[“Ding, ding, dang, ding, ding, dang, ling, er, xiang, ding, dang!”]

It’s the annual small theater, the small theater’s many questions will investigate the male lead’s feelings for the female lead.

Because all the worlds are from the female lead’s perspective, it is hard to investigate the male lead’s heart!

Especially a handsome male lead, for example, our highness Qian Zhe!

[Welcome your highness Qian Zhe!  Applause!]


[Alright!  The system will never understand a black bellied proud man.  Then let’s directly enter the ten questions!]

[“First question: How did it feel when she appeared in front of you with a family bucket?”]

“Since I was born, it was my first time seeing her be this cute!”

[“Second question: Why did you take her card!”]

“Because I would make money to support her.  She can eat and play all over the world as long as she has my card.”

[“So domineering, the system also wants a domineering little brother.”]

“In your dreams!”

The system is so, so, so angry!

[“Third question: When Su Yan Yan was pretending, if Su Mu hadn’t appeared, what would you have done?”]

“I would have taken her in my arms and announced that Luo Qing Chen is mine, no one is allowed to bully her!  What Su Ya Yan, I don’t know her!”

[“Explosive!  Handsomeness!”]

[“Fourth question: When were you the most afraid?”]

“The roof!  I desperately kicked that door, fearing that I wouldn’t be able to save her!”

[“Didn’t you still take care of everyone who bullied her later!”]

“Nonsense!  There is no one in this world who is allowed to bully her, no one at all!”

[“Fifth question: When were you the happiest?”]

“When she said she was my girlfriend!  I had never thought that she would say this, I didn’t even dare dream it!”

[“The system also feels the host was handsome at that time!  Of course, there was this system’s merit!”]  After all, the system had given her the Taekwondo skills!

“Of course my wife is handsome!”

[“Actually, the system didn’t feed the little fairies dog food on purpose!”]

[“Sixth question: In the years in the X Country, how did you get through them?”]

“It really was difficult.  Especially when the night was quiet, the thoughts in my mind surged forth like a tidal wave.  I could only make myself very tired each day, so I could fall asleep right away.  But…..it didn’t seem to be useful.”


“Because she was in my dreams…..”

[“Seventh question: What was the first thing you wanted to do when you came back?”]

“Beat Jiang Yi Jun!”


“Because he dared to try to hook up with my wife, don’t think I don’t know what he did when I wasn’t there!  Also that Su Mu, he actually went to the same university as my wife!  Everyone knows the tricks he wanted to play!”

[“The system very deeply feels your anger!”]

“Humph.”  A proud look!

[“Eighth question: Was the proposal prepared for a long time?”]

“I had people take care of it when I came back.  I came back to the apartment and found that she had been living there the whole time.  EVen if it was a bit far from the university, she still lived there……”

[“Ninth question: I heard that you came back from X Country only seventy two hours after flying there from S City, what did you go to do?”]

“Announce my abdication!”

[“......”]  So fast!

[“Tenth question: Do you have anything to say to her?”]

“You are seven days older than me and had me call you big sister for seven years.  Then for the next seventy years, please call me husband!”

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 12/100]