Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 61 - It’s Son [OW]

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Su Ling was stunned by the statement. Isn't it just an illusion when he said he felt like he is raising a bunch of kids? But Xian Mo Yu has always regarded him as its father? He thought for a while and thought that the possibility is relatively high. Xian Mo Yu followed him out of the mountain and was very close to him, almost obedient. But this is wrong, so he corrected it, "You are not my son, I am a human, you..."

Before he finished speaking, the roots that were rubbing against him earlier bent outwards and bounced back to slap his forehead. Many roots stood up and shaking in dissatisfaction.

“I am your father!”

Su Ling looked at 4 big words and was stunned. For a moment, a thought ran through his mind, "Maybe Xian Mo Yu's grammar is not enough". However, looking at Xian Mo Yu's reaction, he realized that what Xian Mo Yu wanted to express is precisely these words, and the order of the pronouns was correct.

"No, have you misunderstood? I am a human, not a spiritual plant." Su Ling explained.

"You are son!" Xian Mo Yu shared a crying expression in his mind.

Su Ling doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Then some pictures flashed in his mind, and he subconsciously touched the back of his neck, "The thing that is in my body, is it your seed?"

All of Xian Mo Yu’s roots nodded together. Then they entangled Su Ling's wrist, nudging affectionately, "Same breath as me."

Su Ling is very sensitive to scent. He knows that apart from his pheromone smell, there’s no other scent on his body. However, looking at Xian Mo Yu’s words, he guessed that maybe he got affected by the seed somehow, and his body had undergone a change unnoticeable by human, which only the spiritual plant could feel. That’s why his affinity with spiritual plants is very high. He looked at Xian Mo Yu with a complicated expression. It turned out that Xian Mo Yu was so good to him because it regarded him as its son!

Xian Mo Yu gently pulled at his wrist, and 2 words appeared in his mind: "Call Papa," then a root bent to point at Lóng Mo Téng, "Call Uncle."

Su Ling: "..." Other people will think he is crazy.

Su Ling didn't speak for a while, so Xian Mo Yu drew a crying expression again, and at the same time, cried to its little friend.

"My son refused to call me ‘Papa’ or you ‘Uncle’. Does he blame me for not being there for him during his growth..."

Lóng Mo Téng: "Stop your stupid crying, and you are not allowed to watch any dramas at night again."

Looking at the limp roots, Su Ling stretched out his hand and lightly squeezed, "How about I call you ‘Xiao Xian’ and Lóng Mo Téng ‘Xiao Lóng’? That sounds closer, right?" Calling spiritual plants as father and uncle is too strange.

The roots lifted up and stood in front of him, neither swaying nor nodding, as if it is considering the suggestion.

Lóng Mo Téng broke off from one of its petals and circled one end around Su Ling's wrist. Next, 3 big words appeared in Su Ling’s mind, "Call Uncle Lóng."

Lóng Mo Téng used its leaves to operate the computer, and the holographic screen expands,
facing Su Ling.

Lin Meng, who had been watching curiously, pulled Su Ling's arm and said, "Wow, a lot of people are discussing Lóng Mo Téng, haha, some people even call it Father!"

Su Ling looked at the holographic screen. It was a replay of the scene where Lóng Mo Téng rescued him and Lin Meng, but the video was almost obscured by the enlarged barrage of comments. He suspected that Lóng Mo Téng is reading the comments rather than watching the video.

"It's so cool, Father spiritual plant, please gift me with a leaf. From now on, I will be your loyal fan."

"Does anyone know the name of my Father spiritual plant?"

The video soon reached the part where Xian Mo Yu sprayed its poison, and the front corner of the car melted. Then the barrage of comments immediately changed direction.

"Ah! My Father Xian Mo Yu is so handsome!"

"Too strong, Father Xian Mo Yu! As expected of the corrosive liquid that could clear dark matters from space!"

The corner of Su Ling’s mouth twitched. It seems that calling spiritual plant as Father is quite normal? Any living being is qualified to be called Father if it’s awesome enough. He suddenly felt that calling Xian Mo Yu Papa seemed okay.

The roots breathed bad breath toward the holographic screen and turned to express some affection to its son, "I only have you as my son; they are not!"

Lin Meng pinched his nose and took a step back, "What's wrong with it? Is it unhappy that other people are calling it Father?"

Su Ling awkwardly muttered an En and squeezed the roots, feeling a little emotional. ‘Father’ has a special meaning to him because someone with this role has never appeared in his life before. He had longed for it, but then he stopped wishing. After he transmigrated to Planet Belle, he has Father Su, but that man is only an identity. He never regarded Father Su as his father.

Xian Mo Yu continued, "I will make money to support you. I didn't mean to ignore you when you were young. I have been looking for you for a long time."

After reading the words, Su Ling asked, "Are your seeds hard to come by?"

