Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 614: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 49)

“Brother Dog is strong, Brother Dog is strong!”  There was another mechanical cheer.

“Brother Dog, let the two of us go first!”  Two little sisters chewing gum said with looks of disdain, “To bully our big sister Tian Qing, let us get revenge for her!”

This kind of trash didn’t need Brother Dog to come out, they were more than enough!

To be little sisters, they had some basic skills!

“Alright, you go!”  Brother Dog took a strong puff of his cigarette before saying with a smile, “Let Brother Dog see how you’ve grown recently!”

Xiang Tian Qing had a proud smile, like she was already standing there as the winner!

The two little sisters imposingly came forward.  The moment they came forward, they didn’t forget to shout, “Ah!”

“Not knowing your own strength.”  In an instant, Luo Qing Chen jumped forward and landed behind them.  Her left and right hands slapped onto their necks at the same time.

“Aiya!”  The two little sisters cried out in pain as their eyes rolled back and they fell down.

This only took less than three seconds, it was so fast the Chen Er Gou was stunned.

His mouth was so wide open that it could fit an egg!

“I advise you to come up together, it’ll slightly increase your chance of winning.”  Her eyes had a bit of a red glow and her smile was like a flower of hell blooming.

Xiang Tian Qing took a step back in fear as her face gradually turned pale.

Back at school that day, she had seen Luo Qing Chen jump down from the second floor and land firmly on the ground.

The people around had said that she could beat ten people alone, but she didn’t believe at all.

How could that be possible?  She seemed this weak, she seemed like she could be easily beaten.

But she had moved too quickly just now, so fast that she couldn’t see what she did.  The two of them had already fallen when she charged forward.

Chen Er Gou’s face wasn’t good at this time.  He saw the two little sisters twitching on the ground and was a bit worried.

After all, he had been around for several years and had fought many people.  People that were hard to deal with, he could clearly see through them.

The little sister seemed to be around sixteen years old.  She was wearing a moon white sweater, but there was a large contrast with the large tiger head on it.

“Brother Dog, she’s too arrogant!”  Xiang Tian Qing saw that Chen Er Go beside her was hesitating and quickly went to encourage him.

She would always be in the role of the fisherman.  Whether it was Chen Er Gou dying or Luo Qing Chen dying, it was all good for her!

Of course, she wanted Chen Er Gou to kill Luo Qing Chen more!

That way, Chen Er Gou would go to jail and his money would be hers!

She could keep changing from a young miss to a princess to a queen!

Thinking like this, she even put her leg up against Chen Er Gou.  She kept talking as she used all the charm of her body, trying to entice him.

Chen Er Gou finally couldn’t take it as he roared at Luo Qing Chen, “Brother Dog will take your life today!”

With this little enchantress by his side, he definitely couldn’t retreat!  He had to show off his manly style!

He gritted his teeth as he reached out his hand and said, “Everyone take out your knives and cut this little girl up!  If she dies, it’ll all be on me, Brother Dog!”

As soon as his voice fell, his ten centimeter knife stabbed at Luo Qing Chen.

His face was determined, almost having no hesitation.

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