Return of the Goddess

Chapter 64

Wei Siqi’s Weibo account had long been exposed and torn apart by netizens. After she deleted her account and changed to another username, the netizens thought that she would hide and remain silent. No one would have expected her to suddenly post such a comment.

The discussion under this post was buzzing.

Bystander 1: Is she really stupid or was her account hacked?

Bystander 2: Xiao Ming’s grandfather can live to a hundred years old because he wasn’t nosy. Whatever happens to Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui’s relationship, what has it got to do with you?

Bystander 3: When someone is shameless and has lost all her conscience, you’ll realise that there’s nothing surprising in her actions. Eight years ago, you led others to bully Ning Xi. Eight years later, you’re still leading these people to hire cyber troopers so as to tarnish Ning Xi’s reputation. You can’t even stand the sight of anything going well for her, and here, you’re intentionally trying to sow discord between Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui. If you are even human, you should stop being so unscrupulous!

Wei Siqi sat in front of her computer, and as she saw the rise of harsh criticisms against her, she threw her cup in anger. Then she started typing in a frenzy, quarreling with the netizens.

Qiqi: What do all of you know? Ning Xi is just acting. She intentionally seduced the President of Chang Enterprises in order to take her revenge against us. Chang Shi Gui, you’ve been used, and you still remain clueless about it!

Qiqi: What do you mean by I caused the death of Ning Xi’s father? I wasn’t the one who knocked him down. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll sue all of you for slander?

Netizens: Look at this dumbass, what is wrong with her?!

Before Wei Siqi published this post, the netizens were still rational, no matter how angry they had been. However, once she came up with this brainless accusation, the netizens, as well as Ning Xi’s fans, could no longer tolerate her screwed-up morals, and started arguing with her.

Netizen 1: What’s all that about Ning Xi having a crush on your fiancé? I think you’re just too narcissistic; the number of rookie and business models and that your fiancé has fooled around with over the last few years has exceeded a dozen. Only you would still be interested in such a man. You may treat this man as a treasure, but that doesn’t mean that Ning Xi sees him the same way. Can this Young Master Chen even compare to a finger of Boss Chang? [Picture attached]

This user even put up multiple pictures of Chen Yijun with other women; in these pictures, Chen Yijun was the only male, but the female partners were all different.

There were even some netizens who compared Chang Shi Gui with Chen Yijun. Through this, they discovered that no matter the image, charisma, or the family background, Boss Chang was able to decimate Chen Yijun immediately.

Netizen 2: From these comparisons, I’d like to ask Young Master Chen and Miss Wei: how much do you think you are worth? Why would you even think that Ning Xi won’t like Boss Chang and would like Young Master Chen instead?

The outcome of the comparison was so stark that there was no comparison to even speak of. The netizens weren’t stupid; between Chang Shi Gui and Chen Yijun, they could even think with their toes who the better man was.

Hence, even Chen Yijun, who had never made an appearance from the beginning of this incident, was now dragged into it. Chen Siqi and him were given a new nickname - “Narcissistic Monsters”.


When Chen Yijun received the news from He Dong, a look of defeat appeared on his face. He hurriedly turned on his computer and scrolled through the taunting comments and criticisms, then released his mouse disappointedly.

“Yijun, things aren’t that bad yet, don’t be like this.” He Dong’s expression wasn’t any better, but looking at his good friend’s face, he could only try to keep his spirits up, “Right now, we should settle things with Uncle first.”

If that illegitimate son tried to use this incident to dig another hole for Chen Yijun to fall into, then his situation might worsen.

Just as their conversation ended, Cheng Yijun’s phone rang. The call was from Chen Yijun’s mother.

When he picked up his phone, Chen Yijun looked visibly better, but after the call, he was stupefied.

His father had allowed the illegitimate son to work in the company?


The online clamours did not affect Ning Xi. To her, this was something she had already expected, so she slept soundly, and had a dreamless, peaceful sleep.

When Chang Shi Gui woke up, it was past six in the evening. He took up the phone from his mobile. There was a message; it was sent two hours ago.

The sender was his assistant Xu Zhou. According to him, Wei Siqi was scolding Ning Xi online.

After seeing the message, Chang Shi Gui frowned. He launched his Weibo app, and received multiple notifications. When he clicked on the two messages that mentioned him, his face turned even darker.

