Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 64 - Rehearsal [OW]

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After talking with Ni An, Su Ling cleaned up the fragrance room. He poured half of the vine liquid into a small glass bottle and went to the living room to find the Domi the housekeeper robot.

"Domi, help me to courier this out."

Domi moved to Su Ling and took the glass bottle. Su Ling passed Ni An's address to Domi, and blue light flashed in its eyes as it confirmed, "This will be delivered in about an hour."

Su Ling: "Thank you."

"Master’s beautiful Omega, you are welcomed," Domi said before turning around and headed outside.

Su Ling couldn't help laughing when he heard Domi's words. He tried to correct it before, but Domi logic is very tough. Since he is Gu Liheng's Omega, and very beautiful, Domi replied that calling him as Master’s beautiful Omega is the most appropriate name.

Just then, Gu Liheng came down from upstairs and saw them, "You don't like that? You can amend its program."

"No need," Su Ling said, "it was your playmate when you were a kid. It's a program you have kept for so many years, it would be a pity to change." He walked up to Gu Liheng and smiled, "From its program, I can see that you should be quite lively when you were a kid?"

Gu Liheng took Su Ling’s hand and sat on the sofa. With his expression unchanged, he nodded and said, "En, I was quite naughty."

Su Ling was amused by the contrast between Gu Liheng’s expression and his words. He put his hand on his(GLH) shoulder and said with a smile, "Kinda hard to imagine that."

Gu Liheng looked at Su Ling and asked, "Am I very boring now?" He paused, "On the Internet, it says that young Omega likes humorous and emotional Alpha."

Hearing that, Su Ling raised his eyebrows, and his eyes curved with a smile. He leaned toward Gu Liheng curiously and asked, "Do you still browse this kind of websites?" He touched male god's left wrist, "Can I see what you have seen?"

Gu Liheng looked slightly embarrassed by the request.

Su Ling said, "It's alright. If it’s inconvenient for you, do you want to see my search history instead?"

Not waiting for male god to answer, Su Ling opened his bracelet to enter the relationship forum and clicked the Favorited page, which was full of various posts about how to pursue an Alpha.

"I read a lot of strategies in order to chase you, but I failed at the beginning. Then I gave up on following those advises," his mouth curved up, "I finally caught you."

As Gu Liheng looked at the holographic screen, his heart was full of warmth and guilt. He shifted his gaze, and his face was slightly stiff as he said, "You..."

Su Ling noticed that his tone was different, and turned his head, "What's the matter?"

"Why did you saved a deleted post?" Gu Liheng pointed to the screen.

His expression was too unnatural. Su Ling narrowed his eyes and looked at his expression as he asked, "You know the content of this post?"

That was when they had dinner together, and he gave roses to male god for the first time but was rejected. This deleted post was written by a restaurant waiter. It was also through this post that he learned that male god returned to retrieve the rose, strengthening the idea that male god liked him.

Gu Liheng's thin lips pressed slightly, "En."

Suddenly realized something, Su Ling blinked and asked, "You were the one who deleted the post?" He leaned closer, "Because you don’t want me to see it?"

Gu Liheng was silent for a moment, but he replied honestly, "En."

Su Ling laughed, "It would be a pity if I didn't see it. Thinking back at that time right now still makes me happy." He pointed to the holographic screen, "Like my saved posts, although they are of no use anymore, but at that time, I really wanted to chase you. The mood and feelings contained in the posts make me feel embarrassed but at the same time, looking forward to it. It is still very sweet."

Gu Liheng looked at Su Ling’s smiling face and tapped at his own bracelet.

At first glance, Su Ling saw the same deleted post in Gu Liheng’s saved post, "The reason why you hesitated just now is because you are afraid that I might see this?"

Gu Liheng looked slightly embarrassed.

Su Ling smiled brighter and glanced across the rest of his saved posts, all were related to Omega. And there are many keywords like young, just reached adulthood, and 18 years old. Amused, Su Ling asked, "Are you worried about having a generation gap with me? Why do you use these keywords in all your searches?"

