Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 66 Part 2

The fire illuminated the surroundings.

The cave was still relatively safe, without snakes and insects.

Ah Jin explored deeper into the cave with a flashlight.

The light from the flashlight hit the mountain wall inside, which was smooth and wet.

It was uncertain whether there was an underground river inside or traces of snakes and insects crawling through it all year round.

The third team introduced themselves.

They were all from a mercenary group and had taken a mission from their employer to challenge this mission.

The three spoke a foreign language that only Ah Jin, Thirteen, and Zhou Yi could understand.

Zhou Yi translated to the other two people, Xu Yan and Zhang Ming, then it became clear to them.

On hearing that they were mercenaries, Ah Jin raised her eyebrows, and she asked, "May I take the liberty to ask who your employer is?"

The three men looked at each other and shook their heads together.

They had never met their employer either.

They just took the mission.

Ah Jin was on guard.

They were lying.

Thirteen asked, "Do you mind explaining your weapons?"

Then one of the men replied, "My employer paid a lot of money to let us bring them in. As long as the mission is successful, he does not care about the money."

"Then would you be willing to share it with us? After all, we are stronger, and we all have a chance of surviving together." Ah Jin asked.

After discussing the matter briefly, the three big men agreed.

One of them gave a long knife, and it slashed the snake smoothly.

Ah Jin stroked the long knife and guessed in her heart that these few people were there to hand out their heads and their weapons?

The group ate some more of the compressed cookies to replenish their strength.

Ah Jin looked at the fire on the ground.

The embers were deflected by the breeze blowing from deep inside the cave.

They noticed it too.

"There is a way through this cave! There must be a way inside. Maybe we can go around from this cave to the top of the mountain!" Zhou Yi was a little excited.

Zhang Ming disagreed, "What if there were snakes inside?"

Xu Yan remarked, "This is the snake island. So where are there no snakes? There would be more snakes out there."

Zhang Ming shrank his neck and did not speak.

The foreigners were also willing to try this idea.

After all, everyone had just experienced the scene outside.

It was impossible to go up.

It was five against three.

Whether Ah Jin and Thirteen were willing or not, the matter was settled.

Ah Jin also wanted to check out what they were looking for that made such a good show.

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