Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 63 - Vine liquid [OW]

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Hearing the familiar voice from the children learning program, Su Ling smiled and sighed silently as he left the room. They really like learning very much. He looked down at the leaf in his hand and saw crystal clear liquid coming out of the cut edge. A faint scent came out, but soon he couldn't smell that scent anymore. It seemed to have mixed together with Xian Mo Yu’s fragrance or simply disappeared into thin air.

That makes him wondered, could it be the scent has assimilated with Xian Mo Yu's fragrance, or it has hidden itself? Thinking of Lóng Mo Téng's characteristic in disguising itself, he felt that these two guesses seemed possible. He took out a glass bottle and carefully collected the liquid, then turned to ask Gu Liheng's opinion.

Gu Liheng: "Try mixing the liquid with other spiritual plant’s essential oils and see the effect."

Su Ling agreed with Gu Liheng’s suggestion and walked to his workbench. He took 2 drops of rose essential oil and placed it on the porcelain dish. The light yellow liquid looked particularly beautiful on the pure white porcelain, with a faint rose fragrance. He took 2 more drops of the vine liquid. The transparent vine liquid seemed to disappear on the porcelain dish; one could only notice it from the slight light reflection. Su Ling attentively monitored the two scents. Soon, he found that the vine liquid scent has disappeared, leaving the scent of rose in the air. Su Ling used his index finger and dipped a little bit of vine liquid to smell under his nose; there was no fragrance.

"There is no fragrance, that means the fragrance has hidden itself." If it was assimilation, the liquid itself should be smelling like the rose essential oil.

As Su Ling said that, he shook the porcelain dish to mix the two liquids. Soon, the scent from the rose essential oil disappeared, leaving only Xian Mo Yu’s fragrance and the other 2 Grade A spiritual plants’ fragrance in the air. Su Ling was taken aback and told Gu Liheng, "There isn’t any scent coming from the porcelain dish. I don't know if the two scents have reacted to each other, or the vine liquid has hidden the scent of the rose essential oil."

Gu Liheng: "I'll get someone to send the separator device over. We'll know what happened after doing a few more tests."

Su Ling smiled, "En."

He continued to experiment with mixing different essential oils with the vine liquid, and the results were the same. When the two liquids were not mixed, only the essential oil's fragrance was present, while the fragrance of the vine liquid would soon disappear. After mixing both together, there would be no fragrance at all. After the separator device is delivered, Su Ling separates the mixed liquid. The result is the essential oil retained its own fragrance, and the vine liquid doesn’t have any scent. After a moment of consideration, Su Ling held the vine liquid and said, "I'll go to the next room to try it, there are too many scents here interfering with my sense."

The two went to the next room; the room's air was very clean, without any smell. Gradually, a faint fragrance radiated from the vine liquid. After Su Ling took it back to the fragrance room, the vine liquid's scent disappeared inside the various scents in the air. Su Ling held the glass bottle containing the vine liquid and said, "It can hide its scent, while its body can change its shape. No wonder Uncle Lóng has such a strong camouflage ability." He said, squinting his eyes and looking at Gu Liheng, "I want to try whether this function is useful for masking pheromones."

Gu Liheng: "I will try it instead."

Su Ling laughed and said, "Don't worry, I won't mess around. I will ask Uncle Lóng first."

He walked to Xian Mo Yu’s petals and gently pinched Lóng Mo Téng’s leaves on the petals, "Uncle Lóng, can human drink the liquid in your leaves?"

A big word appeared in his mind, "No."

After that, many pictures flashed in his mind, all of which were animals’ appearance with wildly grown hair and claws after they ingested some of Lóng Mo Téng leaves. The final mental picture was a human. Su Ling's scalp went numb from seeing that. All kind of the man's body hairs have grown so long that it’s scary; like his facial hair, eyelashes and the ones on his hands. The man looked like a hairy walking figure. He immediately asked, "What if I accidentally drink it?"

Lóng Mo Téng sensed Su Ling’s mood swings and rubbed his hand with its leaf.

Another picture appeared in Su Ling’s mind. The image showed Lóng Mo Téng resting on top of a super large rainbow-coloured lotus. The lotus gradually shrank and finally stopped at a diameter of about 1 meter. Su Ling asked, "You absorb it back?"

