Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 629: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 64)

Lin Hao knit his brows and pretended to be calm as he said, “You’re just a freshman, what are you pretending for?”

“Our Luo Family owns 20% of the shares of this Noble University.”  She looked at Lin Hao with a cold laugh and said, “How many steps do you think it’ll take for you and your little sister to disappear from this school?”

“Luo Family…..”  Luo Hao was first stunned.  S City’s Luo Family.

Although because of that plane crash, the Luo Family’s sphere of influence wasn’t as good as before.

A cockroach wouldn’t die.  It was still very easy for this family to deal with someone as small as him.

The surrounding students began to whisper about this.

“Luo Family…..So she’s the Luo Family’s young miss, no wonder she’s so arrogant!”

“It really is a social class thing, I’m so jealous that she could be with young master Jiang!”

“Jealous of what, she might not care about young master Jiang!  There was that person before…..”

“Right!  The deceased is stronger…..Let’s not mention it!”

“Who is it!  Don’t just stop halfway!”

“Anyway, if you were in the Noble School back then and you saw someone named Luo Qian Zhe, you would know that it would be hard to find someone as handsome as him.”


“Enjoy your final time in university!”  She gave a cold laugh before turning to leave while taking Feng Xiao’s hand.

Since there was a large family behind her, why wouldn’t she use it!

If she could use influence to solve something, why use force!

60%, how bad it would be if she was injured!

Jiang Yi Jun standing not far away unknowingly curved his mouth into a beautiful smile, she really was smart.

But his face changed after.  Luo Qian Zhe…..wasn’t that her little brother?

The man who died in the plane crash!

Lin Hao awkwardly stood in place, he didn’t dare call out Luo Qing Chen’s name.  It was hard enough to get into the Noble University, how could he leave just like that.

In the afternoon, when classes were over, Lin Wei came to the door of the medical department’s classroom.  Seeing Luio Qing Chen holding a scalpel in her hand, she took a step back in fear.

“Hey.”  She grumbled before unwillingly saying, “Sorry…..”

“The wound on Feng Xiao’s head isn’t better yet, why should I accept your apology?”  She gave a shrug as she looked at Lin Wei with a soft laugh.

“I’ll pay for her medical expenses!”

“Something like money is something my Luo Family doesn’t lack!”

“You…..”  Lin Wei had also been a young miss since she was young, when had she ever suffered like this.  She bit her lip as she said, “I want to see how long your Luo Family can be arrogant for.”

She turned to head to the stairs after saying this.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t plan on caring as she walked in the other direction.

She never thought that ten seconds later, Lin Wei’s screams would fill the building.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and when she came to the stairs, Lin Wei was in a pool of blood.

But there wasn’t a single person by her.

When she took two steps down, a group of passing girls saw the scene and cried out, “Murder….Murder!”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t care about them as she dialed 120 before running to Lin Wei’s side.

Her face was very pale and her breathing was very shallow, it was unknown if her life was in danger.

More and more people gathered as the sounds of gossip rang out.

“God!  It can’t be that Luo Qing Chen pushed Lin Wei down the stairs, right…..”

“Definitely not!  It’s reasonable for Lin Wei to push Luo Qing Chen, but why would Luo Qing Chen push her!”

“Who knows!  I heard that Luo Qing Chen said that Lin Wei and Lin Hao shouldn’t be in this school anymore!”

“Rich people are like this, they like playing with power.”

The last voice was very familiar.  She narrowed her eyes and saw Song Ling Ling in the crowd.

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