Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 65 - Apology [OW]

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Because they have just rehearsed the day before, everything in the studio was in order. Director Wang saw Su Ling coming in and smiled, "Have to bother you to go through the process once more before the live broadcast to make sure everything is in the correct order."

Su Ling nodded in understanding and released Xian Mo Yu.

When it is almost 7.30 pm, Su Ling put Xian Mo Yu back into the space storage and returned to backstage. Sitting side by side with Gu Liheng, they watched the live broadcast showed on the wall while waiting.

At 7.30 pm, Director Wang's voice came from behind the cameras, "Start!"

The host appeared onstage with a smile, "Hello everyone and our audience, welcome to our science program, I am the host Xiao Ke."

The host spoke proficiently with the opening remarks, and the comment barrage was filled with Xian Mo Yu’s name. The number of viewers on the live channel rose rapidly. The backstage staffs were full of joy. Some people couldn't help but said with excitement, "Today’s show will definitely set a record."

There are 2 electronic screens on the ground in front of the stage. On the left is a teleprompter, and on the right is a comment screen. When the host saw the comment barrage, he didn't panic and stayed composed amid the urging. He introduced Xian Mo Yu in general according to the planned process. After rousing the audience's curiosity to the peak, he smiled and said, "Let’s welcome our special guest, Xian Mo Yu.”

Su Ling walked to the stage and smiled at the camera. Then he released Xian Mo Yu and returned to backstage. Xian Mo Yu stretched out two roots to follow him; 1 wrapped around his wrist beside Lóng Mo Téng, and 1 stood beside him.

After Xian Mo Yu appeared on the stage, the barrage exploded instantly, "It's beautiful!"

"The Omega just now is Xian Mo Yu’s owner? Super envious!"

"I heard that Grade S Xian Mo Yu has a high IQ, is it true?"

The host looked at Xian Mo Yu and said, "Xian Mo Yu, can you say hello to the audience?"

Xian Mo Yu's red petals moved up and down, and 5 roots stretch out to the front of the camera. They shook left and right, simulating the motion of a hand wave.

"Wow! It really said hello!"

"So smart!"

Xian Mo Yu followed the process as rehearsed. After its greeting, its petals returned to being motionless, and its roots were retracted. However, it found something new in the middle of retracting. A root bend and moved to stop at the comment screen on the right. This wasn’t here during the rehearsal. Seeing the barrage full of praises on the screen, Xian Mo Yu became very happy. Its roots swayed around, and at the same time, it shared its joy to its son and friend, "Many people praised me, hahaha."

Su Ling rubbed the root on his wrist and reminded, "Papa Xian, don't look the barrage now. You are doing a live broadcast now."

The host was stunned by Xian Mo Yu’s action but quickly reacted. He pointed at the comment screen on the right-hand side and said, "Dear audience, all of you knows that this is a comment screen, right? We didn’t use this during rehearsal. So, Xian Mo Yu sees it for the first time and is probably curious."

The happily swaying roots stood up and nodded up and down. Following Su Ling's reminder, the roots retracted back to the flower bud.

"So cute!"

"Too smart, it even learned to nod like us."

"Haha, it was swaying so happily before. Could it knows that we are praising it?"

Xian Mo Yu stayed in its place obediently. The cameraman mobilized the camera equipment to show Xian Mo Yu in 360 degrees, and the host introduced the various parts of Xian Mo Yu along with the camera. The barrage calmed down a bit, and everyone carefully paid attention to know more about Xian Mo Yu.

After introducing Xian Mo Yu’s appearance, the host began to introduce Xian Mo Yu's black liquid's effects, using Marshal Manton’s case as an example. The audience knew about this incident, and with their idol Manton involved, they commented with their thanks and gratitude.

"Thank you, Xian Mo Yu."

"Fortunately, Xian Mo Yu appeared in time!"

"Marshal Manton, please recover soon!"

Finally, the host talks about Xian Mo Yu’s general habits.

"Next, please watch this video. Here, I would like to thank the spiritual plant registration association for supporting our program."

The video is from the association’s surveillance camera showing Xian Mo Yu in the valley. After post-processing, Xian Mo Yu's activities from morning to night are covered in the video, especially its 3 time hunting process. Each hunting process was no more than 1 minute; simply clean and neat.

"Too handsome!"

"This is too awesome that my scalp went numb."

