kind of dog blood plot meant for the protagonist? He is obviously just some passerby in the book! No matter what, he knows his heart very well. He wants to be together with male god, but what about male god… Can he not mind? Until Gu Liheng is sent to the emergency room, Su Ling was still thinking about this question. Knowing that he couldn’t answer this question, he couldn’t help thinking about it.

Mother Gu looked at him with an ugly expression, “What happened to Ah Heng?”

“I don’t know.” Su Ling said.

“How can you not know if you are with him every day?” Mother Gu was unhappy with the answer.

Su Ling: “He is usually healthy.”

While talking, Mill arrived to the hospital. Mother Gu was a little surprised to see him and called out, “Doctor Mill.”

Mill nodded and greeted her.

Mother Gu: “Why are you coming back here?”

Su Ling: “I asked Dr. Mill to come.” He looked at Mill and pointed down the aisle on the left. “Let’s talk here.”

Su Ling and Mill went to the left aisle. Su Ling explained, “Li Heng has never let his mother know about his condition, so I can’t disclose it.”

Mill nodded understandingly, “What’s the matter?”

Su Ling recounted what happened carefully, paying particular attention to Gu Liheng’s reaction, “I thought his reactions were not quite right at the time, he was quite dazed.” Thinking about it makes Su Ling annoyed, “I should talk to him more and adjust his emotions.” It’s just that Mother Gu is there, so it was quite difficult to do so.

“This has nothing to do with you,” Mill looked serious. “I probably know what’s going on. I’ll talk to the doctor in-charge later.”

The doctor soon came out from the emergency room and said, “The patient is in good health. His coma is due to overstimulation.”

When Mother Gu heard it, she immediately glared at Su Ling, “It’s all because of you!”

Su Ling’s heart sank suddenly. Could it be male god got overstimulated because his grandfather harmed his father?

Mill’s always gentle face was a little serious, “Madam Gu, I think this matter is probably related to you.”

Mother Gu: “How is it possible?”

Mill did not immediately explain, but looked to the doctor, “Hello, I am President Gu’s psychiatrist,” he showed his ID, “I want to take part in his treatment.”

Doctor: “Great, with your participation, the treatment is easier. But you have to go through the procedures first.”

Mill nodded understandingly and followed the doctor through the procedures.

Mother Gu stood there with disbelief on her face, “Ah Heng’s psychiatrist? How could Ah Heng need a psychiatrist?”

Su Ling glanced at her and said nothing. If he felt skeptical about this previously, Mill’s words just now have already confirmed that male god’s mental disorder is related to Mother Gu.

The doctor and Mill quickly worked out a treatment plan, and Gu Liheng was sent to the VIP ward.

Mother Gu looked at Mill and asked, “What the hell is going on with Ah Heng?”

Mill: “He has been reluctant to let you know, but the doctor and I agreed that his treatment needs your cooperation.”

“He has always had a psychological disorder. He had no treatment when he was young, and his condition became more serious when he grew up, but he didn’t pay attention.”

“Three years ago, I became your psychiatrist. During that time when I was treating you, I noticed his problems. After your condition stabilized, I talked to him about his state but he refused treatment, or probably he felt unnecessary.”

Mother Gu’s lips trembled, “What kind of mental disorder?”

Mill: “Expression, everything related to appearance.” Mill explained it again, and then sighed slightly, “You are the cause of all this.”

“In fact, not only that, his childhood experience left a trauma in his heart, and he would suffer from insomnia and nightmares.”

“Your beating, scolding, questioning, crying will make him nervous and flustered. Your smile is only the appearance, and what he is nervous about is the scolding that immediately follows after the smile.”

Mother Gu was dumbfounded, “Why, he never said it before,” she said in a higher tone, “he is so strong, he is the person in charge of the Gu family. It is impossible for him to be as weak as you said!”

Mill frowned, “Madam Gu, this has nothing to do with weakness. In fact, President Gu is an elite. Before I saw him in person, I didn’t feel that he had a mental disorder at all. He is a very powerful man.” He added, “It’s hard for someone with the same experience as him to do this.”

Su Ling felt very distressed. Male god was only 8 years old at that time. He lost his father, and his mother was strict and even mentally abnormal. Moreover, there were many malicious people around him. Such an environment makes one feel depressed just by thinking about it.

Mother Gu’s expression was dazed, as if her energy was taken away in an instant, leaving only an empty shell. She muttered to herself, “How could this be...”

Su Ling asked Mill, “How can I wake him up?”

Mill: “You are the key. He cares about you very much. Talk to him more and use soothing fragrances. He should wake up soon.”

“It’s just,” Mill paused. “After being overstimulated, there are 2 possibilities for his condition upon waking up, either for the better or for the worse. Generally speaking, the possibility for the worse is greater. You have to be mentally prepared.”

Su Ling nodded.

Mill turned to Mother Gu, “You are not suitable to appear in front of President Gu when his waking is not confirmed.”

Mother Gu looked depressed. She glanced at the hospital bed before turning around and went out.

After Mill put the perfume on the head of the bed, he went out of the ward with the doctor.

Su Ling walked to the bed and sat down and looked at Gu Liheng for a while. His eyes were closed, but his brows were tucked tightly. He was not at peace even when unconscious. Grabbing Gu Liheng’s right hand with both hands, Su Ling bowed his head and pecked, “Do you know that I am very worried about you lying down like this?”

He babbled for a long time and said many words of love confession, but the other party didn’t respond. He squeezed his(GLH) fingertips and said, “I just fell down, but you only know to hold me. You didn’t ask if my elbow hurts, you are so dumb!”

“Does it hurt?” A magnetic, hoarse voice sounded in his ears.

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