Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 65 Part 2

Ah Jin set the remaining branches and leaves on the existing fire.

Thirteen went back to knocking on the wall.

After all, they had been out for so long, it was uncertain in case a snake had crawled in.

Zhou Yi asked, "Qiao Jin, where did you get the coconut?"

"Picked it up along the way."

Xu Yan sneered, "We fought to the death to clear the way in front, and someone was leisurely picking up coconuts at the back."

Ah Jin broke open the coconut shell and drank a mouthful of fresh coconut juice.

"Who called somebody who is not as skilled as others but still had to wait for others to get rescued."

The two of them were at war with each other, so Zhou Yi quickly advised, "A few words should suffice. It’s not a big deal."

Ah Jin expressed her disdain, "The person who sets the fire now knows how to put out the fire. Being a witch and a ghost, both sides stand out as good people."

Zhou Yi's face was red with humiliation, and her tears fell down.

Xu Yan pulled her to the side, "She is mentally ill. Don't talk to her. Sister Zhou, don't cry."

One aggrieved and the other soothed.

Those who didn't know would think they were good sisters from somewhere.

Ah Jin felt nothing but disgust.

Thirteen returned with a snake's body in his hand.

"A snake has crawled in, but it's not venomous. Let's have it for dinner."

Feeling sorry for himself, Zhang Ming grabbed the snake from Thirteen's hand.

Enduring his nausea and fear to skin the snake, he cleaned it up and put it on the fire to roast.

Zhou Yi and Xu Yan went out together to collect some branches and leaves and returned.

The fire should not be extinguished at night.

The two probably had Qiao Jin as a common enemy, so their relationship quickly got better.

After the meal, there was nothing to do, so Zhou Yi and Xu Yan talked.

"Sister Yan, how do you know all of our names?"

Xu Yan was smug.

"It was easy. I gave a red packet to the company’s people in advance and asked them to give me a copy of the list. This would not affect anything. They could also get money and happy to do it."

"Aiya, sister Yan you are really experienced. Why didn't I think of it?"

"I've been here once before but didn't win. I went back without getting anything. I thought I could have a better chance of winning this time with Hai. But I didn't know that he was a big guy, but he's actually a loser. Oh, Xiao Yi, you suffered last time. Don't worry about it. I am sorry for you ah."

"Sister, don't say that. It was all that Hai's fault. You even protected me at that time. I remember all that. Now he’s dead. I don't hold a grudge anymore."

"Xiao Yi, you are so nice, unlike someone!"

Xu Yan shot a glare in Ah Jin's direction after saying that.

Ah Jin did not bother paying them any attention.

Five people slept in shifts at night and in pairs.

Ah Jin said she did not need a companion.

The first half of the night was still taken care of by Ah Jin, the second half of the night was Thirteen and Zhang Ming, and in the early morning was Zhou Yi and Xu Yan.

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