"If the venom is accidentally sprayed on people, won’t we be dead meat?"

Su Ling found that most of the comments were praises and admiration, but there were also many worries. After the video, the introduction comes to an end.

Host: "Spiritual plants are good friends of mankind. Humans grow spiritual plants, and they provide us with raw materials in return. We learn about them in order to get along with them better."

"We all know that the spiritual plants possessed intelligence, and the Grade S spiritual plant may have an IQ even higher than we thought. You have also seen how Xian Mo Yu can live well in the forest by itself, and it does not need humans to raise it. But it is still willing to provide us with raw materials. There are many spiritual plants like Xian Mo Yu. We must treat each spiritual plant with gratitude."

The comment barrage echoed the sentiment.

Su Ling smiled, and this ending speech has been changed many times. During the rehearsal, he kept thinking about what the audience would think of Xian Mo Yu after learning about it. There will definitely be praises and thanks. But the powerful ability of Xian Mo Yu’s black liquid is not only beneficial to humans but also potentially dangerous. People who are not familiar with Xian Mo Yu can easily worry about human safety. These words from the host may not necessarily dispel some people's idea that Xian Mo Yu is harmful, but at least it can stop them from judging the book by its cover. At the same time, the audience would be aware that spiritual plants are friendly to humans.

The next part is the interactive session, where the audience asks questions or requests. Then the host will randomly select some to ask Xian Mo Yu. The barrage was instantly annihilated by various questions, and many of the questions were similar. The first question that was drawn was very repetitive.

"Can Xian Mo Yu understand us?"

After the host read it, Xian Mo Yu sprang out a root and nodded up and down.

The host laughed, "Seeing this scene, the audience who asked the question should know the answer? Yes, it can understand us."

The questions basically revolved around Xian Mo Yu's IQ and ability. Some people mentioned Su Ling and wondered how he got Xian Mo Yu. The host replied with the answer discussed in advance, "How Omega and spiritual plant meet are about fate. They met in the mountains."

At the end of the show, Xian Mo Yu stretched out its roots and waved to bid farewell to the audience. Apart from that, it also formed a smile with its roots. The audience shouted, ‘So cute!’ in the comment box. Su Ling smiled; the acting cute part was what he asked Papa Xian to do. It doesn't hurt to leave a good impression on the audience.

After the live broadcast was closed, Director Wang excitedly said, "Very good!"

Su Ling went to the stage and put Xian Mo Yu back into his space storage. Full of smiles, Director Wang went to thank him, "The appearance fee will be credited to your account later. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me."

Su Ling understood his good mood. The number of viewers exceeded 100 million during the live broadcast, and many people sent gifts throughout the show. He finally understood why Director Wang paid nearly 10 million star coins for his appearance fees. After exchanging a few polite words, he left with Gu Liheng.


After watching the live broadcast, Gu Ming was full of anger and scolded Gu An, "Why are you so impatient? Knowing that he has a Grade S spiritual plant in his hand, you still send people to go after him!"

Gu An hung his head, his slightly longer hair covered his eyes, "Father, it was my negligence. I didn't expect the military to value him so much."

"You are not negligent; you are stupid," Gu Ming was furious. After scolding, he said solemnly, "Go find a way to comfort the Yan family and remove yourself from this mess."

Gu An: "Yes."

"Also, go and investigate Su Ling’s background. As an abandoned son, how could he possess 3 Grade A spiritual plants and 2 Grade S spiritual plants." He couldn't contain the resentment in his voice, "Gu Liheng is really lucky. "

A cold glint flashed in Gu An's eyes, "Yes."


Su Ling and Gu Liheng returned to the villa and had a supper prepared by Domi. While eating, Su Ling received the news from the Minister of Security. After reading it, he looked at Gu Liheng, "Chief Li said that the person behind the accident has been found. It is Gu An's secretary."

Hearing that, Gu Liheng's face sank, and his tone was cold, "Gu An!"

Su Ling: "Who?"

Gu Liheng: "My paternal grandfather's grandnephew, my uncle's son."

Su Ling mentally organized the family tree and asked, "Other than you, is there anyone else left under your paternal grandfather’s line?"

Gu Liheng looked at the young man because his question hit the nail on the head, "No."

"The possibility of this accident related to Gu An is very high," Su Ling narrowed his eyes. "Trying to attack from my side, does he think that I'm easier to be bullied?"

