The winter show arrived on schedule with everyone’s hard work and Wang Ze became an A Team’s big designer.

Bai Shi Shi was nervous backstage.  Last time they had only received a single point and that was only one person out of seventy judges voting for them.

It was one point last time and it was one point the time before that!

“Please, please, I hope for one more point this time!”  Bai Shi Shi held her hands in prayer as she wore the maple leaf outfit.  With her eyes sparkling, she seemed so cute.

It was like a little loli had come out of the two dimensional world…...

No, it was a big loli.

But facts proved that being tall meant you could wear cute clothes.  Clothes weren’t limited, it depended on how the one wearing them saw it.

“Don’t be last, don’t be last!”  Momo was holding her powder brush, helping Bai Shi Shi put on her makeup as she didn’t forget to pray.

Luo Qing Chen felt a vibration in her pocket as a text message from a certain director Lu came.

(Something came up today, I’ll be there a bit late.  ——Lu Xi Feng.)

Luo Qing Che’s lips curled as she quickly typed on the screen.

(Ok!  But bring a mango shake!  ——Luo Qing Chen.)

“Ding ling——”

(Drink unhealthy things less.  ——Lu Xi Feng.)

(???  ——Luo Qing Chen.)

“Urgent notice, urgent notice.”  The design department’s director rushed in front of everyone and said, “Tonight’s winter show will be an auction and director Luo is also coming.  Everyone stay focused, we have to put everything we have into this show!”

Bai Shi Shi heard this and she became even more nervous.

“It’s an auction…..”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as she muttered to herself, “The winter show isn’t a big show after all, why did it suddenly become an auction.”

“Qing Chen…..I’m a bit nervous!”  Bai Shi Shi looked up and wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by Xu Nai not far away.

“With your status, what are you nervous about?”  Xu Nai flashed her white tutu and her lips curled into a charming smile as she said, “Ai!  Let me take a good look at you, I thought that you really came out of the two dimensional world!  Can this design even be called a design!”

“Milan Fashion Week’s famous designer Tom once said that a person who judged a set before seeing the whole thing either has bad eyes or is an idiot.”  Luo Qing Chen crossed her arms as her lips curled into a cold smile, “I wonder which one young miss Xu Nai is?”

“It’s you again!”  Xu Nai’s red lips opened slightly as she said with a fierce look, “Just stay arrogant!  After tonight, if you can still stay in the Lu Group, I will write my name upside down!”

After being bullied by this small designer last time, she had contacted several mid level judges of the Lu Group.

If their team was last again, they could contact the design department’s director and kick them out of the Lu Group.

Everything was ready, now to begin!

“He, he.”  Luo Qing Chen gave two cold laughs, “Don’t say too much, who knows who’ll be staying and who’ll be leaving!  Then again, your name upside down doesn’t sound that good.”

“Alright!”  Xu Nai pointed at her face and said, “I want to see how long you can stay this arrogant.”

“Qing Chen, forget it.”  Bai Shi Shi pulled her sleeve and said in a low voice, “I heard that she has a good relationship with a higher floor leader, you don’t know about these relationships since you’re new.”

Bai Shi Shi wasn’t a coward, only people had to endure sometimes in a workplace.

After all, flexible people always went further.