The leaves moved up and down.

Su Ling: "I just did some experiments with your vine liquid. It seems that your special liquid can hide its own scent as well as other plant’s scents."

"Yup." Lóng Mo Téng wrote a word in his mind.

Su Ling: "..." He suddenly felt that maybe he should ask Uncle Lóng right at the beginning.

Just as he is thinking about it, Su Ling found that Xian Mo Yu’s fragrance has suddenly disappeared. Because of that, the pheromones with red wine scent not far away suddenly became obvious; warm and sultry. His heartbeat quickly accelerated, and his hands were resting on the petals as he panted lightly. Earlier, both male god and he had removed their isolator when they got home because Xian Mo Yu is there; relaxing their glands will make them feel better. However, without Xian Mo Yu’s fragrance at this moment, their pheromone reacted instantly.

The vine leaves shook as Lóng Mo Téng explained to Su Ling, "Hiding one’s fragrance is very simple."

Needless to say, Su Ling found out about that the hard way. The sudden disappearance Xian Mo Yu’s fragrance has caught Su Ling off guard. Gu Liheng hugged him from behind, and his body trembled uncontrollably when he(GLH) touched him. Thinking the 2 spiritual plants with high IQ in front of him, Su Ling felt extremely embarrassed and was more sensitive than usual. His feet turned soft, and he rested most of his weight on the petals. Xian Mo Yu’s petals were very fleshy but very textured and strong. Grabbing Gu Liheng's hand, Su Ling took a deep breath and said, "Uncle Lóng, don't hide Papa Xian’s fragrance."

Soon, Xian Mo Yu’s scent appeared in the air again.

Gu Liheng restrained himself and kissed Su Ling's gland. He slowly let go of him, and his voice was deep as he said, "I'll return to my room."

Su Ling's face turned red, and he didn't dare to turn his head. If he sees the man's aro-used expression right now, he definitely wouldn’t be able to help himself and pounce on male god. But he knew very well that his body couldn't take it, so their love life has to stay plain temporarily.

He nodded, "En."

With Xian Mo Yu and Lóng Mo Téng in the room, Gu Liheng is assured of Su Ling’s safety. He gave Su Ling a hot look before quickly left the room. He knew that by staying here, the young man would lose control, and he wouldn’t be able to deny his enthusiastic Omega. But he just did it with the young man not very long ago, plus today he suffered a fright so they shouldn’t mess around.

After Gu Liheng left, Su Ling calmed down quickly, breathing in Xian Mo Yu’s fragrance.

"Do you want to come up?" The petals under Su Ling’s hands moved up and down slightly, and the words from Xian Mo Yu appeared in his mind.

Su Ling coughed awkwardly, Xian Mo Yu probably misunderstood because he looked like he is almost lying down on the petals. He stood up straight and said, "No need."

Xian Mo Yu seems a little pitiful, "My petals are very strong, you can sit on it."

Su Ling touched the surface of the petals, "It's really not necessary. I have something to ask Uncle Lóng."

He looked at Lóng Mo Téng and observed it carefully. He pinched its stem and looked at it, only to find that the stem part closest to the petals has small white roots connected to the petals. He subconsciously rubbed his wrist and asked, "Uncle Lóng, do you have to touch other spiritual plants to control their fragrances?"

The leaves moved up and down.

"Then when you are on my wrist, can you hide my pheromone as well?"

The leaf nodded again.

Su Ling's eyes brightened, "Can your vine liquid do the same? Hide the pheromone smell?"

"I don't know," Lóng Mo Téng wrote slowly and neatly, although some words were lacking some strokes here and there, Su Ling could still understand the meaning easily, "my vine liquid is a growth fluid." It added, "You can sell it to farmers, don't just keep it. I will give some to you every day from now on, and you sell it as my pocket-money to you."

Su Ling: "...Thank you, Uncle Lóng."

Leaves rubbed his palm as words appeared in Su Ling’s mind, "This is what Uncle should do."

