Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 65: Survival on Snake Island (10) Part 1

As soon as Xu Yan raised her knife, she rushed towards Ah Jin, "I will kill you!"

Ah Jin watched her with folded arms, showing no intention to dodge.

As she did not dodge, Xu Yan thought she was scared silly and could not help but feel a little smug in her heart.

And so what if her IQ was high?

She was still a little girl with no power.

When she was in a position where she could reach Ah Jin, Thirteen stepped forward and stopped her.

Xu Yan pointed her knife at Thirteen, "Move aside. There is nothing for you here. This little girl has humiliated me twice. I will teach her a lesson today."

After saying that, she looked at Ah Jin's way.

Her fierce eyes made Ah Jin think she had a deep hatred for her.

Thirteen quickly grabbed her wrist, slammed it down, and twisted her arm to seize the knife.

The knife was instantly knocked down to the ground.

"That's enough! It's getting dark. We have to go back!"

Ah Jin raised her eyebrows at Thirteen's series of movements.

They were fast, accurate, and ruthless, which ordinary people could not do.

Xu Yan held her wrist in pain and glanced in Ah Jin's direction again, "Okay, let's forget it this time. Next time I will not let it go!"

Ah Jin shrugged her shoulders and spread her hands, "Whatever, you are always welcome."


Xu Yan was furious.

Zhou Yi also stepped out to round things up, "Okay, okay, Qiao Jin is just like that. We should not take it personally. The most important thing is to go back to the cave first."

The skinny man also came forward and pulled the woman, signaling her to stay calm.

The five people then ended the drama and went back to the cave as a group.

It was already dark on their way back, and various nocturnal venomous snakes began to move.

It was really much more dangerous than during the day.

The nocturnal venomous snakes come out to find food.

Despite the number of humans in the group, the hungry snakes still wanted to sneak in and take advantage of the opportunity to bite off a piece of meat.

Everyone rushed along the way while trying to fend off the snakes’ sneak attacks.

The people were all tense and highly attentive, except for Ah Jin.

She was at the tail end of the group, following leisurely in case snakes followed behind.

By the time the team returned to the cave, all of them were panting and looking tired.

On the contrary, Ah Jin was calm and steady.

Her demeanor was natural.

She was not disheveled and even had coconut in her hand.

She seemed to have just been out for a stroll around the garden.

Ah Jin set the remaining branches and leaves on the existing fire.

Thirteen went back to knocking on the wall.

After all, they had been out for so long, it was uncertain in case a snake had crawled in.

Zhou Yi asked, "Qiao Jin, where did you get the coconut?"

"Picked it up along the way."

Xu Yan sneered, "We fought to the death to clear the way in front, and someone was leisurely picking up coconuts at the back."

Ah Jin broke open the coconut shell and drank a mouthful of fresh coconut juice.

"Who called somebody who is not as skilled as others but still had to wait for others to get rescued."

The two of them were at war with each other, so Zhou Yi quickly advised, "A few words should suffice. It’s not a big deal."

Ah Jin expressed her disdain, "The person who sets the fire now knows how to put out the fire. Being a witch and a ghost, both sides stand out as good people."

Zhou Yi's face was red with humiliation, and her tears fell down.

Xu Yan pulled her to the side, "She is mentally ill. Don't talk to her. Sister Zhou, don't cry."

One aggrieved and the other soothed.

Those who didn't know would think they were good sisters from somewhere.

Ah Jin felt nothing but disgust.

Thirteen returned with a snake's body in his hand.

"A snake has crawled in, but it's not venomous. Let's have it for dinner."

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