Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 622: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 57)

The Luo Family’s first master wasn’t from S Country, but rather from X Country.

Luo Wen Feng was the number one officer of the X Country, existing to protect the royal Yuwen Family.

Although X Country wasn’t big, it was a fertile country.  Oil, ores, and all kinds of natural resources could be extracted without end.

But the internal struggles of the country were worse than imagined.

The twelfth wife of the old king Yuwen Shuo was a narrow minded person, she just wanted her son to become the king, using all kinds of means.

In the end, after all kinds of meticulous plans, there were only two living princes left in the palace.

One was her son Yuwen Bai Hui, the other was the queen’s son Yuwen Qian Zhe.

That year, concubine Mei Na took all power in the palace and Luo Wen Feng had no choice but to leave the X Country with the queen’s only son.

Sixteen years later, concubine Mei Na had finally died.  Her son Yuwen Bai Hui was obsessed with evil all day and finally decided to sell his country in exchange to peerless beauties from a neighbouring country.

This matter was passed to Luo Wen Feng in the end.

There were some things he had to take back for the old king.  The bloodline had to be right for one to be crowned king.

These things were not things the Hua Ying Yue understood.

She only knew that Luo Wen Feng had been entrusted by an old friend and brought back a child.

“So you used to live in X Country?”  Luo Qing Chen received too little information from Hua Ying Yue.

It wasn’t a coincidence that something happened to their plane headed to the X Country.

Her father had been in the business world for many years with eyes all over the world, how could he make a mistake.

Impossible, impossible…...

“Yes.”  Hua Ying Yue looked down in a daze.

“Mom, get up first.”  Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath as she slowly helped her up.  She bit her lip and said, “I feel that things aren’t this simple.  Since dad brought Qian Zhe to the X Country, he wouldn’t let this happen.”

“But the news…..”  Hua Ying Yue seemed to hear some hope from this and suddenly grabbed Luo Qing Chen’s hand, “Daughter, you’ve always been smart, are they really not dead?”

Luo Qing Chen’s hand holding the disinfectant trembled.  She took a deep breath and said, “Luo Qian Zhe will never leave me…..”

Her determined words only lasted three days.

Three days later, the black box of the plane headed to X Country was found and not a single person survived.

There was no connection to Luo Wen Feng and Luo Qian Zhe’s phones…..

She knew that he probably didn’t have a way to call her.

Because as long as he was still alive, how could he be willing to let her worry…...

The snow fell hard that day and just like her heart, it was ice cold.

The dust covered memories became eternal as his most domineering appearance flashed in her mind.

One that no one could resist.

System, right…..She still had the system.

[The system also doesn’t know what the host wants to know.]

Why?  Aren’t you the system?  Why don’t you know!

[The world was distorted by the host’s entrance, the future continues to change in this world.]

Can you at least tell me, is he…...still alive?

After a while, the system’s voice sounded that slowly grabbed her heart.


It’s good that he was alive.  As least she could find him, as least she could wait.

Since the beginning, it was finally her turn to wait.

Waiting for that black bellied warm youth to slowly come back.

She thought that if he didn’t come back, he would at least comfort her.

But there was nothing.  One month, two months, three months…...

There was no news at all…...

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