Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 628: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 63)

Jiang Yi Jun heard this and wanted to say something, but Luo Qing Chen had already walked out the door.

There was a faint inquisitive look in his eyes and there was a ghost of a smile on his lips.

Did this girl do it on purpose, or did she really not want to marry into the Jiang Family…...


“Qing Chen, what did Jiang Yi Jun look for you for?”  Feng Xiao was eating potato chips while watching the game and asking her this.

“Are the chips good?”

“Not bad!”

“That’s good!”

“......”  Feng Xiao seemed to remember something as she suddenly asked, “What about what I just said!”

“You said not bad!”  Luo Qing Chen chuckled and changed the topic.

Faced with someone whose mind was simple, it wasn’t that easy to change the topic.

But she didn’t notice that two people on the basketball field winked at each other at the same time.

The basketball was suddenly flying at her.

“Be careful!”


Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and looked at the bump on Feng Xiao’s head, “It’s fine!”

“Ai, I’m really sorry.”  A student wearing a basketball uniform came over who was around one meter and ninety centimeters tall.  He said with a look of disdain, “Who told you to have an ugly face that the basketball couldn’t stand you.”

“What did you say?”  Feng Xiao suddenly stood up and said with an angry look, “Your basketball skills are so bad and you’re not embarrassed about hitting people?”

[Host, be careful.  The other side is the S City’s youth Sanda champion.]

Who is he?

[Lin Wei’s big brother, Lin Hao.]

Lin Hao revealed a cold smile and kicked the basketball into his hand.  With a beautiful turn, he shot a perfect three pointer.

“Do you see it?  This is called skill.”  Lin Hao pointed at Luo Qing Chen to the side and said, “You should be glad that I don’t hit women, otherwise you wouldn’t even be able to come to class tomorrow!”

These two dared to bully his sister as soon as they enrolled, he simply couldn’t take it.

It was known that his Sanda skills were super good that no one dared to bully his family’s Lin Wei.

That hit just now was considered a lesson.  There were many people here and a big man bullying two girls was hard to talk about.

“He, he.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a cold laugh, “Lin Hao?”

“You know him?”  Feng Xiao held the bump on her head while looking at Luo Qing Chen in disbelief, “Why do you know everyone?”

“I disdain knowing this kind of person.”  She crossed her arms and said with a smile of contempt, “Lin Wei’s big brother.”

“Oh.”  Feng Xiao suddenly understood, “I thought that he was just crazy!”

“What did you say?”  Lin Hao gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, “Don’t force me to hit women, even I’m afraid of how fierce I am!”

“Your shameless little sister should know how strong our Qing Chen is!”  Feng Xiao held her hands at her waist and said, “Don’t think that you know how to fight just because you’re tall!”

“Humph, I would fear her?”  Lin Wei titled his lips and spat out his tongue twice, “Come if you have the skills.  Although I don’t like hitting women, a cheap woman should be beaten!”

System, what is the chance of me beating him?


Too low, I won’t fight!


Luo Qing Chen gave a yawn before looking at Lin Hao, “People should be courteous, don’t you think?”

“What do you mean?”  Lin Hao looked at this person with a confused look, not understanding what she meant at all.

“My meaning is that since I know who you are, I should let you know who I am.”  She gave a soft laugh as a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

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