Gu Liheng: "I'm 10 years older than you," he added, "I’m not treating you as a child, I just want to know what you think."

Su Ling: "You can ask me directly in the future. Even people of the same age have great individual differences." He patted male god’s shoulder and added, "Having more communication is also good."

Gu Liheng nodded.

Satisfied, Su Ling curiously asked, "What did you do with the roses after you took them back? And what about the roses I gifted after that?"

Gu Liheng looked at Su Ling, "Want to know?"

Su Ling nodded repeatedly.

Gu Liheng took Su Ling upstairs and went to the study.

This is Su Ling's first time visiting the villa study. The study is dominated by dark colours, and the style is solemn overall. Next to the wooden desk is a large office chair. On the desk is the latest model of computer; palm-sized silver and white. Together with the water glass, they are the only 2 items with bright colour in the room.

Gu Liheng pulled the chair out and said, "Sit down."

Su Ling glanced at him curiously and sat down. Gu Liheng took a large leather notebook from the bookshelf on the right and placed it on the desk.

Su Ling was a little surprised to see that because paper products are rare in Belle. After Gu Liheng opened the notebook, a faint scent of rose emanated from the pages. Looking at the pages covered with red petals, Su Ling’s heart beats rapidly suddenly, and he was deeply moved. He glanced at male god and touched the corner of the book. When he is about to turn the page, he saw a small handwritten line in the lower-left corner.

"Restaurant, flowers from the young man."

Su Ling paused for a second before turning the page to realize that this is not an ordinary notebook; every page was very thick. The second page is still full of red petals, and there are also handwritten characters in the lower-left corner.

"Villa, flowers from the young man."

This time the handwritten sentence was not neat and tidy like the first page, as if the owner was not calm when he wrote it. Su Ling turned page by page to the end. Every time a page was turned, the petals would be ended up piled together. Fortunately, the petals were all specially processed, so they are light and thin.

After he finished reading, Gu Liheng stood on the side of the desk and took the notebook. He turned from the last page where the flowers were placed, and his long, well-knotted fingers arranged the petals to its original arrangement neatly. After he finished doing so, he covered the page and pressed on the thick paper. Then he continued to do the same to the second page.

Now Su Ling knew why the petals were so neat when he looked through it. He watched in silence, male god’s temperament was actually very different from the rose, but at this moment, he felt that it is very suitable; so charming.

Gu Liheng closed the leather page and was about to put the notebook back in its original position when Su Ling reached out to circle his neck.

Su Ling got up from the seat and stood on tiptoe. Pressed Gu Liheng’s neck down, he raised his head and kissed him(GLH). After a while, he blushed and sat back in the seat, looking innocent, "You are the one who teased me."

Such a serious person doing warm things like this and baring his heart in front of him; how could he bear it?

Gu Liheng’s fingertips on the notebook were slightly white from gripping too hard. Finally, he moved his fiery gaze away from Su Ling. After a while, he stood up straight and placed the notebook back in place. His movements were the same as usual, and his expression returned to being expressionless.

Su Ling knew that Gu Liheng was restraining himself, but after hesitating for a while, he couldn't bear it and asked, "Do you want me to help you?"

Reaching out, Gu Liheng lifted up the stray hair from the corner of Su Ling’s eye, "No. You will feel uncomfortable."

Su Ling sighed, and he kinda missed his previous body a little. If it was his own body back on Earth, then they could totally help each other out. However, he is an Omega now. An Omega can only be relieved from the back when the feeling struck, but his body will not be able to bear the excessive ‘exercise’. Fortunately, they have Xian Mo Yu to keep them calm.

At night, Xian Mo Yu stayed in the bedroom and twisting its roots happily. One root was guarding lovingly beside the bed; guarding its son who is sleeping soundly.

"My son is so good-looking! Hahaha, he is getting more clingy to me~"

Lóng Mo Téng: "Idiot, this is because they need your fragrance."

