Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 613: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 48)

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know that her call to Luo Qian Zhe had connected.  He called out twice before feeling unsettled.

He picked up his car keys from the table and ran downstairs.

At the same time, at West Dragon House’s Wang’s Dumpling entrance.

“You dare talk about father’s girl, you don’t want to live, right!”  The man standing by Xiang Tian Qing suddenly took out a ten centimeter long blade.  He had a hand on Xiang Tian Qing’s shoulder as he waved it and said, “Want to die, father will send you to hell!”

“Brother Dog is strong, Brother Dog is strong!”  The followers behind him raised their hands and chanted like they were in a protest march!

Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes and looked over this man in front of her.

He had many black studs in his ears and one on his lip.  He had greenish yellow hair and eyeliner that was thicker than a girl’s.  His hands and neck were covered in bronze and iron, making him look like a big brother!

She gave a soft snort as she looked at Xiang Tian Qing in disdain, “True match.”

Just two simple words made Xiang Tian Qing’s expression change as her eyes filled with rage.

This hatred seemed to flow out in an instant.

If it wasn’t for Luo Qing Chen, she would still be the carefree Xiang Family’s young m miss.  She wouldn’t be a girl who would be touched by this kind of dirty man!

Luo Qian Zhe really was capable.  With just a few calls, her family had collapsed.

Her father had become an abusive alcoholic and her mother had ran away with another man in just half a month.

The money was gone and even her family collapsed.

As for the one who did it, it was effortless for Luo Qian Zhe…...

“Brother Dog, don’t you want me?”  She bit her lip.  She pressed her two mounds against Chen Er Gou and after rubbing a few times, Chen Er Gou had no way of resisting.

He took the blade and slashed the chair in front of him in half as he said in an angry roar, “Scram if you don’t want to die!  Today I, Chen Er Gou will be going on a rampage in this West Dragon House!”

The lively street suddenly became silent.

The surrounding people saw that someone took out a knife and they all ran as far away as possible.

In less than ten minutes, everyone had disappeared.

Chen Er Gou had some fame in this West Dragon House.  Although he was only a small gangster, he was quite fierce when doing things.

“Luo Qing Chen.”  Xiang Tian Qing looked over her freshly done nails while she said with a smile, “I’ll give you two choices, kneel or die.”

When she said this, her heart was filled with satisfaction.  In the past, she had been shamed like this in front of everyone.

Now she finally had a chance to take back this grudge.

It was her, this person in front of her who ruined her family.

She said that she definitely wouldn’t let her off.

Now the heavens were helping her.  She had appeared alone in front of her without anyone around.

“Unfortunately, I don’t want either of those choices.”  A dangerous look appeared in her eyes as she looked at Xiang Tian Qing’s group, “Come together.”

This Taekwondo skill worth five hundred exchange points was really quite worth it, she had used it several times.

Chen Er Gou saw the girl with an outstanding appearance that was quite childish looking this arrogant and the veins on his face popped out.

“Good, very good.”  He raised the ten centimeter long knife and looked at Luo Qing Chen as he said through gritted teeth, “Don’t blame this Brother Dog for not showing mercy.  Brothers, let’s do her before killing her, what do you think?”

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