Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 64 Part 3

The skinny man ran next to Thirteen and pointed in a direction, and said, "This is where we both got separated. She should be running that way."

The woman's name was Xu Yan, and his name was Zhang Ming.

After the skinny man's introduction, he did not know the name of the man who died.

He only heard Xu Yan called him Brother Hai, so he went along with that.

Both he and Hai were formed by Xu Yan.

Xu Yan said she knew a way to earn money, which was a little dangerous.

But she had been there several times, and she had the experience to ensure the safety of the two.

This was how the two came to Snake Island.

Who knew that they had come to find out that Xu Yan was lying to them?

Where was it dangerous?

It was obviously a  gamble with life.

However, they were already on board the ship of thieves and could not get off.

They could only cooperate with each other.

Zhang Ming wanted no money but only to return home safely and vowed never to believe in a meat pie that fell from the sky again.

The four people followed the direction he gave.

It began to darken.

If they could not find Xu Yan, they were prepared to go back to the cave.

It was no joke at night in the mountain forest.

There were at least twice as many venomous snakes as during the day.

Fortunately, they found Xu Yan before it got dark.

The woman was not as cowardly and incompetent as she appeared.

She was battling with two venomous snakes, and at her feet was a snake's body.

Sensing the arrival of more humans, the two snakes did not dwell on and left their companion's body behind to escape to the bushes.

Ah Jin applauded Xu Yan's "bravery and the good fight.”

"I couldn't imagine, a woman like you has two faces!

As if she didn't hear the sarcasm, Xu Yan bent down and held her knees to catch her breath.

"Miss Qiao is joking. I am forced to do so with this life."

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes.

"You know my name?"

Slowly, Xu Yan stood up straight.

Her cowardly aura was gone, and she looked sternly at the group.

"I know the names of all of you, not just Miss Qiao. No matter if you are present or not."

Ah Jin kicked the rock in boredom, "Then you are powerful ~."

Looking at Ah Jin's disinterested look, Xu Yan probed, "Miss Qiao does not seem to be a simple college girl according to the information."

Ah Jin looked at her sarcastically.

"It’s possible for you to have a child, but not a college girl with a high IQ ah!"

She was infuriated with her attitude.

First, she failed to act weak, and then she was humiliated.

She couldn't hold down her anger and was about to take up her knife.

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