Shen Ziqiao had seen Xiao Gu in Marquis Luo’s place. She didn’t have a good impression of that sharp and unkind woman. When she heard that Old Madam Qi was Xiao Gu’s aunt, she was nervous, scared that Old Madam Qi was as hard to deal with like Xiao Gu.

However, reality was different from her imagination.

Old Madam Qi had a round face and white hair. However, her skin was smooth and her tone gentle, seemingly friendly. She held onto Shen Ziqiao’s hand amiably and said, “Little girl, you look beautiful.”

“Old Madam, you’re flattering. My sister likes to be mischievous and can’t take compliments.” Shen Zikai smiled and said, seemingly familiar with Old Madam Qi.

“No matter how mischievous Jiao Jiao, she can’t be compared to when you were younger.” Old Madam Qi coquettishly stared at him. “As her elder brother, you’re not any less mischievous. Yet, you dare to talk about your sister like that.”

Why was Shen Zikai familiar with Qi Family’s Old Madam?

“Here, Jiao Jiao. You can play with this.” Old Madam Qi shoved a sheep-fat white jade bracelet in Shen Ziqiao’s hands. The quality and color was top-notch. In addition, it felt smooth and warm. Even if Shen Ziqiao didn’t understand the quality of jade, she could tell that it was valuable and expensive.

“Old Madam, this...this is too valuable.” Shen Ziqiao jumped. She didn’t dare to accept such a valuable item.

“Valuable how? It’s just a little thing.” Old Madam Qi helped Shen Ziqiao wear the bracelet. “This old woman doesn’t get many visitors, so I’m very happy that you guys remembered me.”

Shen Zikai smiled and said, “Old Madam, what are you saying? If you don’t mind, I can come to talk to you every day. I’m just...scared that you’ll find us annoying in the future.”

“As long as you don’t use up the money I need to buy a coffin, I’ll serve you tea whenever you come.” Old Madam Qi smiled.

“So stingy. You need to at least serve me lunch.” Shen Ziqiao pretended to say seriously.

Old Madam Qi chuckled and reached over to pat the back of Shen Ziqiao’s hand. “Little one, you’re quite playful.”

As they were talking, a maid came in to say that the Madam was here.

Shen Ziqiao noticed that Old Madam Qi’s smile froze for a second and a glimpse of disgust flickered in her friendly gaze.

Xiao Gu appeared by the door, wearing a red embroidered robe. She appeared to be astute and straightforward. The moment she walked in, she saw Shen Ziqiao standing by Old Madam Qi’s side. A glimpse of sterness passed by her red phoenix eyes.

“Mother, I heard that you didn’t have a good appetite yesterday. Does the food not suit your taste? This daughter-in-law was worried that you might not eat well today, so I decided to visit you.” Xiao Gu curtsied and said to Old Madam Qi respectfully.

Old Madam Qi’s friendly smile faded. With a serious and indifferent expression, she looked at Xiao Gu and faintly said, “I’ve had a bad appetite for a few days already. You’re only asking about it today?”

She didn’t give Xiao Gu face at all? Shen Ziqiao glanced shockingly. Was Old Madam Qi doing this on purpose?

Xiao Gu seemed to be used to Old Madam Qi’s indifferent and cold expression. She still smiled respectfully. “I’m scared that mother doesn’t like me coming here, so…”

“It’s true that I don’t like you.” Old Madam Qi said rudely.

No matter how used to it she was, Xiao Gu was still angry that Old Madam Qi didn’t give her face in front of Shen Ziqiao. She silently cursed: old bitch. She reluctantly maintained a smile and said, “Mother, so it seems like you have guests ehre. Oh, aren’t you the well-known Shen Family’s Third Miss?”

Ah. She’s targeting her, it seems like. Shen Ziqiao captured the anger in Xiao Gu’s eyes. She was delighted since her enemy was unhappy. Shen Ziqiao bashfully smiled. “Madam Qi, hope you’ve been doing well.”

