His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 67 - Owe a Lifetime Debt

That maid probably never thought that someone would’ve rudely rejected the Madam’s invitation, especially a lady with a terrible reputation. If it was someone else, they would’ve gone politely knowing that the Madam wanted to talk to them.

Yet, Shen Ziqiao dared to say that she was busy.

She was Xiao Gu’s head maid. Whenever she left the Qi Family, she acted all high and mighty, even more than the ladies of ordinary families. This was the first time she was looked down upon.

That’s right. Shen Ziqiao didn’t place her in her eyes at all.

If a person wanted respect, then they should respect the others too! Shen Ziqiao didn’t have the intention of making things difficult for a maid, but it’s another thing if they weren’t polite to her.

It’s not like she depended on the Qi Family, so why should she listen to the maid?

Shen Ziqiao walked past the ashen-faced maid arrogantly. Hong Yu snapped out of her daze and secretly admired her Third Miss for becoming more and more powerful.

Yet, Old Madam Qi’s maid leading the way for Shen Ziqiao respected her even more, her eyes sparkling at the sight.

“Jiao Jiao.” Shen Ziqiao didn’t want to find Shen Zikai. She planned on telling Shen Xiao her whereabouts before heading home. Who knew that she only took a few steps before she heard Shen Zikai calling for her.

The two equally outstanding men walked shoulder to shoulder. Shen Ziqiao hesitated for a moment before walking over.

“Elder brother.” She sweetly greeted Shen Zikai. When her gaze met Qi Zheng’s, she revealed a fierce look, greeting Young Master Qi unwillingly.

Qi Zheng glanced at her with a bright gaze, curling the corner of his lips up.

“Jiao Jiao, you should apologize to Young Master Qi properly for hitting him last time.” Shen Zikai sternly said to Shen Ziqiao with a serious face.

Apologize? Shen Ziqiao’s expression froze. “Elder Brother, it’s clearly his fault.”

It’s one thing to be used by Qi Zheng, but to apologize to him as well? What is this?

Qi Zheng glanced at her and said to Shen Zikai, “Young Master Shen, it’s just a misunderstanding. There’s no need to apologize.”

“Jiao Jiao, it’s fine if you were unruly normally, but you can’t be disrespectful this time. Thankfully, Young Master Qi was fine. If he couldn’t wake up, what should you do?” Shen Zikai knitted his brows as he looked at his sister. It was true that he pampered Jiao Jiao, but he didn’t allow her to not admit her faults.

What should she do? Who cares if she was his sister?!

“Well, isn’t he awake now?” Shen Ziqiao gritted her teeth, wanting to bite Qi Zheng harshly.

“You’re still looking for excuses!” Shen Zikai was angry.

When Qi Zheng saw Shen Ziqiao’s grievance, he finally felt a tint of guilt in his heart. “It’s actually my fault. I shouldn’t have offended her. Young Master Shen, it really has nothing to do with Third Miss Shen.”

In the past, Shen Zikai only heard of Duk An’s eldest son being dumb and slow, and he barely met him either. After their discussion today, he noticed that Qi Zheng’s manners and style of conversation was much stronger than the other young masters.

He thought that Qi Zheng was someone he should get a deeper understanding of.

“Jiao Jiao!” His voice became sterner.

She’d rather be killed than to be humiliated! Shen Ziqiao wanted to expose the truth about Qi Zheng, but when she met his pair of pitch-black eyes, her courage vanished.

If she exposed Qi Zheng’s secret, would she be silenced?

Shen Ziqiao was a coward, so she admitted defeat and muttered, “Sorry!”

Qi Zheng’s eyes brightened and a smile floated on his lips. “I offended you first.”

“As long as you know. You owe me a lifetime debt!” Shen Ziqiao said moodily.

“Jiao Jiao, don’t be disrespectful!” Shen Zikai glared at her.

Shen Ziqiao returned the glare. “I’m leaving!”

Who is this brother of hers? He’d rather help an outsider than his own sister. Shen Ziqiao decided to hold onto this grudge.

“Lifetime debt?” Qi Zheng suddenly asked in a soft voice, his voice deep, making people’s scalp go numb.

Shen Ziqiao had never heard such a pleasing male voice.

“You’re lucky with just getting off with a lifetime!” He owed her big.

Qi Zheng smiled and said nothing.

Shen Zikai awkwardly laughed.

There were lots of things that she couldn’t say today, so she held it in. She indicated for Qi Zheng to stop causing trouble for her with a look. Qi Zheng looked straight at her with his sparkling eyes, acting as though he never got the hint.

Shen Ziqiao followed Shen Xiao back to the Shen Family gloomily.

Because both father and son weren’t in the same horse carriage as Shen Ziqiao, she couldn’t quell her curiosity. She had to wait until they were home to ask about Xiao Gu.

There must be a reason why Old Madam Qi clearly didn’t like this daughter-in-law.

They didn’t eat lunch in Duke An’s residence. After they returned home, the three ate first. Then, Shen Zikai told Shen Xiao about how Xiao Gu humiliated Shen Ziqiao at Old Madam Qi’s place.

“Xiao Gu?” After Shen Xiao finished listening, he nodded expressionlessly. “She’s not a threat.”

“What’s the matter between her and Old Madam Qi?” Shen Ziqiao cupped the teacup and gazed at Shen Zikai with her sparkling eyes, eager to quell her curiosity.

Shen Xiao looked at her and asked, “Jiao Jiao, what do you think of Qi Zheng?”

“Shameless and despicable, crafty and sinister. One must not offend him.” He was the definition of black-bellied. He was terrifying.

The assessment was the opposite of Shen Zikai’s. He replied, “Nonsense! Qi Zheng is a open and generous person. He does everything freely. You’re just being narrow-minded.”

Spat! Open and generous my butt! Shen Ziqiao snorted. “Elder brother, you’ve only met him today. It’s very easy for you to be confused by his appearance. He’s just a despicable person!”

Shen Xiao shook his head at Shen Ziqiao and lightly smiled. “This father has good judgment when it comes to people. Qi Zheng...is definitely not as simple as you guys think he is. However, he is reliable.”

After that, the father and son both looked at Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziqiao suddenly had a bad feeling. She asked on guard, “Why are you guys suddenly paying attention to Qi Zheng?”

“Jiao Jiao, you’re not that young anymore.” Shen Zikai said meaningfully.

Shen Ziqiao would be a retard if she still didn’t understand up to this point. She suddenly stood up and said, “Don’t think about marrying me to Qi Zheng. Elder sister and the second elder sister both aren’t engaged yet. It’s not my turn.”

Shen Xiao said with a dark face, “As a lady, don’t you know shame to talk about marriage?”

“I’m the daughter of a general, so why should I care for all these rules? Father, don’t be womanly. That’s too boring.” Shen Ziqiao waved her hands. Her forthright personality made the two widened their eyes.

Womanly? She dared to say this! Shen Xiao was angry and suddenly felt apologetic to his late wife. He didn’t expect his daughter to be that wild. It’s one thing that she didn’t act like the prestigious young misses, but even her actions were unruly. He immediately ordered, “Starting tomorrow, you’re staying at home to learn the rules. You can leave the house only after you become a virtuous and wise young miss!”

Shen Ziqiao was dumbfounded.

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