Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 607: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 42)

If the person who came up to her today wasn’t Xiang Tian Qing, she would have cared and forgotten about it.

After all, although Su Yan Yan, Gu Yin Yin, and Gu Ting Er were very bad people, she didn’t do anything to them.

But Xiang Tian Qing was a hurdle she couldn’t pass.

Ji Hao Chen came down with Xiang Tian Qing whose face was covered in tears and stood by Su Mu’s side.

Xiang Tian Qing was like a puppet whose strings were cut as she suddenly fell towards Su Mu.

Su Mu knit his brows, but he still caught her like a gentleman.

“If you’re ready, come together.”  Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled into a dangerous smile as an ice cold look appeared in her eyes.

The whispers around them suddenly changed when Luo Qing Chen said this!

“Did you hear about what happened yesterday on the second year’s roof?  Luo Qing Chen beat ten people by herself, so handsome!”

“Damn!  More than hearing about it, some people had taken photos and even sent it on the school board, alright?”

“Truly a beating, a master beating bronze……”

“Ze, ze, ze, this person is finished!”


Ji Hao Chen felt his scalp turn numb from these words.  He took a step back, but because he was so brave earlier, it seemed like it was too late!

“That…..Qing Chen…..”  Ji Hao Chen said in a depressed voice, “Violence can’t solve problems!”

“Violence can solve many problems.”  She said with slightly knit brows, “Xiang Tian Qing, I’ll give you two choices.  One, you can kneel down and beg for forgiveness or two, you can drop out.”

“Ze, ze.”  There were sighs around them.

Her words made countless people’s eyes drop.  Her little figure stood in the snow and a soft breeze picked up her hair, making her look very strong.

“You…..”  Xiang Tian Qing’s face was a bit ugly and her voice was trembling a bit as she said, “You….You’re going too far!”

Her tears were still flowing, as drop by drop fell onto Su Mu’s white clothes.

The brain dead fans of Su Mu all looked at her with dissatisfied looks.

Now she had achieved her goal.  She had made Su Mu hate Luo Qing Chen while getting closer to Su Mu.

But if she was forced to drop out, wouldn’t that just make things worse…..

“Sorry, I want to go this far!”  Her tone became even colder, seemingly echoing in the snow around her.

“Qing Chen.”  Su Mu knit his brows as a worried look appeared in his eyes.

He had accidentally walked past the principal’s office today and had heard them discussing Xiang Tian Qing’s identity.

Her father was a famous real estate investor with a net worth of over one hundred million.  Although it couldn’t compare to Luo Qian Zhe’s family, this background was still higher than most students of the school.

She was being treated special by Luo Qian Zhe now, but if Luo Qian Zhe ever liked someone else, he might give her up.

But she was acting this arrogantly, so Xiang Tian Qing might deal with her in the future.

Su Mu wasn’t a rich young master, he could only stop things from getting too serious.

But the current Luyo Qing Chen didn’t seem to care at all…...

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows.  With her intelligence of 180, she seemed to understand the emotion and stubbornness in this youth’s eyes.

She softly said, “Su Mu, some grudges aren’t as simple as you think.  Maybe in a past life or in a parallel world, I know why you stood up and I think only I know…..”

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