Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 634: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 69)

Some people couldn’t accept alternatives.

Even if it was a coincidence, even if the stories were similar.


Because Feng Xiao’s performance was last, Luo Qing Chen didn’t have to stay backstage and watched the performance with everyone else.

Every performance was very exciting, but without knowing why, she felt like she couldn’t concentrate.

Jiang Yi Jun was second to last.  The moment he appeared, it drew out screams from countless girls.

This scene, it made her unknowingly think of that youth from that year who was also loved like this.

“Today, this is not a normal performance for me.”  Jiang Yi Jun took the microphone while his band stood behind him.

He liked music since he was a kid, he formed a band the year he turned eighteen.

There was only one specialty with this band, it never sung love songs.

That was because in Jiang Yi Jung’s eyes, he couldn’t sing a love song.

Perhaps it was because he had never experienced it or because he didn’t like love songs.

“Jiang Yi Jun, Jiang Yi Jun, Jiang Yi Jun!”

“Thank you everyone!”  He gently and politely continued, “I want to give this song to someone who made me want to sing love songs for the first time, I know she is watching.”

He didn’t say a name, but his eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen.

After that, the accompaniment music started.

The music was very gentle, with the unique sound of an electric guitar.  Then there was his magnetic voice that accompanied it.

Because I just met you.

Leaving behind beautiful footprints.

The wind blowing tears falling like rain.

Because I don’t want to part.


Everyone present all cheered as they followed his melodious voice.

But at that moment, Luo Qing Chen’s eyes were attracted by a figure flashing behind the curtain.

She felt her heart being hit, as it was completely stopped.

At that moment, the door to the dressing room opened.

Because Feng Xiao was the last performance, she was the only one in the dressing room.

“Qing Chen, you……”

“Dong.”  The sound of makeup falling to the ground, Feng Xiao thought that this person was Luo Qing Chen.

But she never thought that it was actually him…...

She looked at that person without even blinking as her eyes filled with shock.

“You…...You…...You……”  She said you three times, but she couldn’t say anything else.

“Help me out.”  The youth’s familiar voice slowly sounded, as the same domineering look appeared in his eyes.

Feng Xiao gave a strong nod as her eyes couldn’t help turning red.

After Jiang Yi Jun left the stage, half the people had started playing with their cell phones.

They didn’t seem to have any interest in the last performance, after all, the most exciting show had already passed for them.

There was a piano to the left side of the stage surrounded by curtains.  Luo Qing Chen thought that she was going to that piano, but the stage crew had her go to the right side piano.

Sitting in front of the piano, Feng Xiao slowly picked up the microphone.

She thought that she would turn to nod at her, but she never thought that she would suddenly speak up.

“I want to give this song to my most important friend.”  She pursed her lips as her voice choked up, but she took a deep breath and said, “I want to tell her that if she waits, there will definitely be a miracle!”

Luo QIng Chen didn’t know why Feng Xiao said this, she just knew that she nodded at her after saying this.

She didn’t have time to think, she pressed the first note.

The wind blows,the rain becomes flowers, time cannot catch up with the white horse.

The dreams on your teenage palm, do you still hold them tightly?


When this verse ended and the next one started, Feng Xiao slowly put down the microphone and a faint smile appeared on her lips.

The curtain for the piano on the left slowly opened.  The youth’s fingertips skillfully danced above the black and white keys, as a familiar voice pierced through the defenses of her heart.

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