“Director Lu, the winter show will be starting in five minutes.  This is the list of models.”  The security guard respectfully handed over the list.  Lu Xi Feng didn’t even open it as he handed it to Luo Qing Chen and said with a gentle voice, “If you like anything, when the scoring is over, you can bid on it.”

The bidding at a fashion shop was for the exclusive rights to the series of clothes.  Most of the people participating were from clothing brands or private design teams.

After buying it, they would mass produce it in stores.

This was the other meaning to this auction.

Luo Qing Chen never thought that her clothes would be up for bids, but rather it would just be scored.

Even if she couldn’t take first place, she definitely wouldn’t be last.

She hoped that her contrasting colour idea could light up the eyes of the judges.

“Welcome everyone to the Lu Group’s annual winter show.  As the world’s greatest model company, we strive to be at the peak of the fashion world…..”  After the host took the stage, he first bragged about the ‘Lu Group’ before officially starting the show.

“Next we ask the Hundred Charm Team to demonstrate to us the «the beginning of a dream» in their hearts.

The background music started, it was Jay Chou’s Dandelion Promise.

As the first model to appear, Xu Nai naturally drew the attention of many judges.  Adding in the fact that she gave flirty kisses as she walked on the catwalk, it created cheers in the crowd!

“What does miss fiancee think about this set?”  Lu Xi Feng gave her a serious look as his lips curled into a dazzling smile.

“It’s so ugly that it hurts to look!”  Luo Qing Chen touched her ear and said, “She thinks that she’s a fish, all those dazzling scales on her!”

It can’t be that Lu Xi Feng likes this and was planning to vote for her, right!

Luo Qing Chen thought: If that was true, she would take one hundred points from the Lu Group!

Seeing her somewhat angry appearance, his lips curled slightly, “Smart people have the same opinion!”

“Un, un.”  She heard this and looked at him seriously as she gave a nod.

He really was the richest man in A City, his eyes weren’t bad!

The following models wore what she had predicted, most of the designers had focused on white.

After fifteen minutes, she felt her eyes were a bit tired.

There was only lace, chiffon, and the occasional sequin in front of her.

It didn’t look bad, but it was considered too traditional.

Luo Qing Chen took the list and found that the Dream Team was rather close to the end.

She wasn’t interested in this kind of show.  Since she had large sunglasses, she leaned on the sofa and closed her eyes a bit.

She never thought that she had almost overslept.

When the Dream Team came onto the stage, it was Lu Xi Feng who woke her up.

“Look how tired you are.”  He held her hand in a pained manner, “After this is over, you can have a proper sleep.”

She didn’t react to the meaning in Lu Xi Feng’s words when Bai Shi Shi came onto the stage.

“Si.”  The crowd fell into an uproar instantly.

The sounds of whispers continued to grow, some accepting it and some denying it.  It wasn’t anything that couldn’t be accepted.

Because the Dream Team didn’t have many models, she could only change clothes within a minute, unlike the other teams that had five people walk up together.

But Bai Shi Shi was very professional, moving very fast backstage and looking quite good onstage.

She wore the main outfit for the last walk, the long coat with the big elk hat made people’s eyes light up.