Xian Mo Yu: "Being needed by my son, I am such an amazing elder!"

Lóng Mo Téng: "Stop your stupid bragging behaviour. Humph, once they manage to research the function of my vine liquid, I will be needed too!"

Su Ling woke up feeling refreshed. After breakfast, Gu Liheng accompanied him to bring Xian Mo Yu to the rehearsal.

Director Wang is a middle-aged Alpha. When he saw Gu Liheng, he was a little surprised, but soon laughed and said his greetings. He personally explained the process, "The program is divided into the introduction and interactive segment. The introduction segment only needs Xian Mo Yu to stay in place. Just don't move and the camera can shoot at 360 degrees."

"The interactive segment is to let the audience get a certain understanding regarding a Grade S spiritual plant’s IQ."

Su Ling nodded, and Director Wang led him to the stage to explain where to stand. Su Ling interrupted and said, "I’ll just let Xian Mo Yu out then wait at the backstage. I won’t go on stage."

"This… if you are not here, will Xian Mo Yu cooperate?"

Su Ling: "Yes, I'm at the back and not very far away."

Director Wang pondered, "Let’s try it first," and pointed to the position on the right, "Just put Xian Mo Yu here."

When Su Ling took Xian Mo Yu out, the staffs were amazed, but soon became quiet again. One root rushed to circle Su Ling's wrist, while another stood beside him. Su Ling lightly squeezed the root and looked at the unmoving Lóng Mo Téng before smiling. Normally, as soon as Xian Mo Yu appeared, the vines will rush towards the petals. Now the vines stayed motionless, which means it clearly knows that what Xian Mo Yu is doing is very high-profile.

Su Ling said to Xian Mo Yu, "Remember to follow the director’s instructions, I will accompany you from backstage."

The root that was standing beside nodded, and Director Wang's eyes flashed with excitement, "Really smart, this program will definitely hit a new high in ratings!"

Being praised, the roots swayed happily in the air.

Su Ling smiled and went to the back while Xian Mo Yu's root stayed entangled around his wrist. He asked Director Wang, "This way I can communicate with it at any time. It won’t affect the broadcast, right?"

Director Wang: "No, it doesn't. Other staffs can enter and exit from the left instead."

Director Wang arranged for the staff to be in place, the host stood on the left of Xian Mo Yu, and Director Wang announced the start of the rehearsal. The rehearsal process went smoothly, with some adjustments in the details. Director Wang and the host really liked Xian Mo Yu, who was very cooperative. The host was smooth with his words and showered Xian Mo Yu with praises. Being praised, Xian Mo Yu was in a good mood the whole time, so the studio was full of its fragrance, and the staff was full of energy throughout.

The rehearsal ends before 11.30 am, and Director Wang smiled, "Thanks for your hard work. Tomorrow night, it will be broadcast at 7.30 pm. Can you come over at 6.00 pm?"

Su Ling nodded, "Yes."

At noon, Su Ling and Gu Liheng went to a restaurant for lunch before returning to the villa. Su Ling went to the fragrance room to make fragrance while Gu Liheng sat in the corner, looking through his documents. On the other side, the spiritual plants stayed together to read.

Xian Mo Yu would drift away from time to time, it would sway around near Su Ling and turn to observe beside Gu Liheng next. After being pierced by Lóng Mo Téng a few times, it quickly retracted its roots and concentrated on learning words. At 3.00 pm, Su Ling put all the test products in the ageing device and moved his wrists. He said to Gu Liheng, "I'm going to the fitness room."

Gu Liheng's eyebrows moved slightly, "Now?"

Su Ling nodded, "En, I will exercise every afternoon and evening from now on. You continue to read your files, and I will take Papa Xian and Uncle Lóng away. Lopseed and Baby's breath are here, so the smell would make you comfortable."

Gu Liheng got up and said, "You can't mess around with exercise, I’ll watch out for you."