Su Ling wanted to laugh and felt moved again. It seems that the reason Papa Xian gave him black and red liquid, is probably to ‘raise’ him. He thought he was raising the spiritual plants, but he got raised instead. He caressed the leaf and asked, "Uncle Lóng, how old are you?"

"1685 years old."

Su Ling was stunned, "How about Papa Xian?"

"Almost the same. That fool, it doesn't remember its exact age."

Su Ling felt that called them Papa Xian Uncle Lóng is really suitable. He curiously asked, "Then you must have known many people?"

"No," Lóng Mo Téng answered and said, "We have been living in primaeval forests, and our predecessors do not approve of our contact with humans."

"We only travelled out in groups when we reached 1000 years old. It started to be a novel experience. Human society is fascinating. We stayed hidden as we learned about human’s knowledge and observed human’s life, but we were discovered later."

Lóng Mo Téng went on to write after a while, "I don't like humans."

Su Ling realised that they should have encountered unpleasant things at the time.

Lóng Mo Téng added, "We will raise you to your death and return to the forest."

Su Ling's mouth twitched, "Raise me to my death?"

"En, your Papa Xian and I will take good care of you and raise you. We will only leave when you reached the end of your life. We will be good elders in your life."

Su Ling pursed his lips. Facing such a responsible elder, he couldn't feel at ease, "I am a human. Do you also think I am Papa Xian's son?"

Lóng Mo Téng: "If it thinks you are, then you are. You have its breath, our breath, only our offspring will inherit it."

Su Ling suddenly thought about it and said, "Thank you, but if you ever felt unhappy, you can just return to the forest anytime. I am an adult and can take care of myself."

"In our eyes, you are still a seedling," Lóng Mo Téng said, "I have promised your Papa Xian, and will stay here to protect you with together with it. I have been staying on that big tree for almost 20 years, and it has been quite fun recently."

Su Ling smiled, "That's good. Tell me if you need to go."

"Remember to tell Uncle Lóng and your Papa Xian if you lack money. We will find a way."

Su Ling quickly said, "Not lacking, I am rich now."

After communicating with Lóng Mo Téng, Su Ling can no longer treat them as spiritual plants, but as non-human intelligent creature friends, or as elders. He returned to his workbench and stared at the vine liquid in the glass bottle. After a moment of thought, he poured some on his hand and wiped it on the back of his neck. Covered by the vine liquid, his gland didn’t feel any discomfort. On the contrary, it felt very comfortable. After a while, the scent of his pheromone disappeared. His eyes lit up instantly, but soon, the vine juice vaporised and his pheromone scent appeared again. If there is a way to keep the vine juice from vaporising, the vine liquid can replace the isolator! Unlike the isolator that makes the gland feel blocked, the vine liquid has no side effects.

The finding stirred Su Ling’s heart. He hates using the isolator; his gland always feels stuffy and constrained. When not using the isolator, his gland relaxes and become more sensitive to other people's pheromones. He clearly felt that when male god didn’t have the isolator on, he is much more relaxed than usual. He thought for a while and sent a message to Ni An, "Doctor Ni An, is there any liquid material with super strong water locking function?"

Ni An replied, "Are you using for skincare or something else?"

Su Ling: "It's not skincare!" He then described the effect of vine liquid, "I want to use it instead of an isolator."

After he sent the message, he immediately received a call from Ni An. Ni An was excited as he said, "The liquid in your hand, can you give it to me to study?"

Su Ling smiled and said, "Yes, but I thought you were busy studying the black liquid."

"I am an expert in glands, and experts in the dark matter now take over the black liquid research." He smiled, "When I first studied the black liquid, I was experimenting it for the glands, but it was too corrosive. Later I discovered the effect by accident after I chatted with my friends about the stubborn dark matter wounds and particle." He said, "The liquid you mentioned just now can affect pheromones, so I am more interested in it."

Su Ling suggested, "Shall I mail it to you?"

"Okay, and can you reveal the source of the liquid?" Ni An asked.

Su Ling thought silently in his heart; it is a spiritual plant that doesn't want to be known. But, it has already been known worldwide, and the number of people is enormous! He said, "Sorry."

Ni An: "It doesn't matter; I will still keep it secret."

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