Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 626: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 61)

“Overestimating yourself.”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes had a faint sparkle as she passed by Lin Wei.

With a beautiful shoulder move, she charged at the group in front of her.

In an instant, they fell to the ground with screams of pain.

“So handsome!”  The surrounding people said as several girls unconsciously clapped.

Lin Wei felt embarrassed by this and when she was hit by the shoulder, she seemed to have flashed her waist.

“Wei….Big sister Wei.”  One of her followers said with a stutter, “She doesn’t seem easy to deal with…..”

“We didn’t go all together just now, we can win if we go together!”

“I’ll grab her hair!”

“I’ll scratch her legs!”

Everyone agreed and lined up before charging forward with a battle cry.

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes.  She grabbed the left hand of the closest person as quickly as possible and then firmly took her right hand, turning it to create a scream of pain from her.

Luo Qing Chen said with a soft laugh, “Sit down properly!”

“Xiu.”  That person was pushed by Luo Qing Chen and fell into the others, knocking them all to the ground.

“Aiyo!”  Pitiful cries came out once again.

Lin Wei wanted to say something, but someone from the crowd said, “Young master Jiang is here.”

Luo Qing Chen looked in the direction of the voice and her heart trembled.

“Who is that person?”  Luo Qing Chen turned to ask Feng Xiao beside her.

Feng Xiao shook her head, “This is also my first day, I don’t know…..”

“You don’t even know young master Jiang!”  A bystander from the science department honesty said, “He’s the school hunk of Noble University, second year in the acting department.  He’s super handsome and has many fans!  Lin Wei is the head of his fans!”

Jiang Yi Jun had his hands in his pocket, a bad smile, and soft ripples in his thick brows.  His white skin contrasted with his pink lips and his facial features were perfect without a flaw.

“Qing Chen.”  Feng Xiao saw that she was in a bit of daze and quickly pulled her hand in worry as she asked, “What is it?”

“Nothing.”  Her eyes gradually calmed down the moment she saw Jiang Yi Jun.

Although he was handsome, he was far lacking compared to that person.

It was like Lin Wei saw her saviour as she quickly rushed in Jiang Yi Jun’s direction.  She said with an aggrieved look, “Young master Jiang, that person…..she hit me.”

At this time, Song Ling Ling stood out and said to Jiang Yi Jun, “It was my fault.  I accidentally borrowed your book when I went to the library the other day.  I thought that this matter had passed, but I never thought that people would still remember it after a summer had passed.”

Song Ling Ling’s voice was very soft, but there was a touch of stubbornness to it.

“Young master Jiang, don’t listen to her nonsense!”  Lin Wei said with a teary look on her face, “They are the clingy girls that you hate the most.”

Jiang Yi Jun, the school hunk.  He had never had a girlfriend and had a first class personality.

He once said that he hated clingy girls the most, he liked girls who were cold and arrogant.

It seemed like Song Ling Ling was very suitable…..

Song Ling Ling turned to Luo Qing Chen, “Thank you.”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t say anything and just gave a nod before planning to turn to leave.

“Pei, thieves working together!”  Lin Wei pursed her lips and said, “You think that young master Jiang will care about you like this?”

She didn’t know that when Luo Qing Chen turned, Jiang Yi Jun’s voice slowly rang out, “Luo Qing Chen, please wait.”

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