Xian Mo Yu shared some mental images with him. The images moved very fast, like a movie on fast forward. The seasons changed many times in the movie, and finally, a seed emerged from within Xian Mo Yu’s flower bud. After this, Xian Mo Yu began to accumulate nutrients for the growth of the seed. After it absorbs the nutrients, it will condense the nutrients from the stamens, similar to how it releases its black liquid. But the nutrients are solid particles, similar to the seed. Because the nutrition is in the form of essence, the accumulation process is very long. Later, when Xian Mo Yu was accumulating the nutrients, it encountered Redthorn Ball and the other 2 spiritual plants. It tried to eat them, and the plants released their poison, trying to resist. That was the moment when Mother Qin appeared. Xian Mo Yu gave up on the spiritual plants but accidentally left its seed and some of the nutrient pellets behind. When it came back to search, the 3 plants and Mother Qin were gone. Thus, it began a long journey of searching for its seed.

Su Ling stroked Xian Mo Yu’s root on his wrist and felt sorry for it. It really spent a lot of energy on the seed. Obviously, it was looking forward to its ‘son’ very much. Well, it's not bad for Xian Mo Yu to treat him as its son; at least it won’t feel disappointed or sad. And as Xian Mo Yu said, he has the same breath as its seed.

Smiling, Su Ling asked, "If you like it, how about I call you ‘Papa Xian’ and Lóng Mo Téng ‘Uncle Lóng’?"

Xian Mo Yu's roots twisted happily while Lóng Mo Téng's leaves shone slightly and rubbed its leaves against the back of Su Ling’s hand. Then it swiftly moved back to the petals to continue playing with the computer.

Lin Meng was at a loss, "I thought it doesn't like to be called Father?"

Su Ling: “That doesn’t include me."

Lin Meng stared at the roots and muttered, "Papa Xian..."

A root slapped his forehead but did not leave immediately and wrote, "Call ‘Uncle’."

Xian Mo Yu was not very used to sending mental words, but now it realized that direct communication is too convenient.

Lin Meng stared at Su Ling, " can write!"

Su Ling pointed to the computer, "En, they learned how to write recently."

"It's amazing!" Lin Meng was envious as he said, "I communicated with some Grade A spiritual plants before. They mainly share emotions and simple images to communicate."

While talking, Gu Liheng walked in, "It's time for lunch."

The four of them ate lunch, and Xiào Rui left with Lin Meng afterward. Su Ling returned to the spiritual plant room. He wanted to ask something earlier but didn’t do so due to Lin Meng in the room.

"Papa Xian, are you afraid of fire?"

The roots nodded.

When the scene where Mother Qin appeared, Su Ling saw something that would be seen as strange in Planet Belle. She was holding a torch instead of a lighting device. Xian Mo Yu left the scene right away, and combining with the fact that Mother Qin couldn’t be a threat to Xian Mo Yu, Su Ling guessed that its departure is related to fire. This is probably the reason why Mother Qin, an Omega, dared to enter the forest alone. She seemed to know the forest very well.

"How many people know that you are afraid of fire?" He asked.

Xian Mo Yu: "Not many. Few people know about us."

Su Ling: "I will keep it secret, and you don't let anyone know either."

The roots nodded.

Su Ling stayed for a while and left upon seeing the two plants get together to play the computer. He walked to his room for an afternoon nap and receive a message from Director Wang from the science program.

"Mr. Su, when are you free? Xian Mo Yu's attention has reached a new high today. I want to arrange your show as soon as possible."

Su Ling thought for a while before replying, "I'll be free from tomorrow, but let me say this first. Normal science content is fine, but there won’t be any live hunting process."

"I have contacted the association and obtained relevant information. Also, I have adjusted the program’s process. I will send the details to you now. If there is no problem, can you come to rehearse tomorrow? It will be broadcast live the day after tomorrow."

Su Ling thought for a while, "Okay."

After that, Su Ling went to the living room to read the information with Gu Liheng. Gu Liheng suggested, "Try to avoid being in the camera as much as possible."

Su Ling thought about today's accident and agreed with an En, "Okay, I’ll just let Papa Xian send a root out in the background."

"Papa Xian?" Gu Liheng asked.

Hearing Gu Liheng's question, Su Ling was slightly embarrassed. He let out a light cough and talked about the connection between Xian Mo Yu and him. He said that with a smile unconsciously revealed in his eyes, "Actually, at my age now, I got more advantage from our connection."

Gu Liheng put his palm on the back of Su Ling’s neck, "Is there any unusual feelings in normal times?"

Su Ling shrank his neck subconsciously and said with a smile, "Does it count as unusual if I particularly wanted you to take a bite there?"

Gu Liheng's fingers stiffened slightly, and his eyes turned deep, "You will not be able to stand it."

Su Ling palmed his forehead and agreed, "You were right. I have no energy left from last night's activities plus today's swimming." He got up and walked to the guest room, "It's probably better for us to sleep separately during our afternoon nap."

Gu Liheng caught hold of Su Ling’s hand, unwilling to separate from his Omega. Then he said, "I have an idea."

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