Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 630: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 65)

Lin Wei’s injuries weren’t light, but there was no danger to her life.  She didn’t blame Luo Qing Chen when she woke up, but her words were——

“Although I didn’t see who pushed me, there was only me and Luo Qing Chen on the third floor!”


When Feng Xiao told her this, she gave a helpless shrug, “A simple mind and a strong body.”

“But, who would follow you to do this?”  Feng Xiao pursed her lips and said, “Lin Wei really was lucky, she would be dead if this was a murder!”

Luo Qing Chen sipped her coffee and said, “The problem is the person who pushed her didn’t show mercy!”

“Then what do we do?”  Feng Xiao leaned in and said in a low voice, “Everyone thinks that you pushed Lin Wei because of Jiang Yi Jun!”

“Jiang Yi Jun?”  Her mind quickly turned and finally a person’s figure appeared.


“Right…..”  Luo Qing Chen seemed to have thought of something as she suddenly asked Feng Xiao, “Didn’t the gossipers say last time that Jiang Yi Jun hated a certain kind of girl the most?”

“A clingy one!”  Feng Xiao quickly described it.

Luo Qing Chen said with a soft laugh, “Although I don’t like plots, if someone wants to play, I’ll play with them.”


The autumn night was always cold.  After Luo Qing Chen finished her last assignment, she headed towards the second year performance art floor.

“Help me find your department’s Jiang Yi Jun.”

“He was called out!”  The man with glasses pushed them up and said, “Come earlier next time!”


When she wanted to roll her eyes, someone behind her tapped her shoulder and said, “You’re looking for me?”

Actually Jiang Yi Jun saw her coming up the right stairs and couldn’t help thinking if she was here looking for him.  He never thought that it would really be this case.

Without knowing why, his heart was filled with a bit of excitement.

Luo Qing Chen turned to see Song Ling Ling slowly walking over before turning her head again.

She gave a wink as Jiang Yi Jun.

He was a bit surprised as he didn’t know how to react.  Without another word, Luo Qing Chen pressed him against the wall and cleared her throat before saying, “The matter we discussed at the cafe last time, I think that it’s quite good now that I think about it!  After all, we can be considered in the same social class!”

The surrounding people were stunned hearing this, including Jiang Yi Jun being pressed against the wall.

“Last time…..”  He felt his heart unknowingly beating faster, as a feeling that he never felt before spread through it.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and looked at Song Ling Ling on the side.

She slowly looked over with a face of unwillingness!

She saw Jiang Yi Jun’s face was a bit red and she whispered in his ear, “It’s just a play, don’t mind it.”

Everything was prepared, the target was hooked.

In the same lab, at the same staircase, in the same science room.

She touched her ear and heard Feng Xiao’s voice, “Everything is prepared.”

In an instant, every LCD screen in the entire Noble University lit up at the same time.

Luo Qing Chen put her hands in her pockets as she revealed a faint smile, as she remembered the figure of a youth.

In the past, she used this same method to take care of Xiang Tian Qing.

Only that youth didn’t know that she really, really missed him.

When she came to the stairs, she closed her eyes and a mist appeared over them.

A pair of hands that seemed to come from hell pushed her.

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