Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 66 Part 1

As they fought and retreated, the three big men slowly approached Ah Jin and the others.

When they finally met together, the snakes also got together.

Too bad that three plus five equals eight for them, but one plus one for the snakes did not equal two.

They finally knew why the third team was in such a mess.

The third team encountered more than twice as many snakes as they did.

Their scalps were numb, and if they didn't run, they would all die here.

Thus, eight people began to run down the mountain.

It seemed that the snakes did not want to easily let them go and followed them closely.

Ah Jin still lagged behind.

The snakes chasing behind felt a sudden aura of fear in front of them.

The animal's perception was extremely sharp.

They knew that this aura would bring danger to them.

Even if there were many partners, it was useless.

Once a snake began to retreat, the other snakes also slowly scattered.

Noticing that the snakes began to retreat, the crowd breathed a sigh of relief and stopped to look around.

They found out that they were lost.

They just ran and did not know which way to go, but now they did not know where to go.

Thirteen suggested finding a place to rest.

So the crowd began to look for a safe place.

For security reasons, this time, they split into small groups.

In the end, the three teams were competing with each other.

It was not good enough to be eaten by the snakes, but they had their own internal disputes and lost a lot as well.

Thirteen made a mark on a tree.

No matter whether they found it or not, they had to return to gather after an hour.

The three teams then spread out.

Ah Jin's side of luck was good.

The search did not take long when Zhou Yi saw a hidden cave.

The entrance of the cave was covered by vines.

Without a careful look, it really could not be found.

The cave was much larger than their original cave.

It was even deep inside, and no end could be seen.

Thirteen marked that cave again and went to find the next safe place.

After an hour, the three teams gathered at the original location.

Unfortunately, there was no other suitable place except for that one cave that Zhou Yi saw.

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes as she looked at Zhou Yi.

Was it a coincidence?

Everyone went to this cave together.

The cave was dark.

There was also a kind of disgusting smell.

They did not go too deep but only lit a fire at the entrance of the cave.

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