Su Ling raised his eyebrows, "Are you sure?"

Gu Liheng: "I know a lot about fitness."

However, soon after seeing Su Ling with tight shorts, Gu Liheng can’t stay calm anymore, "You..."

Su Ling pointed to the pool, "I prefer swimming."

Gu Liheng rubbed his eyebrows, afraid to look at Su Ling's glowing pale skin, "Where is your top?"

Su Ling: "We are not outside in public. I don't like to wear clothes when swimming, it makes me feel uncomfortable."

As he said, Su Ling moved his hands and feet around. Then he stretched his feet to feel the water temperature, before diving into the swimming pool.

When Gu Liheng heard the sound of water splashes, he turned around and was charmed by what he saw. The young man was thin, but his body proportions were good. His swimming style was light, and his butterfly bones moved along with his movements, making him very attractive. Gu Liheng Adam's apple instinctively rolled up and down, breathing slightly. He suddenly found that living with the young man who could tease him until he’s out of control at any time is kind of a sweet torture, even when the young man is not aware of his own actions.

Su Ling swam back and forth, then stopped by the side. He pushed his hair back, revealing his entire face. With his face wet with water, Su Ling looked pale and glowing. He looked up at his male god standing next to him with a smile and asked a little proudly, "Fitness expert, how was my swimming?"

Gu Liheng squatted down and raised Su Ling’s chin to drop a kiss on him. Then with a hoarse voice, he said, "Very good."

Su Ling's eyes curved up with a smile. His hands slipped back into the water, and he backed away lightly. With a slightly regretful tone, he said, "Unfortunately, the pool is too small, so we can’t swim smoothly. Otherwise, it would feel nicer."

Gu Liheng beckoned, "Come here."

Su Ling raised his eyebrows and moved closer, "It's bad for your body if you keep holding back. I'm staying away for your good. Don't mess around."

Hearing that, Gu Liheng's eyes became deep. He grabbing Su Ling’s wrist, placing two fingers on the pulse, and silently counting his heartbeats, "The outdoor swimming pool upstairs is huge, but we rarely use it. If you like it, I will get Domi to clean the pool."

Su Ling's eyes lit up, "I do!"

Gu Liheng nodded and let go of his hand, "Swim for another 5 minutes, then come back for me to check."

"What are you checking?"

"Your heart rate."

Su Ling glanced at his wrist and laughed. "Okay, fitness expert." With a light kick on the wall of the pool, he swam away.

Gu Liheng rubbed his fingers and timed the clock with his bracelet. At the same time, he instructed Domi to clean the outdoor swimming pool.

Su Ling swam for 15 minutes and was stopped by Gu Liheng. He got up from the water, and Gu Liheng took a dry towel and draped it over him.

"Take a break every 15 minutes, and no more than 1 hour a day." Gu Liheng said.

Su Ling smiled and nodded, "Okay, but this amount of exercise is too little. How about you teach me to play ball?"

Gu Liheng thought for a moment, "Okay."

In the evening, Su Ling stood on the newly built court in the back garden, throwing and catching the shuttlecock in his hand, "I thought you would teach me squash or tennis."

Gu Liheng: "Those are not suitable for you," he glanced at Su Ling's arm, "the force used is too strong."

Hearing that, Su Ling raised his eyebrows, "That's because I exercised too little. I can definitely play those with you in the future."

A smile flashed in Gu Liheng's eyes, and he rubbed his hair, "Okay, I'll teach you."

Although Su Ling is not good at badminton, he still knows how to play. But seriously, watching male god explain the sports seriously, Su Ling listened quietly with a smile.

The two played for 40 minutes, and Su Ling sweated a lot. But Gu Liheng looked like he has just warmed up. That made Su Ling more aware of the energy gap between their bodies. Hence, he made an exercise schedule before going to bed and soon fell asleep from exhaustion.

The next day, Gu Liheng took Su Ling to eat something before heading to the broadcast studio.

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