Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 63 Part 2

Ah Jin turned around and looked at her, "Me? On what basis?"

The woman approached Ah Jin and knelt down, "I'm begging you. My son is sick at the hospital and needs money urgently! I need to win!"

Ah Jin sidestepped to avoid her, "You think too much of me. I can't do that."

The woman walked a few more steps on her knees and tried to grab Ah Jin's leg, "You just have to help me win. I’ll do anything you want!"

Ah Jin avoided her hand and looked down at her.

"Will you give me your life if I want it?"

The woman's eyes flickered for a few moments, then said firmly, "I'll give it if you want it!"

Ah Jin leaned down and lifted the woman's chin, "Next time, lie more seriously. I am not as easy to fool as those brainless men."

The woman's eyes were filled with panic, "I'm not lying. What I said is true!"

Ah Jin released her chin and wiped her hand on her clothes in disgust.

Then without looking back, she walked away.

The woman watched Ah Jin's figure disappeared into the woods.

She stood up in exasperation and walked over to the unconscious scarred man and kicked him hard.

The skinny man was still seemingly immersed in the terror Ah Jin had brought him and did not react.

The woman who saw his failure to fight gave the skinny man another slap, and only then did the skinny man snapped back to consciousness.

" A pair of trash!"


Ah Jin strolled in her own "back garden.”

Her thin waist and long legs, with fair skin, and a slight smile on her sweet face, her bearing was so relaxed in nature.

One would find that snakes and insects fled and avoided her if one looked closely wherever she walked.

They seemed to have sensed some kind of dangerous beast.

It was absolutely safe within five meters around Ah Jin.

Ah Jin found a coconut tree.

Looking at the several heavy coconuts hanging above, there was a slight craving.

She stood and kicked the trunk a few times.

The tree swayed, yet the coconuts still hung firm on the tree.

The tree was still standing firm.

It didn't give any face.

Ah Jin figured that using brute force was not going to work, so she should think of a way.

So she converged the breath around her and found a snake around nearly two meters long.

Ah Jin looked at the snake sticking its scarlet tongue out at her and gave an evil smile.

"Brother snake, I’ll borrow your body and return it to you later."

After saying that, the snake was hammered on the ground, and it soon passed out.

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