Chang Shi Gui: I don’t need anyone to tell me what Xixi’s character is like. Miss Wei had asked me this question once before at the airport. This time, my answer is still the same. Miss Wei has probably not been truly loved before. True love is, even if Ning Xi is using me, I’m still a willing party. In other words, what’s it got to do with you? I’m happy to indulge her!

What’s it got to do with you? I’m happy to indulge her!

Once this line was posted, countless fans commented on how Boss Chang’s words were truly domineering, and was really satisfying. This was better than scolding Wei Siqi a hundred times over.

What’s true love? This is it!

Netizen 1: Oh my, Chang Shi Gui actually posted three times in a day just for Ning Xi. This post is especially pointed. As a boyfriend, President Chang is truly over the top.

Fan: Wow wow wow, as much as I hate to say this, but to see my Goddess getting together with such a strong and good boyfriend, I can only wish you well. Boss Chang, you have to treat my goddess well!

Fan 2: Wei Siqi, you should be content now. You think that just because your man is flirtatious, then other men are like that? Truth be told, my Goddess has better taste than you. I don’t know why, but I don’t want to scold you anymore. Instead, I only have sympathy for you.

Fan 3: Kekeke, what sympathy? For someone like her who’s bad from the core, what’s there worth pitying?

When the Chang Enterprises staff who were avid Weibo users saw the post from their boss, they couldn’t believe their eyes. For a man as civilized as their boss to say something this harsh, was this actually their noble, graceful and cold boss?

Yet .. his words were truly gratifying.

As observers, they even felt pity towards Wei Siqi.

Wei Siqi’s post might have been dumb, but it was also vicious. If their boss was any more extreme, then today’s post would become a thorn in their boss’ heart.

After their honeymoon period, the boss might start to suspect Ning Xi’s feelings towards him, and the two of them might still not stay together.

Even if the boss did not have other thoughts, the post from Wei Siqi was truly disgusting. If their boss had only said that they trusted Ning Xi, the nauseating feeling would not entirely fade away.

However, his response now not only blocked Wei Siqi’s words, it was even a tight slap in her face. However, his methods were drastically different from his usual style.

Perhaps in the face of love, any trace of elegance or poise were nothing in their boss’ heart when compared to Ning Xi.


The Internet today was bustling with activity. In addition, the few posts from Chang Shi Gui had been hotly discussed, hence the PR department from Jiuji could barely deal with the outburst.

Li Jianhui was stupefied after finding out about Chang Shi Gui and Ning Xi’s relationship. After pausing for a moment, he looked at Zhang Qingyun, astonished. “Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui are lovers, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Boss, I didn’t know about this previously too.” Zhang Qingyun hadn’t told Li Jianhui about this previously, but he could never let Li Jianhui know that he was aware of their relationship all along. “In the past, Mr. Chang used to say that Ning Xi and him were friends. I didn’t think too much then. There’s such a huge gap in their status, how would I dare to let my thoughts stray in this direction?”

Li Jianhui knew that Zhang Qingyun was speaking the truth. His impression of Chang Shi Gui was that of a cautious and rule-abiding man. No one would have thought that he would actually end up with a female celebrity.

As a man who could ensure that his entertainment company’s position was stable, Li Jianhui was no fool. The rumours from before were probably true.

He never truly believed the rumours, including those about Chang Shi Gui investing in Jiuji for Ning Xi. However, in order to increase Ning Xi’s popularity then, he chose not to respond to the rumours, and sometimes, he would even get the PR team to use this issue to help put Ning Xi in the headlines.

He had never thought that this matter would ever be true!

The only consolation for Li Jianhui was that the company had always treated Ning Xi relatively well; not only did they put in a lot of effort to manage her, they even helped her clear all the negative incidents that she faced.

He used to think that signing a person was a simple issue; now that he thought about it, he appeared agitated, as he said, “Qing Yun, fortunately, you signed Ning Xi with us!”

Otherwise, someone else would have benefitted from having this rare gem.

Zhang Qingyun glanced at his boss, the latter looking as if he had earned a huge fortune, and felt that he didn’t really want to say anything further.



The Wei family home. Wei Donglai gave Wei Siqi a slap on her face. He had pampered Wei Siqi for so many years, and this was the first time that he had ever hit her.

“Donglai, what are you doing!” When Mother Wei saw her son raising his hand at her daughter, she pulled the latter behind her to shield her. “If anything went wrong, we just need to resolve it. Why are you taking it out on your sister?”

