“What?  Still not giving up?”  A magnetic voice came from the silent room, every word was like a beautiful note of music.

It made one’s heart tremble and people’s minds couldn’t help wander.

Luo Qing Chen felt her throat become even more dry and there was a hard to withstand heat coming from her.

It was like waves of heat were hitting her brain again and again.

She didn’t reply as she opened the bottle of mineral water to take two large sips.

There was only the sound of her drinking water in the silent room…...

The man raised a brow and his dark eyes sparkled like stars in the dark room.  When he was about to open the lights, the young girl’s clear voice slowly said, “Don’t turn on the lights…..”

Luo Qing Chen threw away the water bottle and walked over to the window with a deep breath.

When the cool wind hit her face, she became more in control of herself.

“So, you are with the blonde girl?”

“Don’t talk!”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip as a bit of hoarseness filled her voice.

She closed her eyes and couldn’t even take her own voice.

The man knit his brows before saying with a faint smile, “In order to challenge my bottom line, she even used this method?”

If he didn’t understand at first, now he understood a bit from her voice.

That hot body, constantly drinking water, and wanting to be hit with a cool breeze.

This situation meant a certain drug was used.

It seemed like these people really were unscrupulous in achieving their goal!

“I said don’t talk!”  Luo Qing Chen panicked a bit as her breathing kept getting faster.  Every time this man talked, it completely destroyed the rationality that she desperately built!

“Young miss, you might not be too clear on this…..”  He paused before saying, “This is my room…..”

After that, Luo Qing Chen charged at him without another word and accurately knocked him down.

The other side didn’t react at first, but then he planned to push her away.

Her lips were already pressed on his lips and moving around, not stopping at all.

The man narrowed his eyes and his heart unconsciously starting beating faster.

This was his first kiss and his first time feeling this strange feeling…...

Without knowing why, when he was kissed by the girl in front of him, his hands that wanted to push her away were actually tightly holding her waist.

The aphrodisiac in the air that didn’t work on him at all quickly began to take its effect.

In an instant, he pressed her down under him, but the lips of the two had never left each other for even an instant.

Luo Qing Chen felt like her head was about to explode, like the more she kissed the other side, she could go from hell to heaven.

The man’s slender fingers began unbuttoning his shirt one by one and a perfect figure was completely exposed.

Luo Qing Chen grabbed his collar and turned him, pressing him under her again.

The cool fingers touched his handsome face and his cool lips.  The lips were curled into a dreamy smile and there was a faint sparkle in his eyes.

The man’s heart skipped a beat, as the moonlight from outside the window was accompanied by a faint sea breeze.  Her jelly like cherry lips slightly spread and entered his heart bit by bit.

In an instant, he pressed her back and kissed her again.

At that moment, Luo Qing Chen felt her mind half clear again.

She suddenly pulled away and stumbled off the bed.  She leaned against the wall as she was covered in sweat.