Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 66

As they fought and retreated, the three big men slowly approached Ah Jin and the others.

When they finally met together, the snakes also got together.

Too bad that three plus five equals eight for them, but one plus one for the snakes did not equal two.

They finally knew why the third team was in such a mess.

The third team encountered more than twice as many snakes as they did.

Their scalps were numb, and if they didn't run, they would all die here.

Thus, eight people began to run down the mountain.

It seemed that the snakes did not want to easily let them go and followed them closely.

Ah Jin still lagged behind.

The snakes chasing behind felt a sudden aura of fear in front of them.

The animal's perception was extremely sharp.

They knew that this aura would bring danger to them.

Even if there were many partners, it was useless.

Once a snake began to retreat, the other snakes also slowly scattered.

Noticing that the snakes began to retreat, the crowd breathed a sigh of relief and stopped to look around.

They found out that they were lost.

They just ran and did not know which way to go, but now they did not know where to go.

Thirteen suggested finding a place to rest.

So the crowd began to look for a safe place.

For security reasons, this time, they split into small groups.

In the end, the three teams were competing with each other.

It was not good enough to be eaten by the snakes, but they had their own internal disputes and lost a lot.

Thirteen made a mark on a tree.

No matter whether they found it or not, they had to return to gather after an hour.

The three teams then spread out.

Ah Jin's side of luck was good.

The search did not take long when Zhou Yi saw a hidden cave.

The entrance of the cave was covered by vines.

Without a careful look, it really could not be found.

The cave was much larger than their original cave.

It was even deep inside, and no end could be seen.

Thirteen marked that cave again and went to find the next safe place.

After an hour, the three teams gathered at the original location.

Unfortunately, there was no other suitable place except for that one cave that Zhou Yi saw.

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes as she looked at Zhou Yi.

Was it a coincidence?

Everyone went to this cave together.

The cave was dark.

There was also a kind of disgusting smell.

They did not go too deep but only lit a fire at the entrance of the cave.

The fire illuminated the surroundings.

The cave was still relatively safe, without snakes and insects.

Ah Jin explored deeper into the cave with a flashlight.

The light from the flashlight hit the mountain wall inside, which was smooth and wet.

It was uncertain whether there was an underground river inside or traces of snakes and insects crawling through it all year round.

The third team introduced themselves.

They were all from a mercenary group and had taken a mission from their employer to challenge this mission.

The three spoke a foreign language that only Ah Jin, Thirteen, and Zhou Yi could understand.

Zhou Yi translated to the other two people, Xu Yan and Zhang Ming, and it became clear.

On hearing that they were mercenaries, Ah Jin raised her eyebrows, and she asked, "May I take the liberty to ask who your employer is?"

The three men looked at each other and shook their heads together.

They had never met their employer either.

They just took the mission.

Ah Jin was on guard.

They were lying.

Thirteen asked, "Do you mind explaining your weapons?"

Then one of the men replied, "My employer paid a lot of money to let us bring them in. As long as the mission is successful, he does not care about the money."

"Then would you be willing to share it with us? After all, we are stronger, and we all have a chance of surviving together." Ah Jin asked.

After discussing the matter briefly, the three big men agreed.

One of them gave a long knife, and it slashed the snake smoothly.

Ah Jin stroked the long knife and guessed in her heart that these few people were there to hand out their heads and their weapons?

The group ate some more of the compressed cookies to replenish their strength.

Ah Jin looked at the fire on the ground.

The embers were deflected by the breeze blowing from deep inside the cave.

They noticed it too.

"There is a way through this cave! There must be a way inside. Maybe we can go around from this cave to the top of the mountain!" Zhou Yi was a little excited.

Zhang Ming disagreed, "What if there were snakes inside?"

Xu Yan remarked, "This is the snake island. So, where are there no snakes? There would be more snakes out there."

Zhang Ming shrank his neck and did not speak.

The foreigners were also willing to try this idea.

After all, everyone had just experienced the scene outside.

It was impossible to go up.

It was five against three.

Whether Ah Jin and Thirteen were willing or not, the matter was settled.

Ah Jin also wanted to check out what they were looking for that made such a good show.

After resting, the group began to set out into the cave.

Before they set out, the third team even took out a small bucket of gasoline from their backpacks to make three torches.

Ah Jin mocked, "How thorough the preparation is!"

The man thought Ah Jin was complimenting them.

He even smiled and thanked her, "Thanks for the compliment. We’re professional mercenaries!"

The snakes and insects were indeed afraid of fire.

The torches they held could disperse some of the snakes and avoid unnecessary fighting.

The group was also carefully divided into three groups: front, middle, and back.

The whole party was cloaked in the torchlight, while the rest of them had flashlights.

This time Ah Jin did not stay at the back.

She walked in front with Thirteen and the big man.

The ground began to get slippery as they went deeper.

Snakes were crawling past them all the time, but the snakes hurriedly avoided them because of the torches.

The foreigner dispersed several snakes with a torch and sprinkled snake repellent powder when they encountered several snakes blocking the path.

He was extremely practiced at this.

Thirteen and Ah Jin exchanged glances and quickly separated again.

The journey was smooth.

They passed through the wet area, the earth under their feet started to get dry and harden.

As they walked, something unexpected happened in a flash.

A venomous snake suddenly attacked by springing up from the shadows.

Its triangular head and scarlet forked tongue showed that it was a highly venomous snake.

Everyone was stunned.

Of course, to get that far, even Zhang Ming had practiced the art of escaping and quickly dodged sideways.

The big man's knife slashed the head of the snake, and the body of it was still twisting and rolling on the ground.

Xu Yan commented, "It seems that the snakes ahead of us are fierce, so be careful."

As expected, there were more and more venomous snakes attacking more and more frequently.

There were two, three, and at most, five venomous snakes in the darkness attacking together.

It was not like outside.

There was enough light outside, and the snake attacks were predictable.

The venomous snakes in the cave were hidden in the dark.

Although there were not as many snakes as outside, the danger was even greater than outside.

At that time, a venomous snake fiercely attacked Xu Yan.

Xu Yan was next to the foreigner who swung his knife to kill, but the snake was very fast and did not bite.

It immediately retreated, and the man's knife failed to do the job.

Not waiting for the big man to react, the snake attacked again.

This time it used all its strength, leaped up to a distance so high that it rushed behind Xu Yan to bully Zhou Yi better and bite.

Zhou Yi was horrified and hurriedly grabbed the object in front of her to block.


Xu Yan let out a miserable cry.

She was bitten by the venomous snake.

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