Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 621: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 56)

“Of course.”  Luo Qing Chen suddenly sat up and picked up a pillow before sitting on the sofa to the side.  She said with a faint smile, “Not sure!”

As an underage girl, can’t she deny it?

After all, before she was eighteen, even if they weren’t in a messy love anymore, they couldn’t just break taboos!

“So our family’s wife is this shy!”  He narrowed his eyes and ate the candy beside him before he slowly moved towards her.

Leaning over and kissing her.

The sweet candy taste entered her mouth bit by bit.  This kiss was so sweet and warm.

Finally, Luo Qian Zhe controlled the desire in his heart to push her down on the bed.  He planted a kiss on her forehead before saying, “Wait for me to come back, I’ll tell our parents about us.”

This seemed like a promise, an eternal promise.

Three days later, Luo Wen Feng set out with Luo Qian Zhe as scheduled.  During their goodbye, Hua Ying Yue’s eyes weren’t right, both having tears and looking like she couldn’t bear to see them go.

“I’ll be leaving first, take care of Qing Chen……”

Hua Ying Yue wanted to say something, but she just said a few words in the end, “In this life, it’s really good having you.”

Luo Qing Chen felt like these words were missing something, but she couldn’t react right away.

Luo Qian Zhe’s eyes were on Luo Qing Chen the entire time.  Only when he turned around, he unwillingly looked away.

But his feet stopped once again at the entrance gate.

He suddenly turned around and rushed forward to tightly hold her.  In front of their parents, he used all his strength.

He didn’t say another word, as he included thousands of words in this hug.

That kind of decisiveness, that kind of passion.

Parting, even this short parting filled his heart with unwillingness.

Luo Qian Zhe was very clear that he loved the girl in front of him to the point of abnormality…...


For an entire afternoon, Luo Qing Chen listlessly looked at the sky outside the window.

She didn’t know if the plane flying to X Country would pass overhead.

But the ten o’clock news had a piece of news that made her entire world collapse.

The conspicuous title, the somber sound, all of them slammed into her heart.

[One hour ago, the 2:30 flight from S City to X Country had lost contact.  Currently they are taking all methods to make contact with the plane.]

The cup in Hua Ying Yue’s hand fell and Luo Qing Chen looked over to see her panicked eyes.

“Mom…..”  She tried to hold her breath as steady as possible, making the last confirmation, “Qian Zhe’s plane, it can’t be….…”

“As expected…..we can’t escape…..”  Hua Ying Yue suddenly fell to the ground.  The glass shards pierced her white leg and drops of blood slowly came out.

At that instant, she remembered the parting words between Luo Wen Feng and Hua Ying Yue.

He just said take care of Qing Chen, he didn’t say ‘wait for me to return’.

“You’re not telling me that…..you already knew that something would happen, right?”  She charged towards Hua Ying Yue and her hands tightly clenched around her hands, “Mom, why didn’t you say anything!”

“Your father is a very obsessed person.”  Hua Ying Yue looked up as tears dripped down from her eyes like pearls.  She bit her lip and said in a trembling voice, “No one can stop the things he’s decided on.”

Perhaps this was so-called destiny.  Every person’s life was different.  Some people did things for food, for love, for power, or for money.

Luo Wen Feng did it for loyalty.

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