Seeing how his mother was protective over his sister, Wei Donglai slumped onto the sofa, feeling utterly defeated. He said hoarsely, “Mother, the Wei family is doomed.”

“What do you mean?” Looking at her son’s expression, Mother Wei started feeling anxious. “Isn’t … Isn’t it the case that others are exaggerating the situation? How did …”

To Mother Wei, no matter how the issue had blown up online, it would die down in a few days. Even if her daughter’s reputation was affected, so what?

Wei Donglai glanced at his mother, his eyes bloodshot. He said bitterly, “If only it was as simple as this. Two hours ago, I received a summon from the taxes department. Someone had reported our company for tax evasions and funds embezzlement.”

“What are you talking about?” Mother Wei’s face was ashen. “Who’s spreading these nonsense? If there’s no proof, how can these people just shoot their mouths off?”

“Without proof, how could we have been prosecuted?” Wei Donglai’s gaze fell on Wei Siqi’s face, and he didn’t hide his disappointment with her. “Do you know that Father has already been taken away by the taxes department?”

Wei Siqi felt a sharp pang in her heart after hearing her brother’s words, and she crumpled to the ground. “Why was Dad taken away?!”

“Siqi, without Wei Enterprises, you’ll be nothing. You do know that right?” Wei Donglai couldn’t bear to berate Wei Siqi anymore. “Tell me honestly, what happened that year? I need to know the truth.”

Mother Wei turned to look at her daughter, as though reality hadn’t set in.

“I …” Wei Siqi didn’t dare to look her mother in her eyes. She lowered her head and stuttered evasively, as she told them the entire story. This time, she didn’t dare to hide anything from them, including the point that she heard Chen Yijun say that Ning Xi had a crush on him.

“Chen Yijun said that she had a crush on him, and you believed him just like that. Are you stupid?” Wei Donglai looked at Wei Siqi with resentment. “Even if Ning Xi had a crush on Chen Yijun, so what? As long as Chen Yijun didn’t feel that same way, then what’s there to be scared of? Locking a young lady in a storeroom for an entire night, and even hiding her bag and phone, how could you do something like that? Have you ever thought about the possibility of a fire in school, or if criminals broke into the school and an accident happened? For a man, have you even lost our basic rationality and conscience?”

“I just wanted to scare her for one night, I didn’t expect so many things to happen.” Wei Siqi was sobbing as she yelled, “She’s already made me into such a pitiful state, why are you still scolding me?”

“When you caused her family to fall apart, you should have foreseen the day that she’ll come back for revenge. “Wei Donglai looked coldly at his pampered sister. “Siqi, even at this stage, are you still unrepentant?”

Wei Siqi only covered her face and sobbed without answering Wei Donglai’s question.

Seeing her reaction, Wei Donglai could only sigh. He said tiredly, “Mother, I won’t be home for dinner tonight.”

In order to ensure that his father could come home safely, he had to go and beg his grandparents for help.

He had thought that Ning Xi was simply a normal celebrity, but he only found out today that Wei Siqi had offended the devil.

Ning Xi was definitely not a simple character.

Mother Wei observed her son, and she could only nod her head listlessly.’


It was already dark when Ning Xi woke up. After she changed and went downstairs, she saw Chang Shi Gui seated on the sofa and reading the newspapers.

“Up already?” Chang Shi Gui saw her approach and he put down the paper on her table. “Do you want to eat at home tonight, or go out?”


A smile curled on Ning Xi’s face. “My parents have said this before. On the first day of moving homes, one should start their fires and cook at home. By doing so, the future will be hotter and brighter in future.”

This was the first time that Ning Xi had proactively spoken about her parents. Chang Shi Gui paused for a moment, but when he saw Ning Xi’s smiling face, he nodded. “Alright.”

They made a simple dinner. After the meal, they sat on the couch and watched some TV. It was then at Ning Xi realised that almost all the channels were reporting about her.

When she heard a host mentioning that Chang Shi Gui had aggressively refuted Wei Siqi’s words, she tilted her head and looked at him. “What did you do?”

Chang Shi Gui placed a place of cut fruits before her. “Nothing much.”

“What’s it got to do with you? I’m happy to indulge her!” Ning Xi smiled at him, then raised her brows. “Hmm?”

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