Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 640: Luo Qian Zhe’s side story (Part 2)

However, every story had twists before it was considered perfect.

Actually this sudden separation caught me off guard and the one who created this separation was actually my father.

I don’t know why he changed the plane flying on and went to the X Country on a private helicopter instead.

But I knew that my heart was very uneasy.

Father had never hit or scolded me, in my eyes, he was like a god.

But then he told me in the helicopter: I am not your father.

Although I had already discussed this with her, when I heard it from my father’s mouth.

My heart was deeply moved.

He said that I was the heir to the throne from the X Country, that was my responsibility.

I could see that from his eyes that this matter was definite and I had no choice.

However, I never thought that he wanted me to stay in the X Country forever, taking away my emotions and memories.

Family love, love, friendship…...

But he never would have thought that as long as there was Luo Qing Chen in this world, even taking away all my emotions had no effect.

As long as I could use a third party identity to see what happened between us, I would still love her.

There was no reason for an abnormal love.

Three years of enduring, planning like walking on ice.  My father thought I did everything because I had the previous king’s expectations and passion for the country.

Actually he didn’t know that whether it was that passion or expectation, it couldn’t compare to the importance of returning to her side.

Although I didn’t know if she would wait or not, I didn’t know if she liked someone else or not.

I worked hard to finish this mission just so I could return to her side in a radiant manner.

After succeeding, my father told me: Qing Chen can’t match you.

I smiled, smiled with contempt.

Perhaps it was all because of that that I made all my decisions.

There was only me who couldn’t match her, it would never be her who couldn’t match me.

I wanted to go back, ignore everything and go back.

When I walked backstage where Feng Xiao was, I was actually nervous.

I knew that Feng Xiao was also very excited.

But it was a good thing that she didn’t treat me like a ghost…...

On that dazzling stage, she was sitting in a corner, as the warm light shined down onto her.

Her fingers danced on the black and white keys, it was my first time seeing her play piano.

It sounded so good, it completely took one’s heart away.

Right!  Only she could move my heart in this world!

Finally, when it came to the final verse, the light shined down onto me and the curtains slowly rose.  I once again appeared brilliantly in front of her.

Every lyric was what I wanted to say to her.  When the snow filled the sky that year, the memories would never fade.

But when she was crying and hugging me, my heart suddenly filled with pain…..

If my radiance made her cry, I swear to never do it again.

In my world, it was good as long as she was happy!

I would protect her for a long, long time.  Just like how I didn’t hesitate to enter the Noble University to be in the same class.

When I was standing in front, time passed back to the first year of high school when I transferred from A class to B class.

She looked at me in a daze and I deeply looked at her.

This was the happiness that I wanted, it was enough to have her!

It was like time never passed as I spent my time with you.

The surrounding people had changed, but this time I could announce it in front of everyone.

Luo Qing Chen, you are my wife, you were never my big sister.

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