His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 66 - Misunderstanding

Xiao Gu didn’t listen to Old Madam Qi’s words. Wearing a cold expression, she looked at Qi Zheng and asked, “What’s this attitude? Now that you’re not a fool anymore, you don’t know your manners?”

Shen Ziqiao thought Xiao Gu was too amazing. Qi Zheng clearly didn’t place her in his eyes, but she treated herself as an important person. She expected Qi Zheng to give her face? Is she stupid? Does Qi Zheng seem like a person easily bullied?

“Enough!” Old Madam Qi shouted at Xiao Gu, “There’s no reason for you to be here anymore. You can go back.”

Old Madam Qi stopped giving Xiao Gu face after that attitude of hers.

Qi Zheng looked indifferently at her. “I don’t need you to intervene in my matters. Hopefully, you won’t let your nieces and cousins appear in my courtyard anymore. Next time...I won’t show mercy.”

Xiao Gu swayed back and forth in anger after hearing the words. Her face flushed and paled. However, it was unclear what Old Madam Qi had thought of. She lowered her head in sorrow.

“You don’t get to choose who to marry. Your parents do. I won't allow you to marry a dubious and shady woman like her.” Xiao Gu pointed at Shen Ziqiao, thinking that Qi Zheng refused to marry anyone else but her.

Shen Zikai roared, “Madam Qi, don’t slander my sister. How is she a shady and dubious woman?”

“Elder Brother, it can’t be helped for Madam Qi to spew nonsense. After all, she’s getting old. Let’s not stoop down to her level.” Shen Ziqiao smiled and advised Shen Zikai to not fight with Xiao Gu. They were to maintain their elegant demeanors.

Of course, a woman was better at dealing with this kind of crazy woman.

Xiao Gu glared maliciously at Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziqiao smiled cutely and delicately. “Letting an unmarried woman go to your stepson’s courtyard...ah, Madam Qi, you’re worse than those dubious and shady women. What right do you have to talk about someone else? Even more, everyone is a guest here. Who’s the one losing Qi Family’s face by treating the guests like this?”

“Even more, you’re acting quite rude and unreasonable in front of your elders…” Shen Ziqiao looked upsetly at Old Madam Qi. “Old Madam must not live a good life at home.”

Xiao Gu was seething with anger. She dared to say that she was being unfilial?

Old Madam Qi faintly smiled at Shen Ziqiao. “Little girl, you have sharp eyes.”

“Aunt…” Xiao Gu shrieked, feeling wronged.

“If you don’t go back, I’ll have the Lord personally take you away.” Old Madam Qi said coldly, wearing a stiff face.

Xiao Gu didn’t expect that Old Madam Qi wouldn’t even help her. Shen Ziqiao was being unreasonable and presumptuous in the first place. Why was the Old Madam being extremely generous to her? Meanwhile, she had only done one thing wrong, yet she held a grudge the entire time.

She didn’t understand, so Xiao Gu hated Qi Zheng and Shen Ziqiao even more now.

She thought that Old Madam Qi decided to see Shen Ziqiao today because she viewed her as her daughter-in-law.

Qi Zheng liked Shen Ziqiao, right? She definitely won’t grant him his wish.

Xiao Gu straightened her chest and lifted her chin, acting noble and unapproachable. After saying goodbye to Old Mada Qi, she raised her head and left.

Shen Ziqiao sighed and revealed an embarrassed smile towards Old Madam Qi. “Old Madam, sorry for forgetting my manners in front of you.”

Old Madam Qi just treated Shen Ziqiao as a child. She didn’t take the way Shen Ziqiao treated Xiao Gu to her heart.

No matter which lady was insulted with those words, they’d all be angry.

“Zheng’er, why are you here?” Old Madam Qi looked gently at the cold and icy Qi Zheng.

“Father had me come.” Qi Zheng said calmly, looking at Shen Zikai.

He probably wanted Qi Zheng to come and receive Shen Zikai.

Shen Ziqiao stared at Qi Zheng with her bright and clear eyes. If it weren’t for Old Madam Qi and Shen Zikai present, she really wanted to punch him. She wanted to see if he’d become stupid again after the punch.

“Jiao Jiao will stay to talk to me. You two can go ahead.” Old Madam Qi smiled and said. Regarding Qi Zheng, this eldest grandson, Old Madam Qi felt guilty.

“Grandmother, then I’ll take a stroll around the garden with Young Master Shen.” Qi Zheng said.

Shen Ziqiao genuinely thought this was strange.

She felt like Old Madam Qi’s attitude towards her was really abnormal.

“Jiao Jiao, how long have you known Zheng’er?” Old Madam Qi pulled Shen Ziqiao and had her sit by her side. “Don’t mind this old woman for lacking in manners, but Zheng’er...is different. I’ve never heard him mention a lady in the past before. It’s all because of you that he recovered. Seeing him well right now, I finally have face to meet my daughter-in-law when I die.” As Old Madam Qi said this, her eyes teared up.

Old Madam Qi had thought about the words the entire night before telling Shen Ziqiao. She knew that she was lacking in manners by telling this to an unmarried lady. But as Qi Zheng’s grandmother, she really wanted the best for him.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t heard of the rumors surrounding Shen Ziqiao. But no matter what outsiders had said about her, Old Madam Qi felt the need to personally take a look for herself.

She didn’t believe that Shen Ziqiao was like how the rumors have said her to be.

Although she was stubborn and wasn’t willing to suffer loss, she wasn’t lacking in morality.

Even more, Zheng’er must have her in his heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to protect her.

“Old Madam, it’s not what...you think between me and Qi Zheng.” Shen Ziqiao felt embarrassed. So it seems like the Old Madam is trying to take a good look at her for Qi Zheng?

“I understand, I understand.” Old Madam Qi smiled and glanced at Shen Ziqiao’s flushed face. “Zheng’er is different now. I will have his father send a memorial to the emperor and request the emperor to give Zheng’er the position of heir.”

She didn’t care about Qi Zheng’s status right now, okay?

“My body is getting weaker and weaker. I probably won’t be able to live long. That’s the only thing I can do for Zheng’er now.” When Old Madam Qi realized Shen Ziqiao’s attitude, she suddenly sighed in sorrow.

“Old Madam, Young Master Qi is definitely a person of talent. He’d achieve meteoric success and rise rapidly in his career in the future for sure. He will marry a woman he likes. Don’t worry about it.” It’s simple for a figure like Qi Zheng to have multiple women. You don’t need to worry about his marriage. He’d find someone.

Old Madam Qi thought that Shen Ziqiao was hinting that she and Qi Zheng would overcome all the obstacles and be with each other in the end. She was in a great mood right then. She held Shen Ziqiao’s hands and kept on nodding. “That’s right, that’s right. My Zheng’er will make a man out of himself.”

Shen Ziqiao cursed Qi Zheng out in her heart countless times.

She didn’t care that he was pretending to be stupid, but why’d he have to drag her down?

The two talked about their own things. After a while, Old Madam Qi slowly got tired and her eyelids drooped. The mama by her side persuaded her for a while before Old Madam Qi agreed to get some rest first.

Shen Ziqiao felt as if she was relieved from a burden. She hurriedly said that she won’t disturb the Old Madam from resting before hurrying out.

After she left Old Madam Qi’s courtyard, a maid wearing glamorous clothes walked over, her eyes carrying disdain. “Third Miss Shen, our Madam wants to chat with you.”

Shen Ziqiao glanced at her. “Tell your Madam that I’m busy!”

Psh. Who did Xiao Gu think she is? She wanted to see her, so she must show herself to her front door?

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