Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 62

The woman complained, "I told you two not to arrest the person at that time, just snatched the stuff and go away. Why didn't you listen to me? So what can we do now."

The scarred man yanked up Zhou Yi on the ground and pinched her face to look at her.

"This woman doesn't look bad. She’s not useless."

After saying that, a lewd smile appeared on his face.

His rough hand fondled Zhou Yi's tender cheek.

Zhou Yi felt a stinging sensation on her face.

She forcefully shook her face free.

"Yuck, don't touch me!”

Immediately the scarred man's face showed anger.

His scars had begun to twist up with anger, and his rough hand slapped Zhou Yi hard.

Zhou Yi was knocked to the side.

The woman stepped forward to stop the man's behavior, "That's enough."

He grabbed the woman's shirt collar and was full of fierceness.

"Get out, or I’ll beat you together!"

The skinny man just stood aside and did not say anything.

He did not even look in their direction.

Zhou Yi laid on the ground and let out a "heh heh heh" laugh.

The scarred man rudely grabbed Zhou Yi's hair.

Zhou Yi's head was pulled up high.

The man looked at her, "Bitch, what are you laughing at?"

Zhou Yi locked eyes with him, and there was a sinister look in her eyes.

"I'm laughing at you for not knowing that you're dead on your feet and still playing the master here."

The man clamped her neck.

"Then before I die, I'll strangle you first."

The man's strength was great, and in a short while, Zhou Yi's face began to turn purple and red.

The woman beside him pounced on the man and tore him apart.

"Are you crazy? This is murder! Let her go!"

The scarred man flung away the woman who tugged him.

Zhou Yi was also thrown to the ground.

She curled up on the ground coughing hard, taking a big breath, and her lips heaving with laughter.

The skinny man was a little scared.

"Is she mad? We’d better leave her alone. Let’s go."

The scarred man was not impressed.

"She is just staging. She is afraid.... ah!"

He shouted before the words were finished.

The slim man and the woman were startled by his sudden shout.

When they turned their heads to look, a venomous snake was biting at the scarred man's arm.

He had not had time to react when the snake retreated and hid in the grass.

The scarred man chased the snake regardless, panicking and rummaging through his backpack.

"Serum, serum!"

He was helped by the woman who took the serum out of the first aid kit and injected it into him.

Only then did the scarred man breathed a sigh of relief.

The three men remained alert to their surroundings.

If there was one snake, there would surely be two.

"Dammit, I obviously killed all the snakes around just now. Where did the one come from!"

The scarred man started cursing again.

The skinny man then noticed that Zhou Yi ran away and exclaimed, "That woman escaped!"

The woman promptly said, "Forget it. Forget her. Let’s find a safe place first."

The scarred man did not refute her for the first time.

The man was still feeling dizzy even after the serum injection.

He indeed needed to find a place to get some rest now.


Zhou Yi ran desperately in the direction of the cave.

She still had vines tied to her upper body, as her hair was loose, her one cheek was puffed up high, and there were red and purple marks on her neck.

When she ran back towards the cave, Ah Jin and Thirteen started cooking snake eggs to eat.

"Yo, you're back! How did you get so messy."

Ah Jin threw the knife at her.

"Hurry up and untie the rope. Come and eat."

Zhou Yi was unable to bear it anymore when she saw their attitude.

She cried out loud as soon as she dropped her butt to the ground.

The only sound left in the cave was the crackling of the fire and Zhou Yi's cries.

Zhou Yi felt better after venting and sat beside Ah Jin.

"How could I untie myself when I'm all tied up? You untie me!"

Ah Jin shook her head, "What a useless person,"

She picked up the knife on the ground and helped her cut the vines away.

Zhou Yi got up and pointed at Ah Jin to question.

"You, why didn't you save me? I didn't expect you to be so cold-blooded and heartless."

Ah Jin blew the snake eggs cooked.

"What to save? You are back."

"Then what if I didn't come back?"

"Then I'll go save you after dinner with Thirteen."

Zhou Yi was blown away. Her tears rolled down to the ground.

"Am I not as important as eating in your eyes?"

Ah Jin chomped on the snake egg.

Her mouth was filled to the brim, "Of course."

The look on Zhou Yi's face darkened, so she asked Thirteen again, "Do you feel the same way?"

Thirteen did not respond, so Zhou Yi took it as his admission.

She looked at Ah Jin with hatred, "In that case, I won't drag you guys down. I’ll leave now."

Ah Jin had already finished eating the snake egg and picked up another one.

"I will not see you off if you go now."

Zhou Yi yelled at Ah Jin, "Qiao Jin, do you have to be like this? Where did I offend you!"

Ah Jin put down the snake egg and looked at her.

"I don't seem to be obliged to save you again and again, do I?"

"Aren't we a team? We should help each other!"

"It only says in the rule that the team with the most red flags at the end wins, but it never stated that the team must be intact."

Ah Jin placed her hands over her head and leaned her body on the wall.

"To put it bluntly, what I'm doing is going to the top of the mountain alone, and as long as I have the most flags in my hand, the winner is me. As for the death of others, I guess this company doesn't care. So tell me?"

Zhou Yi gritted her teeth and said, "Yes. There is no competition between us because each person on the team gets a million!"

Ah Jin no longer spoke.

She just leaned against the wall and began to take a nap.

Zhou Yi seemed a bit unwilling.

"You will not ask me how did I come back?"

"That is your own ability. It has nothing to do with me."

Zhou Yi sat down in front of the fire and started sobbing.

Thirteen pushed the rest of the snake eggs to her with a branch, "Eat, lunch."

"Thank you."

"No need to thank me. Qiao Jin found them."

Zhou Yi's face stiffened, and she wanted to throw down the snake eggs in her hand.

On the other hand, her hunger made her lose face.

"I will just return it to her in the future."


Ah Jin had a short nap, and when she woke up, Zhou Yi had already cleaned up herself again.

Her face was still puffed up, and her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

Ah Jin stretched. "What's next?"

Zhou Yi had calmed down.

"It's only the second day. The time is still early. We should search around for the red flags. If we don't have the flags, it's useless to go to the top of the mountain."

Ah Jin did not have a problem.

Thirteen didn't comment.

Thus the three continued to search for the little red flags.

Before leaving, Ah Jin told Zhou Yi.

"Remember, don't get caught again. No one here is going to save you."

Zhou Yi's eyes began to redden again.

With her head down, she said, "I will be careful."

Ah Jin did not look for the little red flags this time.

She followed the direction of the death energy she sensed and looked for them.

She wanted to see what Zhou Yi had done.

Ah Jin arrived at a clearing and saw the scarred man lying on the ground.

The skinny man was on guard looking around, whereas the woman was constantly slapping his face.

The death energy was exactly what was emanating from the man.

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