Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 64 Part 2

Before it got too dark, the four of them rushed to the clearing where the python ate the man.

It was a pity that they arrived late.

The man had already been eaten.

On-site was only a python with a rounded shape.

The python's head and tail were long and slender.

Its belly looked like it was ten months pregnant and about to give birth.

It bulged out abruptly.

The black scales on its belly were extensively propped up.

As the body continued to wriggle, the scales reflected an icy cold light.

The python sensed the vibrating sound of human walking.

It even smelled an aura of approaching terror.

It wanted to escape, but the weight in its stomach made it even heavier.

It struggled to crawl slowly towards the grass closest to itself.

Ah Jin asked the skinny man while watching the python trying to escape, "Don't you want to save him? There may be a chance to save him if you open the python's stomach now."

The skinny man desperately shook his head, "No, no, no, no, he is certainly dead. There is no need at all."

Ah Jin asked Zhou Yi, "How about you? Do you not want to see if the person inside is dead?"

Zhou Yi was smiling happily.

"It would be better if he was dead!"

Thirteen did not wait for Ah Jin to ask.

He turned around and walked away and was very much aloof.

Ah Jin shrugged her shoulders and followed suit.

Zhou Yi wondered, "Aren't you going to kill it?"

Ah Jin was surprised at her.

"The hell no, I was just looking. You know, what a mess you are. All you can think about is to kill, kill, kill... Aren't you afraid of being a psychopath?"

Ah Jin ended up shaking her head and gave Zhou Yi a very disappointed expression.

Zhou Yi felt a puff of air in her heart.

She couldn't catch her breath.

She caught up with Ah Jin, "Qiao Jin, why on earth do you keep targeting me! Is it really because you don't like me?"

Zhou Yi watched Ah Jin's shocked expression and thought, "Could it be that I misunderstood? But Ah Jin's next sentence shattered her fantasy.

Ah Jin's eyes widened, and her thin lips lightly rose.

"At last, you found out!"

Zhou Yi's countenance turned red.

She bit her lips fiercely, and tears were welling up in her eyes, a pitiable look of a woman being bullied by the overbearing one.

What a pity there were no viewers around the place.

Thirteen and Ah Jin were already almost far away, and the skinny man hurried to follow as he was afraid of being left behind.

Zhou Yi wiped away her tears and stared hatefully at that relaxed back.

Where was the look of tenderness on her face from earlier?

Ah Jin felt the gaze from behind, the corners of her lips slightly curved.

Fighting with her?

Far too young.

Thirteen walked in the forefront.

Although he did not know why Qiao Jin was targeting Zhou Yi, he felt Qiao Jin had her reasons.

His gut feeling told him that Qiao Jin was not the person he was looking for and should be trusted.

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