Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 61 Part 1

With the fire that was just lit, the light was still faint.

The shadows on Ah Jin's face wavered with the light of the fire and went bright and dark.

It was not clear whether it was the reason why she was terrifying to watch with her lips curled up.

Zhou Yi watched the person’s smile in front of her and only felt a cold air rise from behind.

It was the first time she felt that the person in front of her was creepy as hell.

She hugged her arms and rubbed her arms, saying to Ah Jin, "Qiao Jin, please don't smile. It’s weird and scary. I saw that there were no more branches and went out to look for them."

Ah Jin put away her smile, "Are you not afraid? Now is the favorite time of the year for venomous snakes."

Zhou Yi forced a smile.

"Well, it should not be that unlucky if I just picked up some branches. Qiao Jin, don't scare me. I’m really getting scared."

Ah Jin handed the lighter back to her and laid back down in her sleeping bag.

"No more jokes. I'm going to sleep."

Thirteen could see that it was just a false alarm, so he too laid down and went back to sleep.

Silence reigned in the cave.

Zhou Yi listened to the sound of their soothing breathing.

She fondled the lighter in her hand, and the cool touch from the lighter slowly calmed her down.

She used a branch to poke the fire, which grew stronger as she poked it.

The swaying firelight obscured the excitement and playfulness in her eyes.

Her lips lifted slightly.

It was getting interesting.

There were no more twists and turns after that, Ah Jin slept until dawn.

When they woke up, the three did not catch snakes for breakfast after a simple freshening up.

Instead, they simply ate a little compressed cookie.

Zhou Yi suggested that they search around the cave.

Perhaps they would find a little red flag.

Ah Jin and Thirteen considered it feasible.

After all, looking anywhere was also a search.

It was safer to make a base in that place for the time being.

The three of them started to search the area with the cave as the center again.

There was no need to be together this time, but they acted separately and agreed to meet back at the cave at 11.00 noon.

Ah Jin aimlessly strolled, and luckily, found a little red flag in a snake nest.

Ah Jin killed the mother snake and took the eggs back.

Everyone in the family had to be neat and tidy, and lunch was ready.

When she returned to the cave, the two had not yet returned.

Ah Jin recalled the morning's events.

She again walked around the perimeter of the cave.

She did not find any special clues.

It was strange to say that there were several traces of snakes crawling on one side of the cave.

That was the snake island.

It was not surprising that there were traces of snakes crawling.

It was when the original owner met the second team today, but now Ah Jin did not follow the original route.

She did not know if the powerful plot would send people to her.

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