It seemed to be so thinking about it. He has broken off from the Su family, so he probably looked like a little cabbage(pitiful thing) that anyone can bully. But it probably never crosses Gu An’s mind that he has Papa Xian and Uncle Lóng! Without Uncle Lóng, he would be in grave danger at that time.

Gu Liheng rubbed Su Ling’s hair, and there was no warmth in his eyes as he said, "I will let him know that you are not easy to be bullied."

The next day, they learned about the Ministry of Security's interrogation result, and their expressions were not very good. Not long after, Domi informed them, "Master, Gu An is outside the door."

With an expressionless voice, Gu Liheng said, "Let him in."

Gu An is wearing a white suit. He is quite tall and is much paler than the average Alpha. So the dark colour under his eyes was very conspicuous, making him look haggard. As Gu An walked into the living room, he saw Xian Mo Yu leaning against the wall and swaying its roots around. His footsteps halted for the slightest moment. Then he realized that neither Gu Liheng nor Su Ling had their isolator on. That’s why he could sense powerful pheromone aimed towards him, with strong coercion and anger, but he frowned and stood still. It didn't take long for the discomfort to dissipate in Xian Mo Yu’s fragrance.

Gu An walked to Gu Liheng and said with his head bowed, "Big Brother, I'm sorry. I didn't expect Secretary Yan to attack your boyfriend." He bent at a low angle, and tiredness were shown in his face and voice, making him looked very pitiful.

Gu Liheng's cheeks and jaws tightened; his face and gaze were chilly. This kind of attitude again. Since childhood, he has been very familiar with Gu An's acting. Whenever such a scene appeared, he(GLH) will surely be unlucky next. And Gu An will receive the elders’ pity and love. But now? Without the elders here, who does he want to show his acting?

Suddenly, Gu Liheng's heart tightened, and he turned to look at Su Ling. Omega is naturally emotionally sensitive and easy to be soft-hearted. Will the young man find him scary? Will he sympathize with Gu An?

Sensing the gaze, Su Ling raised his eyebrows in confusion. Why did he suddenly stare at him? Is male god asking his thoughts? Su Ling glanced at Gu An and said, "You don't need to explain; we know what's going on. But to be able to make Secretary Yan bear all the faults, you are really something."

Gu An looked at Su Ling in amazement.

Su Ling squinted his eyes and glared at Gu An, "But you should pay attention in the future. Since you gave me a scare. I won't let you go easily."

In an instant, Gu An lost his focus momentarily. Beautiful and dangerous Omega will always evoke an Alpha's desire to conquer.

Gu Liheng gabbed Su Ling's shoulders and glared at Gu An warningly, "Scram."

Su Ling turned his head in surprise. Male god is always rational and restrained; even his anger is also reserved. This was the first time he heard him speaking in such an angry tone.

Gu An's delicate face revealed some sadness as he said, "I know it's hard to convince you that it has nothing to do with me, but really… I only heard that my elder brother is in love, so I looked it up curiously." He glanced at Su Ling, "After all, my brother has never really fallen in love for so many years. I even gotten worried on his behalf."

"I didn't expect Secretary Yan to misunderstand my intention. I just said that you were beautiful and said that brother is blessed. I didn't say anything else."

Su Ling felt a twinge of pain at his shoulder, so he turned his head and glanced up. Gu Liheng has his hand on his shoulder, and veins were popping up at the back of his hand as if he was enduring something.

"Brother, you are hurting him." Gu An reminded softly and looked at Su Ling pityingly.

The strength in Gu Liheng's hand was suddenly relieved, and he glared at Gu An.

"You don’t want your eyes anymore?" His voice was extremely cold, "Get out. I am so tired of seeing your hypocritical expression since I was a kid."

Hearing that, Gu An looked even sadder, "Brother, why do you always misunderstand me? I have admired you since I was a child." He paused and seemed to want to adjust his mood, "To apologize, I will give half of my assets to Su Ling as an apology."

"No need." Gu Liheng said in a deep voice, ordering Domi to forcefully send the man out.

Gu Liheng quickly turned around and pulled down Su Ling’s collar at the right shoulder after Gu An left the living room. Then he saw that Su Ling’s pale and round shoulder has turned red and clenched his fists heavily. He said solemnly, "I'm sorry." As he said, he bowed his head and dropped a kiss on Su Ling's shoulder.

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