“I don’t dare to accept Third Miss Shen’s salutations. Otherwise, people might think I’m bullying you again.” The moment Xiao Gu recalled Shen Ziqiao making her lose face in front of Marquis Luo’s place, she wanted to rip Shen Ziqiao up.

So many years had passed already. Ever since that bitch died, she had never hated someone as much as she did now.

Shen Ziqiao smiled and said, “Madam Qi, you really like to joke around. Did I unknowingly make you unhappy?”

How did she make her unhappy? She dared to ask this! Xiao Gu glanced at Shen Ziqiao in disdain. “Mother, you don’t even visit your children or grandchildren on a normal basis. How come today...did someone disturb you?”

So she’s saying that they were disturbing Old Madam Qi? Shen Ziqiao seemingly smiled and looked at Xiao Gu.

“This is the first time Third Miss Shen came here. It is a surprise that she remembered this old woman. What’s the matter?” Old Madam Qi could sense Xiao Gu’s hostility towards Shen Ziqiao, wondering how the girl had offended her.

Xiao Gu said, “Mother, you still don’t know? Third Miss had hit Zheng’er. She is probably here to apologize today.”

Shen Zikai said in a deep voice, “Madam Qi, what happened between this sister and Young Master Qi was a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” Xiao Gu covered her mouth and laughed. “Do you think people don’t know about Third Miss Shen’s reputation? Mother, this lady is very famous in the capital. Only you wouldn’t know since you usually stay at home.”

“No matter how famous I am, I can’t compare to Madam Qi.” Shen Ziqiao faintly said.

This stupid woman. She was always here. Just how did she offend Xiao Gu? Why was she biting her like a mad dog?

“What did you say?” Xiao Gu glared at Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziqao smiled at her. However, Shen Ziqiao didn’t answer the question. “I just thought that I’m Qi Zheng’s benefactor. If it weren’t for me, he would still be a retard now. Old Madam, do you agree?”

“You dare to hit my eldest grandson?” Old Madam Qi lifted her brows.

“This...this is all Qi Zheng’s fault. He made me angry.” Shen Ziqiao lowered her head, embarrassed and guilty. “I just accidentally beated him up, lightly though. He just has a weak body…”

Before Old Madam Qi could say anything, Xiao Gu said poisonously, “You’re so shameless. How dare an unmarried woman fool around with a man? It’s one thing if you don’t want your reputation, but you even drag our young master down. I can’t find a more shameless woman in the capital than you. If your late mother knew how you were, she’d jump out from the coffin!” Her voice was sharp and loud; everyone in the lounge all heard her.

Shen Ziqiao looked expressionlessly at Xiao Gu, certain that the woman hated her to the bone.

Shen Zikai’s body shook in anger. “Madam Qi, don’t humiliate my sister.”

Xiao Gu sneered, “Am I not saying the truth? Who was the one that made the Ninth Prince scared of leaving the door because someone kept on pursuing him? Who was the one that scratched Lady He’s face because she talked to the Ninth Prince? And who was the one that stayed in the same room as Zheng’er within the Thousand Buddhas Temple? Who…”

“No matter what, I’m stronger than certain people.” The cold and hoarse voice rang, interrupting Xiao Gu’s infuriated voice.

Qi Zheng’s tall and slender figure appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

Shen Ziqiao suppressed the boiling anger in her heart. She didn’t even look at Qi Zheng. Instead, she calmly gazed at the flushed Xiao Gu.

“You can head back. It’s enough for the children to stay with me.” Old Madam Qi sighed. Towards her niece, she was too disappointed to say anything.

Xiao Gu coldly stared at Qi Zheng.

Qi Zheng wore an azurite silk robe. He was tall and handsome, with dashing eyebrows. His eyes were pitch-dark. His countenance was icy cold and indifferent, completely different from his foolish expressions from before.

Xiao Gu felt an invisible sense of pressure.