Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 66 Part 3

After resting, the group began to set out into the cave.

Before they set out, the third team even took out a small bucket of gasoline from their backpacks to make three torches.

Ah Jin mocked, "How thorough the preparation is!"

The man thought Ah Jin was complimenting them.

He even smiled and thanked her, "Thanks for the compliment. We’re professional mercenaries!"

The snakes and insects were indeed afraid of fire.

The torches they held could disperse some of the snakes and avoid unnecessary fighting.

The group was also carefully divided into three groups: front, middle, and back.

The whole party was cloaked in the torchlight, while the rest of them had flashlights.

This time Ah Jin did not stay at the back.

She walked in front with Thirteen and the big man.

The ground began to get slippery as they went deeper.

Snakes were crawling past them all the time, but the snakes hurriedly avoided them because of the torches.

When they encountered several snakes blocking the path, the foreigner dispersed them with a torch and even sprinkled snake repellent powder.

He was extremely practiced at this.

Thirteen and Ah Jin exchanged glances and quickly separated again.

The journey was smooth.

They passed through the wet area, the earth under their feet started to get dry and harden.

As they walked, something unexpected happened in a flash.

A venomous snake suddenly attacked by springing up from the shadows.

Its triangular head and scarlet forked tongue showed that it was a highly venomous snake.

Everyone was stunned.

Of course, to get that far, even Zhang Ming had practiced the art of escaping and quickly dodged sideways.

The big man's knife slashed the head of the snake, and the body of it was still twisting and rolling on the ground.

Xu Yan commented, "It seems that the snakes ahead of us are fierce, so be careful."

As expected, there were more and more venomous snakes attacking more and more frequently.

There were two, three, and at most, five venomous snakes in the darkness attacking together.

It was not like outside.

There was enough light outside, and the snake attacks were predictable.

The venomous snakes in the cave were hidden in the dark.

Although there were not as many snakes as outside, the danger was even greater than outside.

At that time, a venomous snake fiercely attacked Xu Yan.

Xu Yan was next to the foreigner who swung his knife to kill, but the snake was very fast and did not bite.

It immediately retreated, and the man's knife failed to do the job.

Not waiting for the big man to react, the snake attacked again.

This time it used all its strength, leaped up to a distance so high that it rushed behind Xu Yan to bully Zhou Yi better and bite.

Zhou Yi was horrified and hurriedly grabbed the object in front of her to block.


Xu Yan let out a miserable cry.

She was bitten by the venomous snake.

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